Olympia SM3

Olympia SM3
 ^ x, Na Sr u
д. &s &y By
ae UE PP
Is 7 ba —”
[4 V7 ГА
CD ction a il cag. i
2 or
и’; y
=) de
15 18 19
1 Plaien release leve:
2 Line space indicator
3 Paper guide
4 Margin stops
S Paper scale roll
6 Alignment guide with
perspex shield
7 Paper support
8 Paper guide
21 2 3
8 Pape: conductor
10 Posicard ho!der
11 Line drawing notches
12 Paper holder
13 Paper {eed release
14 Carriage release
15 Platen knob
16 Line space plunge:
17 Tabulator key
Margin release
The ringing of the bell indicates that there are eight
more spaces available before the end of the line: on
reaching the end of the line the carriage will stop.
Pressure on the margin release (21) however, releases
the mechanism. Similarly pressure on the margin
release enables typing fo commence to the left of the
13 14 15 16 17
24 25 23 6
18 Line space leve:
19 Front cover
20 Lock for carriage and keys
21 Margin release
22 Shift lock
23 Shift key
24 Space bar
25 Eack space key
26 Ribbon end stencil switch
limits set by the left hand margin stop.
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