AREL dwell time control guarantees that the processed fabric reaches the requested setting temperature and stays at
that temperature for requested time
Top class infrared temperature sensors are mounted in the stenter roof according to the length the width and amount of
the relevant chambers . The sensors transmit the exact temperature of the fabric measured points to AREL PC based
According to the information from the various sensing points and the stenter speed, the controller increases or decreases
the fabric speed ,so the desired dwell time is attained .The controller continuously logs the stenter speed and
temperatures for reporting and data analysis.
AREL non contact infrared temperature sensor can stand the heat setting
temperature of the stenter chambers , so ,they are normally installed at minimal
distance above the moving fabric.
The advantages-improved temperature measurement due to minimizing the
interferences between the sensor and the target and secondly prevention of dirt
settling on the sensor because the temperature of the sensor case is similar to the
chamber temperature .
For immediate installation and for easy access for service ,Arel provides the sensors
with complete adjustable s.s steel housing.
Each sensor operates individually and there is no need for concentrator . Each
sensor includes temperature display and setting switches .
The number of sensors per installation is practically unlimited.
The accuracy of the measurement is better than 1% of measuring range.
Arel provides solutions for heat setting of dry fabric ,for heat setting of wet fabric
and for drying only eliminating the need for residual moisture sensors.
For energy saving the Arel controller can optionally reduce the fan speed at the
setting zone, as the energy requirement for heat setting only, are relatively small, in
comparison to the energy that is needed for elevation of the temperature of the
fabric before the setting begins.
In addition to heat setting control Arel offers also TOTAL
integrated control of all the stenter functions.
Based on recipe management of the required set points
for each quality ,the controllers may monitor and
Chamber temperatures
Moisture retention
Stretch/shrinkage (over feed)
Fabric width
Fabric weight
Padder pressures
Exhaust humidity
Arel offers also complete standard ,as well as,
customized reports per batch and summarizing reports
including: speed ,consumption, deviations and efficiency
Arel technology enables to operate common chemical
dispenser for the stenter foulard from each stenter controller.
The saving of a dedicated dispenser computer simplifies and
reduces substantially the system cost. The concept enables
integrated recipe which include all the operation parameter of
the stenter together with the recipe for the chemicals.
In order to save the waist of residues chemicals at the end of
each batch, the chemicals are dispensed in small portions to fit
the actual pick up versus the remaining fabric length.
Arel unique software tools ,pc based controllers and I/O
modules enable easy configuration of finishing machinery
to any control or monitoring function Including:
Recipe library management
Process visualization
I/O allocation and calibration procedures
Reports generators for historical events, trends, chemicals
and energy consumption, and much more.
All Arel controllers may operate individually, or as
part of arel MES- Management Execution System of
the wet processing production floor. In addition to
Arel production floor management system Arel offers
also Process Management system- from YARN TO
DISTRIBUTION. Arel process management system
covers all PLANT processes together with
sophisticated applications for Planning Scheduling
and Global sourcing.
Established in 1971 AREL was one of the first to introduce computerized control into the textile wet processing industry
Arel offers today a complete range of integrated solutions for the textile industry with emphasis on control systems for the
batch dye house. Among the rest AREL range of products includes:
PC based machine controllers
Chemicals dispensing systems
Salt dispensers
Control center with OPTIMIZATION of recipes ,dye procedures scheduling and dissolving parameters
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E Mail [email protected]
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