Vaillant MAG-SINE 250-9 TZWFH.

Vaillant MAG-SINE 250-9 TZWFH.
1 Installation
This appliance must be installed by a
competent person (CORGI-member)
in accordance with the Gas Safety
(Installation and Use) Regulations 1984.
If the appliance is installed in a compartment, do not obstruct any purpose provided ventilation openings, and do not use
for storage purposes. If a gas leak or fault
exists, or is suspected, turn off the
appliance and consult your local supply
company or Service Engineer.
For servicing purposes, a minimum side
clearance of 25 mm (1") must be maintained. A minimum clearance of 125 mm (5")
is required at the bottom of the appliance.
a) Ensure the gas and water supplies are
turned on (Fig. 1, Fig. 2). Open the gas
shut-off valve (1). Fully open water shutoff valve (2) anti-clockwise.
b) To light the pilot flame
(Fig. 3, Fig. 4, Fig. 6).
Gas shut-off valve
Water shut-off valve
Rotary knob
Gas push button
Piezo push button
Pilot flame inspection window
Temperature Selector
To light the pilot,
turn the rotary knob (3) anti-clockwise from OFF-position (e) to
ignition-position ('7).
Press the gas push button (3.1) completely in and hold it while pressing
the piezo push button (4) at the same
A click will be heard and the pilot
should light, repeat the above
operation until pilot lights.
Keep the gas push button (3.1) depressed until the pilot has been alight
for 10 seconds. When the button
(3.1) is released, it moves back into
the starting position. The pilot flame
can now be seen through the inspection window (5, Fig. 3, Fig. 4). If the
pilot goes out after lighting, wait
3 minutes before attempting to
c) Taking into operation.
Turn the rotary knob (3, Fig. 6) anticlockwise from the ignition-position
into the ON-position ( • ).
The appliance will operate automatically whenever a hot water tap is
d) Temperature selection
(Figs. 3 and 5 or Figs. 4 and 5).
To select the required warm water
temperature turn temperature selector
(6, Fig. 3 or Fig. 4).
Clockwise to increase temperature.
to decrease tem-
Fig. 6
2.2 To turn the heater off
(Fig. 7, Fig. 8, Fig. 9).
Turn the rotary knob (3) clockwise from
the ON-position ( • ) beyond the
ignition-position (~) into the OFFposition (e).
If the appliance is to be shut down for a
long period of time. close the gas shutoff valve (1) and the cold water shut-off
valve (2).
2.3 Cleaning
2.4 To prevent damage by frost
The outside of the heater is made of
smooth enamelled metal. This cover can
be wiped over with a damp soapy cloth,
when the heater is cold. Do not use
abrasive cleaners.
If the appliance is installed in a position
likely to be affected by frost it must be
drained as follows:
a) Turn rotary knob (3, Fig. 7) to OFFposition (e).
b) Turn off water shut-off valve (2, Fig. 8,
Fig. 9) and gas shut-off valve (1, Fig. 8,
Fig. 9).
c) Turn temperature selector (6, Fig. 3,
Fig. 4) fully anti-clockwise.
d) Open all hot and cold water taps.
e) Open both drain tap and drain screw
(10, Fig. 10, Fig. 11) and when the appliance has completely drained replace
drain screw and close drain tap.
2.5 Maintenance
This appliance must be serviced at least
once a year by a qualified person. It is
important and strongly recommended,
that arrangements are made for a MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT to ensure regular
In hard water areas, regular descaling of
the heat exchanger by a qualified person
may be necessary.
We do not accept any liability for damage
arising as a result of the non-observance
of these instructions for use.
Please contact your Servicing Company,
Gas Supply Company or Vaillant Ltd. for
further details.
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