CS ACE Wiegand - standalone

CS ACE Wiegand - standalone
CS ACE Wiegand - standalone
The CS Technologies ACE Wiegand access controller is a
single door access controller which provides high security,
easy programming and low-cost.
The access controller allows control of a single door using
a reader with the industry-standard Wiegand interface. The
door can have a reader (any Wiegand reader with a
standard 26-bit output), an exit pushbutton and an electric
release. Cards or keys are used at the reader and if
authorised will be given access.
The readers compatible with the system include those
manufactured by HID, Motorola, Keri and many other types
of readers. The controller interfaces easily with door strikes
and there is also a separate output provided for interfacing
with an alarm system if required.
There are two versions of the controller – the standard
version, with capacity for up to 4000 cards, and the
extended version with capacity for 16000 cards. Cards can
be easily individually added or deleted.
The system is programmed using a convenient low-cost
keypad. All programming functions are password protected
for security. Convenient commands allow rapid addition of
single cards or blocks of cards for extremely fast
Dedicated controller; easy programming.
Easy installation
Programming commands are password protected.
Operates from 12VDC, which can also be used to
power the locks.
Programming commands available include
add user
delete user
bulk add users
bulk delete users
set trigger time for each of two relays
invert LED operation
set base address
Very economical and reliable
Works with any reader with a wiegand output,
including literally hundreds of different readers
including key, card, proximity and biometric readers.
Capacity for 4000 cards (standard version) or 16000
cards (extended version), each individually coded.
Cards can be programmed to either momentary or
unlock/relock (toggle) functions for one or both relay
Cards are numbered in a consecutive block with a
programmable base address and a constant site
Power supply:
Temperature range:
Humidity range:
Shipping weight:
Reader interfaces:
Exit requests:
Relay outputs:
Relay trigger time:
User capacity:
150mA maximum (not including
door strikes)
0°C to 70°C
0 to 95% relative noncondensing
High impact ABS plastic box with
bulkhead mounting lugs
One 26-bit Wiegand interface
Presco keypad interface for
One normally open input which
triggers both relays
Two ‘form-c’ relays rated at
Relay 1: 1-128 seconds
Relay 2: 1-255 seconds
Relays can also be set to 0s which
makes them change state (toggle)
each time they are triggered.
4000 cards (standard) or 16000
cards (extended).
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