Dean Taxis New App User Guide After lots of testing and customer

Dean Taxis New App User Guide After lots of testing and customer
Dean Taxis New App User Guide
After lots of testing and customer feedback sessions, Dean Taxis is pleased to announce its new and improved
booking app. This will be getting rolled out over the next week to both Android and Apple users. Before releasing this
version there were some main areas of feedback that constantly kept being sent in that we wanted to address, these
Allow more than one drop off on a journey, not just an A – B fixed price
A version of our booking app for more recent operating systems
The new app is slightly different to the original app we had in place and as such, we thought it necessary to provide a
brief user guide of the new features.
New Layout
We have now introduced a new layout when you first load up the app as can be seen in the image below.
The new user interface begins on a map of the local area and, with
location services on, will pick up your phones location by GPS and
show a green pointer at that location. The app will then give a possible
address location to where you are on the top of the screen. This will
show you an estimated time to get a taxi in your location and if there
are any available cars close by, they will appear as the green images
that can be seen in the image to the left.
If you find that the pointer is not set on your current location check
that your location services are enabled and then click the locate
button in the bottom right of the screen. This should then move the
pointer to your GPS coordinates.
(Or as close as possible as we know GPS in general is not always 100%
Before we continue with booking on the new user interface, we will also show you that you can return to the
booking interface we had on the previous version of our app at any time, as highlighted below.
The image on the left is the main menu that is
brought up when you swipe from the left of the
screen to the right on your phone or tap the 3
bars at the top left of the image on the right
(circled). This menu can be brought up at any
time in the app. We will go through this menu
later, but for now there is a red circle around a
blue slider next to ‘Show Map’. If you click on
the slider it will move to the left and the
interface will change to the previous version of
the app interface as can be seen on the right.
The addresses with a clock and arrow (top three)
are recent choices, while the addresses with
buildings (bottom two) are points of interest
(POI) near your current location with a distance
from your coordinates also shown.
Please Note: When in the older style booking interface, the ‘Get A Car Time’ box at the top is not as accurate as the
time that is quoted on the new booking interface as it does not update when you select your pick up. We are aware
of this issue and are working on a fix to it.
Booking A Job
Whether using the new map based booking interface or the previous version of the booking interface, booking a job
is still as quick and easy.
On the new interface
(far left) you would
click on the ‘Pick Me
Up’ box circled in red.
On the older interface
(left) you would click
on the address line
circled in red to select
it as a pick up point.
You can also use the
‘Use My Current
Location’ on the older
interface (left), you’re
then prompted for
just a house number
of the road you’re on.
If the address stated on the new interface was not correct, you click on the magnifying glass image on the top right
of the screen in the new user interface (black circle on the image above and far left). This will take you to the select
pick up menu shown on the image above on the right. In this menu there is 4 choices; use a recent pick up (to delete
a recent pick up from the apps memory, when in ‘Recent’ swipe right on the address you want removed and you will
be prompted to tap remove or cancel, taping remove will remove that recent pickup from your apps memory), type
and search an address, popular addresses/destinations and nearby addresses that are closest to your GPS location.
In the image above and right, the ‘Nearby’ option is selected (as shown by the blue line under the word ‘Nearby’ on
the image above right) and it is showing what is within 5 – 6 metres of the current location.
The booking details page is the same from whichever way you choose to select the pickup address and is shown
below on the left.
The image to the left shows the booking details
page with the pickup address with the green
pointer next to it. As a default, the ‘Cash’ option
is selected as standard. The blue line under cash
shows it is the chosen payment method. To book
a journey without putting a destination in press
‘Place Booking’ at the bottom of the page and the
car will be sent.
If you selected ‘Credit Card’ and have not put a
destination address in, the app will show the
message that is displayed on the image to the
right. Although, being able to book without a
destination and pay on card is another feature we
are working on implementing in the near future.
Before moving onto payment methods, we will highlight the ‘Time’ and ‘Requirements’ fields on the booking details
The image to the left shows the box that pops when
you go into the ‘Time’ field for a booking. To select a
date and time is straight forward and is done by
scrolling through either of the three columns. Date
being the first, then hours, then minutes.
The image on the left shows the ‘Requirements’ page
when it is selected. The ‘Passengers’ field only has the
option for up to 4 passengers. As the note at the
bottom of the page highlights, if you need a specialist
vehicle of any kind (wheelchair access, estate car,
bus) please call Dean Taxis. The ‘Notes To Driver’ field
is for any extra notes that you may wish the driver to
take into account for your booking, when you have
finished click ‘Save’ in the top right to save the notes
for that booking only.
If you need to call our office for any reason whilst in the app, you can bring up the main menu (swipe from left to
right) and at the bottom of the menu in the middle is a phone symbol, pressing this will call the Dean Taxis office.
For the payment methods there are two options available currently on our app which is cash and credit card (we are
working on a corporate account payment option which should be live in a couple of weeks). A destination address is
needed for a credit card booking but also for a fare quote for a cash job as well. Below are both types of jobs with a
destination address inserted to the booking.
The blue line under the payment method shows
which is selected for the booking. The left image
being a cash job and the right image being a credit
card booking.
In contrast to the previous app, and due to high
demand in the feedback requests, we have
altered the pricing of our app bookings. Previously
all jobs were a fixed fare, but now we have set the
fares as an estimated quotation. By doing so, this
allows much greater freedom when booking on
the app. Instead of an A – B only booking, you are
free to make as many stops as required and not
be tied to just a pick up and drop off. However,
we are looking at implementing a ‘Fix Your Fare’
option in the future.
Please note: For our credit card bookings we are currently using a deferred holding payment system. We can
estimate the price of the job (£6.80 in the above right image) on the app, but when it comes to payment on credit
card, the system will hold the amount plus 30%. So in this case it would hold £8.84 from the card selected, at the end
of the journey, the amount displayed on the in car meter would then be taken from the card which may be higher
than the quoted fare due to an extra drop off on the journey, yet may also be lower than the estimated fare.
Another example can be if the fare was £10.00, the system will hold £13.00, but if the journey was less, say £9.50,
then only £9.50 would be taken from the card and not a fixed amount of £10.00. As aforementioned, we are working
on a full deferred payment system that will charge at the end of the journey only and we will inform all users when
this is in place.
Adding A Credit Card
On our new booking app, we now have the facility to have more than one credit card saved to be used.
To add a credit card,
bring up the main
menu (swipe from left
to right) and select the
‘Credit Card’ box
highlighted in the far
left image. Select add a
new card then the
‘Card Details’ page is
brought up as shown
on the left. Card details
can be typed in or in
some cases you can
take a scan of your
We are aware of an issue with some versions of operating systems not working correctly when using the scan
feature. If this happens, enter the card details manually instead.
When more than one card has been added, if you go into ‘Credit Card’ you will see a list of added cards as in the
above right image. The blue tick (circled) at the end of the card shows that it is the default card, to select a different
card for the default card, just tap on that card and the tick will move to that cards box.
To delete a saved card, just swipe right on that particular card and it will be removed.
Paying With Credit Card
After you have placed a credit card booking, the following box will appear as shown below far left.
On every card booking
the CV2 box will appear
as far left. After entering
this you may or may not
have to enter your 3d
secure code, this is
random to improve
security. After that step
you will get the
connecting page as
shown left. Tap
‘Continue’ at the bottom
of this page and then
when complete you will
get the confirmation
page as shown right.
Your booking has then been made and your vehicle will be dispatched for the time required.
When you have an active booking on your app, it will be displayed in the top left corner of your app as in the images
below with the number of active bookings shown.
The far left image has the
area circled that shows
you have 1 active job. This
can also be seen on the
main menu under ‘My
Bookings’ in the left image.
You can also select the
‘Track Your Car’ option
form the main menu and
that brings up the image
on the right. It shows
where you are and the
location of your vehicle,
with an estimated time to
arrival underneath the
vehicle image.
In the top left of the right image, it also shows you have 1 booking active. The box with the ‘Test Test’ in would
normally display the drivers name and vehicle details, for the purposes of this guide we have only used a test vehicle.
The phone symbol to the right of the driver details allows you to call the office if necessary, although we are working
on another use for this call button that we should be able to announce in the coming weeks. At the bottom of the
above right image is also the option to cancel your vehicle if not needed anymore.
You can also cancel a booking or view its status in the ‘My Bookings’ section via the main menu, this is highlighted in
the image below left.
When in the ‘My Bookings’ section, you will be in
current bookings automatically. This is shown by the
blue line under the ‘Current’. This shows your pick
and drop off point, status of your booking (top left
showing ‘confirmed’), estimate of the fare, booking
reference number, call button to call the office and
a cancel button along the bottom if the booking
needs to be cancelled.
If you had more than one active current booking,
scrolling down would show any others.
Completion Of A Journey
Another development on our new booking app is the option to rate and leave a comment about your driver/journey.
On completion of a journey the below left image will be displayed.
Tap on ‘OK’ on the box in the left image and you are
taken to our ratings page which is shown on the right.
This is similar to being able to text feedback, the only
difference being that you can also add a star rating (1
being poor to 5 being excellent). Below the rating you
can also add any comments you feel are necessary.
When you have done this click submit and the
information will be sent to our office.
Please note: Like our text feedback, this is not
constantly monitored 24/7. If you have a complaint, it
will be investigated and rectified as quickly as possible
and alternatively, any positive feedback will be passed
onto the relevant department in due course also.
We will be running an app feedback competition in the coming weeks, but if you want to leave any feedback on the
new app itself in the meantime, please reply to the texts that you receive instead of using the app rating page. This
ensures app specific feedback will be received in the correct department, or you can email app feedback to
[email protected]
Historical Bookings & Receipts
If you want to view any historical bookings you have made or require a receipt for any credit card bookings you
would select ‘My Bookings’ on the main menu (highlighted below left).
As mentioned previously, when you select ‘My
Bookings’ you are taken to the current bookings that
are active. If you tap on ‘Previous’ so it becomes
underlined in blue (right image) then you have a list of
completed and cancelled bookings.
Each booking has it status, date & time, pickup, drop
off, booking reference, cancel option, call the office
and final price (as the booking has been completed). If
the booking was made on credit card, there is also the
option to email a receipt to you next to the cancel
As before, scrolling down will show other previous
bookings made.
Please note: We are aware of the issue with having the option to cancel on an already completed job (above right
image) and that when tapping for an email receipt (above right image again) it may not send the receipt. If this is the
case with your app, please contact the accounts team on 0191 4403957 and they will email a receipt out to you.
Thank you for being a valued customer of Dean Taxis and taking the time to read this quick user guide,
we hope you enjoy using our new app!
Dean Taxis App Team
[email protected]
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