air-pump user manual - Maidenhead Aquatics

air-pump user manual - Maidenhead Aquatics
air-pump user manual
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•Air-Pump 4
1. Read instructions carefully before use.
2. Only suitable for indoor use.
3. Ensure voltage shown on the label match to the mains supply voltage.
4. Install the air pump in dry, moisture and dust free location.
5. Always position the pump above the water level in the aquarium; otherwise the pump can fill up
with water as a result of the siphoning effect via the airline.
Alternatively, you may use a non-return valve and then the pump may be positioned underneath
the water level.
6. No warranties can be covered for damages caused by the air pump getting wet or from water
entering the air pump.
7. Disconnect the air pump from mains supply before any maintenance can be made to the air
8. If the supply cord becomes damaged it cannot be replaced; the whole unit needs to be replaced.
9. The air pump will overheat and become damaged if it cannot operate adequately. Never shut
off any of the air outlets, make sure the airline is not obstructed or blocked and that the air stones
are replaced regularly and are of a suitable standard.
1. This air pump is supplied with an extra diaphragm set. In the event of the pump
operating less efficiently, immediately replace the diaphragms and check the inside of
the pump for signs of dirt, moisture and excessive wear. You replace the diaphragm(s)
by unscrewing the screws to open up the air pump, remove the old diaphragm(s) from
the valve housing and then fit the new diaphragms. Make sure the air pump is correctly
put back together and securely fastened with the screws.
2. Diaphragm wear is normal and is not covered by the warranty; extra diaphragms may
be bought at your local Maidenhead Aquatics store.
3. Replace the airline and air stones as required (at least annually) as these become old
and blocked; new ones will ensure maximum performance.
(GB) Recycle information
The symbol of the barred bin printed on the product means that it must be collected
separately from other rubbish when it is no longer operational. The user, at the end of the
life of the product, will have to bring it to a proper rubbish collection centre for electric
and electrical devices. Alternatively it can be returned to the seller at the moment they buy
a new unit, but only as a ratio of 1 to 1. The correct refuse collection is environmentally
friendly and it helps the recycling of the materials, any other collection procedure is
unlawful and will be subject to the law in force.
This warranty is valid for up to 2 years on materials and incorrect construction from the
date of purchase. Only units with a fully completed warranty slip and original till receipt
will be valid. You must supply the entire unit with all accessories in the event of a warranty
claim. We will then inform you on receipt of the product whether the unit will be either
repaired or replaced. We accept no responsibility for damage as a result of incorrect use
of the unit. Any breakages of parts not due to defects are not covered by this warranty.
Dealer stamp:
Aquadistri UK Ltd
SG19 3AR.
Made in China
Date of purchase:
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