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Why Choose
a Wired System and Wired
Clocks from American Time?
A wired clock system consists of a master clock that supplies power to synchronize all the clocks linked
by wires.
to are
± 1 timekeeping
second to theoptions
Whether you
have a
single building
or miles
best for every type of facility.
• Control Time From Your Desk: Remotely manage all your equipment from the convenience of any computer with an Internet connection.
• Maintenance-Free Accuracy: Perfectly synchronized time is visible on every clock in your facility. AllSync Plus wired clocks are accurate to ± 1 second to the master clock.
• Plug and Play: Changing your clocks is a snap because AllSync Plus clocks are shipped with our polarized, color-coded Molex plug.
• Energy Saver: AllSync Plus clocks consume up to 80% less energy than traditional mechanical clocks.
• Guaranteed for Five Years: Worry-free maintenance is guaranteed with our industry-leading five-year warranty. The AllSync Plus solid state movement is extremely reliable with fewer moving parts than mechanical movements.
AC-powered AllSync IQ® Wired System and Clocks
A wired clock system includes a master time control unit with wires that run to each
clock, creating a synchronized system. The master can be operated from its internal
quartz timekeeper to an accuracy of ± 1 minute per year. This is a time-tested and
proven method of supplying synchronized time throughout a building and has been
used for decades.
Some masters are equipped to synchronize their time to NIST via GPS or Ethernet for very accurate time.
The system clocks typically require three wires for proper operation. One wire is neutral, one wire provides power to
run the clock and the third wire supplies the correction signal. The hourly and twelve-hour correction keeps all the
clocks synchronized to the master with an accuracy of ± 1 second. These systems are available as 120 or 24vac.
Master clock prices range from $900 to $1,000. Analog system clocks synchronized with the master range from
$100 to $180 each. Digital system clocks range from $190 to $400.
Wired Master Clocks
• Ability to very accurately synchronize time via
GPS or Ethernet link to NIST (± 1 second)
• Master time accuracy of ± 1 minute per year
if not synchronized with GPS or Ethernet
• Optional scheduling capability for class
change notification (bells), which can be
controlled by the master
• Optional remote program scheduling
capabilities from a PC on AllSync IQ
wired masters
• Expense to link existing building to
expansion projects to extend the wired
system. Additional power boosters may
be necessary
• Only can run a limited number of clocks
without adding power boosters on 24vac
• Licensed electrician required for initial 120vac
system installations
• Expense of conduit and wiring for the
initial installation
• Internal battery keeps all the programmed
data in memory during a power outage
I am very impressed with the quality of your products and the support you provide them.
We are starting to plan replacement clock systems for more schools in our district.
– Jon Hall, Director of Technology
Pennsville School District, NJ
Wired Clocks
ired to AC so clocks never require battery
nergy-efficient clock versions use very little
power to allow for reduced overall power
utomatic time adjustment for Daylight
Saving Time and power outages
-hour and 12-hour correction signals
provide very accurate time synchronization
from master to clock to clock to clock
(± 1 second)
• Clocks stop during
power outages and reset
when power resumes (AllSync Plus clocks
are available with battery backup to keep
them running during a brief power outage)
• Difficult to move or add new clock locations
because AC power is required for each clock
• Limited clock locations due to AC power
• 5 year warranty exclusive to American Time
The guys in maintenance were
practically doing back flips knowing
they would have accurate clocks.
Before the upgrade to our synchronized
clock system, we spent at least $10,000
on clock maintenance, labor and repair
every year. Without even including the
billing accuracy piece, our synchronized
clock system easily paid for itself within
the first two years.
– Terry Anding, Maintenance Manager
Essentia Health Systems
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