4400 Mobile Handset User Guide
Mobile Handset User Guide - 4400
To make a call
Dial number and press Green button to send
To answer a call
Press the Green button, screen will show in conversation
To end a call
Press Red button
To redial last number
Long press on Green button until it beeps - this will redial last external number
To hold a call
Use the navigator stick to scroll down until ‘Manual Hold’ appears in display, select
this function by pressing the OK key.
Or press Green button which will put caller on hold, then Red button and the call will
recall back to you by ringing press Green button to answer
To retrieve a call
Using ‘Manual Hold’ - The system will recall back to you, normally after 30 seconds.
Press Green button to answer.
To transfer a call
Dial extension number, this will automatically put the caller on hold, press the Green
key to ring the extension and then press OK key to transfer the call
Retrieve a call
Scroll down to ‘Enquiry off’, press ‘OK’
To access your mail
Access the icon menu, then using the joystick select the envelope icon, press OK, it
will tell you in the display whether you have voice mail, if you have voice mail press
the OK key and it will dial the voice mail and enable you to retrieve your messages
Dial by name
Press directory button and type in 1 st 3 letters of the person you want to speak to,
then press OK twice, press Green button to ring
To activate touch tone dialling
When you have dialled a number, use the joystick to scroll down and when ‘MF
Tones’ appears, press the OK key to activate it
To store a personal speed dial
Access the menu, and select the address book picture, press OK on Pers Sp Dial,
screen will show add entry, press OK, enter name press OK or access an entry and
select create
To dial a personal speed dial
Access the menu, press OK on the address book picture, press OK on Personal
directory, select name using joystick, press OK and OK to dial
3 Way Conference Call
Receive / make a call, dial 3 rd party (Internal or external), press green button
to send, when 3rd party answers, introduce the call, use joystick to select
‘Conference’, press OK to activate
Exit Conference Call
Hang up
Call pick up
To answer an individual extension – Dial *72, Green button, extn no. that is
ringing, then Green button.
Parking a call
Make / receive a call, select Hold call using joystick, press OK
Retrieve a parked call
*75 and Green button
Lock keypad
Unlock keypad
Long press on red button
Long press on red button
Select ringer tune
Access icon menu, highlight bell and music icon, press OK , scroll down to
select melody, press OK to store
Issue 3 7.5.02
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