Analog Devices MEMS Technology Enables Withings Pulse Activity

Analog Devices MEMS Technology Enables Withings Pulse Activity
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For Release: December 16, 2013
Analog Devices MEMS Technology Enables Withings Pulse Activity Tracker
Smart accessory for a healthy lifestyle integrates ADXL362 MEMS accelerometer for high
performance, longer battery life.
NORWOOD, Mass. – Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI), a global leader in highperformance semiconductors for signal processing applications, announced today that the
ADXL362 MEMS accelerometer is integrated into the Pulse activity tracker developed by
Withings, a company that creates smart products and apps to help people easily take care of their
health and well-being. The Pulse activity tracker is a pocket-sized tool designed to help users to
achieve their personal health and fitness goals. It offers a range of monitoring features, from
tracking the number of steps and the distance traveled, to calculating the number of calories
burned, measuring heart rate and detecting the quality of sleep. Watch a video about the
ADXL362 low power accelerometer:
“The Withings Pulse activity tracker lets you understand and analyze your fitness, and that’s the
first step to improving it. The quality of Analog Devices’ MEMS motion sensing technology that
we’ve managed to fit into this tiny device and the exceptional battery life it provides makes it the
perfect companion for a healthy lifestyle,” said Eric Carreel, president and co-founder of
Withings needed technology that offered a high-performance solution combined with ultra-low
power consumption for a longer battery life and enhanced user autonomy. As the industry’s
lowest power MEMS accelerometer, the Analog Devices ADXL362 MEMS accelerometer was a
good choice.
For more information on Analog Devices’ ADXL362:
For more information on the Withings Pulse activity tracker:
The 3-axis, ADXL362 MEMS digital accelerometer consumes less than 2 µA at a 100-Hz output
data rate and 270 nA when in slower sampling wake-up mode, consuming up to an order of
magnitude lower power than competing MEMS accelerometers. The MEMS accelerometer
includes an activity detection function that distinguishes between different kinds of motion and
prevents the sensor from turning the system on unnecessarily and using additional battery life.
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