TAD ET-703 High Frequency Driver

TAD ET-703 High Frequency Driver
TAD ET-703
High Frequency Driver
The ET-703 is a compression horn super high-frequency loudspeaker designed for a wide frequency range and high input
power. This makes the driver especially suitable for monitoring digital sound.
VOICE COIL The voice coil is formed by edgewise-wound pure aluminum wire coated with a thin film of alumite, in order to
make the most of the magnetic circuit's high magnetic flux. High input power is also achieved through the use of heatresistant materials for the voice-coil bobbin and thermosetting resin.
MAGNETIC CIRCUIT A high-energy, rare-earth cobalt magnet is used in the magnetic circuit that, together with powerful
soft iron for the pole yoke and plate, provides a high magnetic flux density of 20,000G.
DIAPHRAGM The diaphragm and surround are made from a single piece of pure beryllium manufactured by advanced
vacuum deposition. With the highest resonance frequency set at 45kHz, the sound from the driver is free of coloration that
can otherwise be caused by resonance. Extremely lightweight at 0.07g, it combines a wide frequency range, superb transient
response and clear-cut definition.
DESIGN The ET-703 is a rear compression design featuring a computer-optimized precision phase plug. This ensures uniform
phase response across the entire frequency range the unit covers. Moreover, because the surround is virtually vibration-free,
both transparent sound and smooth, extending response are achieved.
CROSSOVER We recommend that the crossover frequency for the ET-703 be higher than 5,000Hz and the cutoff response
12dB/oct. or sharper.
Nominal Impedance
8 Ohm
Frequency Range
5000-45000 Hz
Rated Input Power
15 Watt
Maximum Input Power
30 Watt
Sound Pressure Level
107 dB/W (1m)
Total Magnetic Flux
40.000 Mx
Magnetic Flux Density
20.000 G
Lowest Recommended Crossover
5.000 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter
35,0 mm
Phasing Plug
3-slit type
Mounting Dimensions
2 screws: 25,4 / 4 screws: 98 mm
1,1 kg
Dimensions (diameter x depth)
80 x 74 mm
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