No. 29 'Choreographing Cycling Anims' in SwanQuake - C-DaRE

No. 29 'Choreographing Cycling Anims' in SwanQuake - C-DaRE
No. 29
‘Choreographing Cycling Anims’
in SwanQuake. The User Manual. ed. S. deLahunta. Plymouth: Liquid Press/iDAT. 2008, pp. 17-26.
SwanQuake began with discussions with the artists (with whom I had worked on
several other projects) in January 2004 about creating a game engine modification for
an art work involving motion capture and choreography/ dance. I was invited to
participate as writer on the project and a year later proposed the idea for the book
which I edited. The essay included in this collection uses primary material from three
key interviews with the artists John McCormick and Ruth Gibson in June 2005 and
January and May 2007.
The User Manual opens the SwanQuake project up to discursive reflection and
expansion through its selection of articles and essays. In the first section, the User
Manual takes you through some of the processes of making SwanQuake including
sound composition, choreography and computer animation work. Also in section one is
a modicum of do-it-yourself instructions and two views on igloo's work in relation to the
wider field of digital arts practice and culture. Source: (accessed 7 May 2010).
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