Village Hall User Guide [prototype: 6th March, 2008] Welcome to

Village Hall User Guide [prototype: 6th March, 2008] Welcome to
Village Hall User Guide
[prototype: 6th March, 2008]
Welcome to Allendale Village Hall! We want you to be comfortable with the facilities, to
use them in the best way possible, so that your function goes smoothly and well.
This User Guide has been prepared for users who hire the hall as a one-off, or very
occasionally -- perhaps once or twice a year -- for special events. So we assume that
there may be things about the facility that will be unfamiliar to you.
Allendale Village Hall (with Allendale Recreation Ground) is a registered charity run by a
community group of volunteers. This management committee are the trustees of the
charity, selected every year at the public Annual General Meeting, to represent the user
groups who are regularly in the hall or the recreation ground.
The charity employs a caretaker (10 hours a week), a cleaner (5 hours a week) and a
secretary/treasurer (innumerable hours a week). But we keep the hire costs down by
trying to ensure that users clean and tidy up after themselves, with our cleaner/caretaker
bringing the place back to readiness for the next user.
Your first contact may have been by way of enquiry to the Booking Secretary, Kath Cape
on (01434) 685560. Alternatively, you may have had a chat with our Chairman, Larry
Winger (01434) 685047. In either case, the facilities available to you should have been
explained thoroughly. If you donʼt understand anything about the hall, please be sure to
ask! Marlene Kinver is the Caretaker and can be contacted if there are problems with the
hall, on (07904) 339 533.
After your first contacts, you will be asked to fill out a Booking Form, in which you need to
specify the times you will be occupying the hall, and any other specialist facilities that you
require, eg. stage layout; tables and chairs; sound system requirements; stage lighting
requirements; kitchen usage; audiovisual requirements. There is an extra cost
associated with some specialist requirements, due to increased energy consumption,
setup charges, and normal wear and tear on equipment. It may be helpful to use the
sketch of the whole facility to indicate your particular requirements -- do note however that
the hire fee is kept low because the hall management expects that significant setup work
will be performed by those hiring the hall. Naturally, you will want to know how much
the whole hire is going to cost, and this can be discussed during the booking process.
When your function is over, the secretary/treasurer will send you an invoice itemising the
hire charges for the facilities you have used. If there are breakages, unfortunately the
person who hires the hall is responsible to pay for them. Please make cheques payable
to ʻAllendale Village Hallʼ when paying for your hire.
There are a variety of ways which the hall management has devised to enable access to
the hall. Depending on the length of time your event covers, it may be simplest to leave
the hall open for you, asking you to lock the doors at the end of the event. Alternatively, it
might be easier for you to borrow a key for the duration. You can confirm these particulars
when you make the booking with us.
Lights: The lighting in the hall is now effectively self-explanatory, but you may want to try
out the various settings in the Main Hall before your function, to be sure that you know how
to achieve the lighting effect you want. Users are asked, please, to check that all lights are
out, especially in the toilets, when leaving the building at the end of the function.
Electricity: There are a variety of appliances in the hall which you may be using. These
will have been tested for electrical safety (PAT). The hall cannot be held responsible for
the safety of any appliance you may bring in to your function. Electrical outlets are
conveniently placed throughout the halls and kitchen.
Heating: The New Hall and kitchen are heated by radiators, which can take some time to
warm the room. They are turned on from the control box in the bar area (open the little
door and set the switch to CONSTANT -- please donʼt forget to turn the heating off when
your function is finished!). The Main Hall is heated by hot air, which is very quick. Follow
the instructions above the thermostat (which is situated just below the clock on the side
wall) -- donʼt forget that the maximum setting at any one time is for a 2 hour heating period.
When this period has elapsed, just click the buttons through for another period (1/2 hour, 1
hour, 2 hours).
Fire Safety: The hall has ample fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting, and
appropriately marked exits. The Fire Safety book available in the foyer describes Fire
Risks in general and in specific, and contains a detailed Emergency Plan.
Cleaning supplies and waste: Brooms, dustpans and brushes are always kept in the bar
area or the kitchen. There are two mops and mop buckets on wheels in the cleanersʼ
cupboard on the side of the Main Hall. Detergents and cleaning liquids are kept under the
kitchen sink. Dust bins are provided in the kitchen and throughout the hall. Users are
asked to ensure that their rubbish is disposed tidily in the large council bins outside the
hall (recycling bins on the balcony; normal bins at the entrance), with any excess rubbish
taken away please.
Bar facilities: The village hall is a fully licensed facility, for the service of alcohol. The hall
management reserve the right to run the bar for private parties, but we are delighted to
delegate that responsibility to local organisations in the Allen Valleys who also depend on
profit from their functions to maintain their service in the community. In any case, do chat
with the Chairman about the bar service, to ensure that appropriate terms are satisfied.
The management of the hall are eager to hear back from people who hire the hall. Did
you have a good experience of the facility? Are there areas that could use improvement?
Tell us about your event, because we want the facility to be fit for purpose for everyone
who hires it.
Was this manual useful for you? yes no
Thank you for your participation!

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