User Guide - Oving Community

User Guide - Oving Community
User Guide
Emergency Phone numbers:
General Manager:
Emergency Services:
Community Watch:
07920 195798
07702 785801
07962 932560
07875 491031
Hirers Responsibilities – a brief summary
Documentation: You should have received the following:
- A copy of the hire agreement you signed on booking the hall
- A copy of the fire plan
Key cards for access to the building and relevant rooms/main hall
In order to maintain our Village Hall Standards, we ask that you follow very simple rental protocol.
Oving Village is justifiably proud of the Jubilee Hall and asks users that they treat the facility with care
and respect.
- Please keep Hall & grounds safe and free from damage and pay for any damage caused.
- Supervise the behaviour of all persons or animals using the hall and the grounds.
- Obtain any licences needed for alcohol or music.
- Comply with Local Authority, Health and Safety and Fire Regulations.
- Advise any groups of emergency evacuation at the commencement of any event.
- Inform the hall committee or booking clerk of any cancellations and cover costs as necessary.
- No Blu Tac or sticky tape to be used on the walls.
- The water urn in the kitchen must be emptied before departure.
- The fridges must be clean, turned off and the doors left ajar on completion of a rental.
- All lights must be turned off on departure.
- Kitchen to be left clean and free of debris.
- All rubbish should be sorted correctly and placed in external bins for collection..
- Please leave the premises & surroundings in a clean & tidy state ready for the next hirer.
Any problems?
In the following pages, we attempt to answer questions you might have if you are a new user of Oving
Jubilee hall
If you still have a problem with equipment or documentation, please phone one of our “Emergency
contact numbers”.
Audio System:
The mixer is situated at the rear of the stage. If you wish to play music from an MP3 player or similar
please ask for the connector cable from a 3.5mm jack to the large socket on the mixer. (a 3.5mm jack
is the size of the earphone socket on an MP3 player)
The Microphone
The microphone can be either a wired or wireless unit. Please request these and they will be made
Bookings and Payment
All bookings must be made either on line or through the bookings clerk at the telephone number or
email listed above. You must provide contact telephone number and address at time of enquiry and
you must accept our standard conditions of hire from our website.
Payment should be made promptly to the treasure by cheque payable to Oving Village Hall. or via
bank transfer:. Sort code 40 52 40 account number 00011286
If a receipt is required, please include a stamped addressed envelope with your cheque. Standard
terms of hire can be found on the village hall notice board. If you hire the hall, you will be deemed to
have read and accepted these conditions.
If you are a new user, it is likely that you will be welcomed by our caretaker who will answer any
questions and show you the basic controls you will need for lighting and secondary heating. A brief
tour of the facilities will be made to ensure you recognise the order in which the rooms are at the start
of your rental. After use, we ask that rooms are left as found.
Cleaning: The hall should be left in a fit state for the next hirer. Our caretaker carries out general
cleaning once per week, so we do rely upon you to help to keep our costs down. If you would rather
have the hall cleaned by others after your rental, we will arrange this, additional charges will apply.
Rubbish: Please do not leave rubbish littering the hall.
We are adopting recycling and careful rubbish disposal by renters keeps our costs down. There will
be rubbish bags in the kitchen for small amounts but for big events please bring your own large
sacks. Do not put recycling in bags, it is preferred that this is put loose into the recycling bin.
Furniture: Unless negotiated otherwise at time of booking, please put chairs and tables back where
they belong. See, “Tables and Chairs”.
Kitchen Equipment: See “Kitchen Equipment” for how to leave everything. . Generally, clean, tidy
and as you found it.
Doors: All fire doors to be closed, not wedged Open..
Light & Locks: See “Lights” and “Locks” sections of this users guide.
Fire Alarm:
In the event of a fire, the correct procedure must be followed.
If you get a false alarm, report this to the caretaker
Fire Regulations:
The law states that you, the hirer, are temporarily the “Responsible Person” for fire safety.
The relevant fire regulations are to be found on the main notice board in the foyer and the village hall
web site. Please make sure you understand them at the commencement of your rental. There are a
number of Fire Extinguishers located throughout the premises. Please ensure that these remain in
their designated space and must not be used to “prop” doors open.
Please familiarise yourself with the location of the Fire Exit Doors – these are positioned in the
kitchen, behind the stage (disabled entrance) and within the Main Hall. (See plan posted on Hall
Notice board).
You should appoint someone to act as the designated Fire Warden. They must be responsible for
safe evacuation of the premises and contacting the Fire & Rescue Services. Please ensure you
commence your rental session with an “In Case of Emergency” briefing.
The grass banks and gardens around our hall blend naturally with our rural location and we aim to
keep them looking attractive and free from litter and dog deposits. We ask that you take litter away
with you and clean up after your dogs.
Please supervise children playing in this area at all times. The Village Hall committee are not
responsible for any injuries that might occur but hirers will be held responsible for damage.
Please keep children away from refuse area.
The main hall heaters on the North and West Walls are set at 60degreesF and equipped with timer
controlled booster fans which operate automatically during preset timed periods. These should not be
overridden by hall users. A reference thermometer measuring air temperature is mounted to the right
of the entrance double doors.
“Heat boost” can be achieved by a user who has control access for the “below stage” heater. This is a
hot water radiator with fan assisted convector facility. This heater is set at 65degreesF in order to
allow for “heat top up” during a rental period. The functions of the control, which is located on the
West Stage wall, are depicted in the attached photo. We would ask that renters turn this “top up” heat
source “OFF”, slide switch down, when concluding a session.
Under normal operating conditions, it should not be necessary to use the overhead fans.
Should you require more heat, notify the caretaker by phone. Please help us to reduce costs and
CO2 emissions by turning off “boost” heating or electrical appliances as you no longer need them.
Please help us to reduce costs and CO2 emissions by not using hot water or heat unnecessarily.
Please turn off either as you don’t need it anymore.
The Village Hall insurance does NOT cover items owned by occasional or regular users of the hall,
unless agreed with the committee and stated on the policy.
Kitchen Equipment:
Oving Jubilee Hall does not normally provide cutlery, crockery or glasses for events but can source
these items for a small management fee if required.
Water Boiler: Please empty after use.
Cooker: A range type gas cooker is provided for the use of hirers. Please advise if you wish to use it
as there is a safety cut off which we need to reset before use. Please ensure gas is off and clean
thoroughly if you use it.
Fridges: The on/off switches are on the wall. If you advise when booking that you wish to use them,
they can be switched on in advance to ensure they are chilled before you arrive. Please empty fridges
after use taking all your food way or disposing of it in the rubbish containers. Leave fridges clean and
leave doors open to avoid mould.
Cleaning Equipment: Brushes, Vacuum and cloths are in the caretaker’s cupboard to enable you to
clean up before you leave.
Lighting, Locks and Security:
The Jubilee Hall has an electronic access system. When you book an access card will be sent to you
which is programmed to open the doors of all rooms to which you have access. The cards are only
valid for the times you have booked. If you need additional time contact the booking manager.
There are proximity sensors on all doors except the kitchen. Hold the card near the sensor and it will
“beep” to show the door is open. The main hall doors will remain open, other rooms will require the
exit button to be pressed to release the door.
Key cards can be left in the receptacle provided. Non returned keys will attract a charge of £30.
You will normally be accompanied by our caretaker or a committee member, any locking up will either
be carried out by them or you will be given clear instruction as to how to leave the building secure and
We ask you to park in marked positions and certainly not in positions that could obstruct emergency
exits from the hall or access by the Emergency services to the hall grounds.
If you expect a large number of cars at your event, please consider having a person controlling the
cark park to avoid danger to pedestrians, particularly after dark.
In the event that overnight parking has been agreed with the Village Hall management committee, no
vehicles should be parked in bays adjacent to the hall. The Village Hall Management Committee
accepts no responsibility for damage or loss to vehicles parked at Oving Jubilee Hall at any time.
You are responsible for your own safety at all times, but especially when using or moving equipment
in the hall, whether it be the property of the hall, or items which you have brought in for your event.
If you use ladders, first, make sure that you understand how to use them safely. Please keep children
out of the kitchen and limit the number of persons at any time to five. Make sure that all items such as
chairs are safely stacked, do not stack above six high, and do not overload any shelving in the hall.
Size and numbers:
The number of people that can be accommodated in the hall is limited by our fire regulations. A
maximum of 250 may be seated theatre style in the main hall. For weddings and other events with
tables, the number will be nearer 150, maintaining escape route clear at all times.
The stage area is to be accessed only if you have made prior arrangements to use it. Unless the
stage is being used, please avoid people occupying the stage access stairs. Care should be taken in
the operation of the stage curtains.
Authorised personnel only are permitted access
Tables and chairs:
Committee room one: large rectangular table and chairs. These chairs are not to be removed from
this room without prior agreement; they are to be returned after use elsewhere.
Tables for functions in the main hall are to be found in the storage cupboard. These should be
cleaned after use ready for the next users. Depending upon your booking the round tables may
attract an additional charge.
Main Hall: There are 150 chairs which can be found in the store room Please use the trolley provided
to move stack of chairs as this helps to protect the floor – and your back!
In the event of an Emergency, contact the caretaker to switch off water or power as needed
Shower facilities are available. If your activity is such that you need these facilities please advise
when booking. There may be an additional management and cleaning charge.
Windows and doors:
In the meeting rooms, be sure to close and lock all windows before you leave the building.
In the Main Hall, ensure fire doors are closed and locked. Any door wedged open temporarily must be
done using wedges provided and MUST be closed upon departure to comply with Fire Regulations. In
the event of an incident, failure to comply could lead to culpability.
User guide rev 2 September 2014
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