Night Storage Heaters A simple user guide

Night Storage Heaters A simple user guide
Night Storage Heaters
A simple user guide
Fuel tariff
Heaters work by storing heat at night to be released during the day, so first ensure you
are on the correct tariff – ‘Economy 7’. Contact your fuel supplier to check.
For seven hours each night electricity on ‘Economy 7’ costs one third of the dayrate cost - so
from 12 midnight to 7 am in winter and 1 am to 8 am in summer, electricity costs about 7p per
unit at night and 18p per unit during the day.
The panel has two switches:
Input – heat coming into heater
Output – heat coming out of heater
The heater will only charge at night
Using the heater
At night
1. Turn the output down. If it is turned up, heat will escape and will not be stored for the following day.
2. Turn the input up, to store cheaper electricity.
3. When weather is mild, the input will only need to be on about setting 3.
4. As days get colder, turn the input up higher.
During day
1. Turn the output to full to get heat into the house.
2. After one hour turn the heater output down to 2 or 3 to allow constant heat into the house, but leaving enough for the evening.
3. If you leave the house turn the output completely down as the house does not need to be heated and you will lose the stored heat, leaving none for the evening.
You may require a few days of fine tuning to get into a routine, but by following these
rules you should ensure that you have enough heat in the storage heater to last all day
If you have problems with your night storage heater, please
call the Centre for Sustainable Energy on 0800 082 2234
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