User Guide - Creative Learning Journey

User Guide - Creative Learning Journey
User Guide
step one
Click on the “Pupil Assessment Manager” logo to begin..........
• Enter your username, password and name
• Click on 2009/10/11/12/13
• You will now have the Pupil Assessment Manager screen
First time use:
You need to enter the details of your pupils – you can do this in two ways:
• Click Pupils (top right of screen) and type in the details of each pupil,
one at a time – you MUST click Add Pupil after each entry.
Note: The Group column must be completed.
You can import pupils from Excel
• Click on the icon IMPORT PUPIL LIST
• A new window will open – please follow the instructions in the window
(you can cut and paste into the template provided, making sure you complete all columns)
• You can now upload to the pupil list.
• All the pupils will now appear in the main screen.
You can edit any pupil at any time by clicking on edit (on the far right of each name).
When you have all the pupils’ names in you are ready to start Assessment.
step two
Starting Assessment:
• Click on Assessment (pink button top of screen)
• Select Pupil Group from the drop down box (top left of screen)
• Select the Area of Development you wish to assess (top left of screen)
• The skills will appear in the left hand side of the screen and the names will
appear at the top.
• Click on a assessment box under a child’s name; it will be highlighted
with a blue line around it.
• You can write a comment in the box at the top (comments). Then press SAVE.
To do a group of children see next step.
• You can choose Red, Amber, Green. Then press SAVE.
Note: The comment you type in the box will go to the record of the child you have clicked
when you press SAVE.
step three
You can do a “Group Comment”
• Click the Group Comment box at the top of the screen.
• Click each assessment box under the pupil name you wish to assess, these will be
highlighted with a blue line.
• When you have finished choosing the “skills” and “pupil names” you wish to make
a “Group Comment” (the same comment in each box) go to the comments at the top,
type in your comment, then click on a colour (red, amber, green).
• The comment will go in all boxes.
The red, amber, green (traffic light system) will go into each box.
• To change any individual pupil’s record, un-click the Group Comment box, then click on
any box under the pupil’s name and go to comment box to re-type the comment
- or click red, amber, green at the top if you wish to change the colour.
TIP: You can just click the box, one for red, twice for amber, three times for green, four times for white.
DO NOT FORGET the numbers in the top left of the box is the National Curriculum level.
This number appears in the comments box – you should type a space after the number
then type your comment.
step four
Print Record
• Click on the green button at the top
• Please select the pupil name you wish from the drop down menu
• Now select the year group or year groups to show progression you wish
to print out or view on screen.
• Now select the area or areas of development (you can select as many as you wish
or select all) that you wish to include in your print out.
• Now press SAVE to PDF
• The Assessment Manager will now gather all the information from the records
and supply you with a PDF.
• Click on DOWNLOAD RECORD PDF (under save to PDF) when it appears in red.
• You will now see a full print out on screen of the pupil assessment for that child.
NOTE: You can do this for any child and any areas of learning.
You can Print this out or SAVE it.
step four continued....
step four continued
Print Graph
• Click on Print Graph – purple box at the top (to see a group or whole class record)
• Select pupils by Group (top left). You can select one or more groups.
• Select skills by year box - choose your year.
• Then select the pupil names you wish to assess or select all.
Select the skills by year group. (Top left)
• Then select the skills you wish to view – you can select as many areas as you wish.
TIP: If you wish to select all click the box at the bottom select all
• Then press SAVE to PDF.
• Wait until you see DOWNLOAD GRAPH PDF then click on it.
• You will now see a online PDF of the chart graph of all the skills and all the
pupils you have selected.
You can Print this out or SAVE it.
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