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OFL Owners manual A5.indd
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Ne o. „The UKs largest retailer of solid hardwood furniture
Owners Manual
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Your delivery checklist
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Hardwood Charalteristils
Caring for your Furnirvre
Terms é Condirions
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Oak Furniture Land
Congratulations! You are now on your way to receiving your Oak Furniture Land purchase. Our
ethos is simple —- bringing you the very best of traditionally constructed handmade hardwood
pieces of furniture ready for the modern world.
Whilst we are confident that you will be delighted with every aspect of your purchase, we feel
that it's important to recap on the next stage of the process. If any questions arise or should
you encounter any problems, your Oak Furniture Land Owner's Manual is on hand and ready
to assist.
Your manual will explain and guide you through the delivery process providing you with hints
and tips to make the delivery run as smooth as possible. If something goes wrong then we've
provided you with the opportunity to let us know in three easy ways. We will also remind you of
what to expect from natural hardwood and how to care for your Oak Furniture Land purchase.
Please take the time to read and digest all of the information contained within your Owner's
Manual. If for any reason you have any concerns about information enclosed then it's
extremely important to contact us before your items are dispatched to the carrier.
Your Owner's Manual Introduction | 3
Your delivery
At Oak Furniture Land, we're committed to providing a delivery service which is quick,
efficient and hassle-free. We will contact you to arrange the delivery within an agreed four
hour time window with your items being taken to your room of choice. It is however, important
that you help us to make your delivery run as smoothly as possible.
1.1 | Check the measurements and delivery access to your home
It is important to check the measurements of your items by visiting our website. Please ensure
that there is adequate doorway and stair access. If a non faulty item has to be returned due to
reasons beyond the control of Oak Furniture Land (which may include aborted deliveries by the
customer], the customer will be subject to return fees. For details please see our full terms
and conditions.
1.2 | Walking the route from lorry to your room of choice gives you an understanding
of potential problems
It is essential to go to the point in your home or apartment building where the delivery will
begin and walk the path that the delivery team will carry your items to your room of choice.
Having a tape measure with you to measure any unusual door or ceiling heights, twists and
turns including your stair bannister that might cause issues when we deliver.
Your order will usually be delivered via a large lorry, so please be sure your property is
accessible for this size of vehicle otherwise please call us prior to delivery. Problems can
sometimes occur on long gravel driveways or where access is tight - so again please contact
us prior to the dispatch of your goods if this is the case.
1.3 | Be helpful by clearing and protecting the route from lorry to room
Please try to make the delivery as easy as possible for your delivery team. It is helpful if you
can be at your residence to accept the delivery, because no one knows your home better than
you do. If you are unavailable to accept the delivery yourself, please note that there must be
someone over the age of 16 at your property to take the delivery for you.
Remove any tripping hazards, furniture, ornaments or wall fixtures that will obstruct the route
to your nominated room of choice. Please note that our drivers are not allowed to remove
their shoes due to health and safety reasons and if you are receiving delivery of a new bed, we
strongly recommend that you do not dispose of your old bed before your new bed is delivered,
unboxed and fully assembled.
It is your responsibility to protect your floors and carpets. We recommend using sturdy brown
paper secured with masking tape, however heavier items may require more substantial,
purpose-made floor protection. Please judge what level of floor protection you might need and
ensure that it is properly positioned before the delivery team arrive.
Your delivery checklist Oak Furniture Land
1.4 | We do not unbox or assemble
We do not unbox any of your items or assemble any of your furniture. As our drivers operate to
a strict timetable it 1s important that any other deliveries that day are met on time. Please note
that we cannot facilitate the removal of any of your packaging.
1.5 | Delivery days
We deliver weekly Monday to Friday, it is important to note that we do not offer a weekend
delivery service.
1.6 | No Flat Pack Furniture - Exceptions
At Oak Furniture Land, we don't sell flat pack furniture. The majority of our products are
designed with no home assembly needed, however on occasions to aid in delivery or to avoid
damage, our designers have deemed it best that certain items will need minimal home
assembly such as dining tables, beds, wardrobes and occasional tables.
Items needing minimal home assembly will be clearly identified in the individual item description.
Oak Furniture Land designers have to the best of their ability ensured any assembly is as simple
as possible and in no way detracts from the quality or structural integrity of the product.
1.7 | Please retain the original packaging and S/C number on receipt of your goods
Please keep the white label with the S/C number printed on it (found on the reverse or
underneath your furniture) as you will need to include this in any future correspondence with
us. Please ensure that the label remains on your furniture for future reference.
Where you are receiving delivery of a new bed, we strongly recommend that you do not dispose
of your old bed before your new bed is delivered, unpacked and fully assembled.
Your Owner's Manual Your delivery checklist
1.8 | Please check your new furniture for any damage or missing items
Should anything be amiss with your order, please contact us immediately.
T-F something
i QOCs wrong
We do not deliver flat pack furniture. We deliver hundreds of thousands of items each year
and due to the logistics of delivering heavy bulky boxes, on rare occasions items can arrive
with minor damage. The majority of these occurrences are usually quite minor and easily
rectifiable. If this occurs you are fully entitled, indeed encouraged, to use the item in question
as normal, at no risk to your rights, while we resolve the issue for you. This hopefully will
minimise any inconvenience to you. We would ask you to report any damage or fault within
24 hours of delivery. If this is going to be a problem for any reason, please call our customer
service team to inform us of any unusual circumstances.
2.1 | 3 easy ways to contact us
Online — The best and easiest way to highlight an issue 15 by visiting oakfurnitureland.co.uk
and making direct contact with us.
Email — Contact us via email at customerservice(doakfurnitureland.co.uk
Telephone — If you do not have the means to contact us in either of the above formats please
call us on 0844 977 3300 [charged at local rate).
2.2 lmages will be required from you
In order for our Customer Service team to quickly assess the extent of your problem we will
ask you take digital images of the issue and of the quality control label including your S/C
number attached to your furniture. If this is not possible for any reason please contact us and
we will arrange for an assessor to visit your home to take the required images on your behalf.
2.3 | What to expect
Within 48 hours you will be contacted by a member of our customer service team, who will
review your query and propose a solution.
As part of this solution we will arrange for a fully certified Carpenter / French Polisher to visit
your home to assess the damage, and in the first instance try to restore the product by using
traditional methods that form part of the manufacturing process to get your item back to
the standard that we would expect from our workshop. On the rare occasion that this is not
achievable a replacement item or refund will be offered.
We would always hope that having invested in your purchase, you will give us the opportunity
to correct your concerns.
2.4 | Ordering Spare Part(s)
Sometimes, a spare part may be required. Please contact us to arrange this. As your goods are
hand-made, we may contact you to ask you to provide some simple measurements to ensure
If something goes wrong Oak Furniture Land
that the replacement part fits your furniture correctly. If a spare part is in stock we will send it
out by courier.
2.5 | Minor assembly hints and tips
Leg assembly: Table legs should be affixed using the flat washer closest to the leg bracket, then
the split washer followed by the bolt head.
Shelves and Shelf supports: On occasion, shelves or shelf supports might be found behind or
beneath a unit for transit purposes. Shelf supports can often also be found in a bag taped inside the
drawer cavity. Please carefully remove the drawers to locate them following the instructions below.
Drawer Removal: The vast majority of our drawers are kept in place by a small retainer attached
to the unit frame below the front centre of each drawer. To remove a drawer from a cabinet,
gently open the drawer partially and carefully reach beneath it to depress the catch. This will
allow you to carefully slide the drawer free.
2.6 | Our 7 day money back guarantee
All of our Oak, Mango and Mahogany furniture is covered by this guarantee. Sometimes, despite
having spent a good deal of time choosing an item, you might decide for various reasons that the
item isn't right for you. Should you wish to return an item as new, please contact our customer
service team to arrange collection. Your money will be returned to you within 30 days of the request.
Please do remember though, that whilst we do offer free delivery, any items returned
under the 7 day money back guarantee will be returned at the expense of the customer. We
would ask that all items returned under the 7 day money back guarantee are in the original
packaging when collected. Please note that our sofas are custom made which fall outside of
the 7 day money back guarantee.
arising from defective, damaged or wrongly delivered products over and above the value of
the goods themselves. This does not affect your statutory rights. Please see the terms and
conditions or visit oakfurnitureland.co.uk for further details.
We will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss of profits or other financial loss or damage
Four Owner's Manual If something goes wrong | 7
Char aCl+EeristiCs
The appeal of solid hardwood handcrafted furniture is that each piece 1s unique in terms of
colour, natural marks, grain patterns and workmanship. Consequently, you may notice some ¿
differences between items from the same range; any such differences are considered an
integral part of this totally natural product.
Due to the nature of handmade furniture, all ranges will feature varying degrees of distressing
from piece to piece; this may include wood splits, filling, knots, distress marks, antiquing etc.
As above, such features are considered integral to the ‘traditional’ charm of handcrafted solid
hardwood furniture. To complement these unique qualities, some of our ranges are crafted to
have a ‘distressed’ or rustic’ styling. This is very much intended by our skilled craftsman and p
makes each piece totally unique with a lived in" appearance.
3.1 | Graining variation may be present 3.2 Sap marks may exist
Each tree grows and matures at different
rates in different climates. The older the
tree, often the larger and thicker the grain
pattern. Grain patterns in older trees tend
to be clearer. So it's not surprising that
many of the timbers used to produce your
items differ in appearance. It's important
to understand that your furniture may be
made from several cuttings of the same
tree; this 1s partly
what makes
every item unique
and completely
different to that
of an inferior
veneered product.
Sapping is a natural occurrence in most
timbers. Its appearance can be somewhat
random which is certainly not a defect
but merely
pigmentation which
regularly occurs in
non-laminated and
veneered products.
Any true hardwood
product may show
some degree of this.
3.3 | Knots are likely
mx Classed as the ‘fingerprint of natural timber” - knots can vary mu.
In size, appearance and even colour giving a true visual of the origins of your item making each
piece unique from any other. A knot was actually where once a branch was when the tree was
© growing. Knots are a part of any true hardwood furniture which may be a feature of your furniture. Ë
- éd
8 | Hardwood characteristics Oak Furniture Land
3.4 | Expansion Gaps may be visible
Expansion gaps are a design feature of many of our items and are
not to be confused with decorative routing. Expansion gaps are
there to allow the furniture to expand and contract according to
environmental conditions without either bulging or
putting undue pressure on the surrounding joints.
While all of the wood used in our furniture production
has been seasoned it is still a natural material and will
continue to experience small amounts of movement,
which is why the gaps will not maintain a uniform
dimension and will open and close according to the
time of year, moisture levels, heat levels and exposure
to sunlight.
Examples of expansion
gaps contracted [top]
and expanded (bottom).
3.5 | Medullary rays are possible
Medullary rays are ribbon like radial sheets that extend vertically
through the tree across and perpendicular to a trees growth rings.
As a naturally occurring element it often appears to have pith fleck or
medullary spots in sawn wood. They are an inherent part of natural
hardwood timbers and are certainly not a defect.
3.6 | Much is made by hand
Some machinery is used in our manufacturing process. Hand skilled craftsman use tools such
as chisels, wood planes and cabinet scrapers. The machines are there to assist but that is
such a small part of what we do. Inevitably this will affect the appearance of every piece.
3.7 | Pin marks may be apparent
Pin markings are also a distinguishing feature of handmade furniture such as, but not
exclusive to, our mango ranges. Often irregularly placed wherever the craftsmen requires
additional bonding and support. You will notice this is also a common characteristic in items
such as antique furniture or any furniture that is hand crafted rather than mass produced by
machines or in laminated and veneered furniture.
3.8 | It is possible that your delivered item will vary from the item in the showroom
It will be very similar in size, but with any natural handmade hardwood there is always going to
be variation in size, colour, type of grain pattern and knotting in naming just a few features of
true hardwood furniture.
Your Owner's Manual Hardwood characteristics | 9
Caring +or your
Your purchase is an investment that should last a lifetime. As with any 100% solid hardwood
furniture it will require the correct care from you. Please don't worry as it's surprisingly easy
to look after and a small amount of care will extend your furniture’s life considerably.
With almost half the weight of freshly sawn wood being water Oak Furniture Land ensure
there is meticulous kiln drying process to carefully reduce this moisture content of all of
our seasoned timbers, leaving just enough (8-14% moisture level] so that it can properly
acclimatise to the relative humidity in your home.
4.1 | The importance of wax
The preferred way to help your furniture acclimatise to your home is to treat it immediately
with our specially formulated Oak Furniture Land wax. Apply a thin coating at least twice a
year to prolong the life and lustre of your goods. Waxing your furniture will help protect and
nourish the timbers; creating a long-lasting, protective seal.
It's vital not to use any household cleaning products such as solvents or cleaners intended for
materials other than hardwood furniture as they are liable to damage the finish. Silicon is also
harmful to your goods. Neglecting your furniture may result in the drying and splitting of your
furniture which may invalidate your warranty.
4.2 | Do's and Dont’s
Treat your furniture with Oak Furniture Land wax immediately upon delivery and
then at least twice a year to protect and nourish the wood for years to come
Blot up spills immediately with a soft, slightly damp cloth
Use coasters, placemats and tablecloths to protect furniture during use
Place items of furniture in areas which receive direct sunlight, as this can
cause fading to the finish
Place furniture directly next to heating or air conditioning vents
Use household cleaning products, solvents or cleaners intended for materials
other than hardwood furniture, as they are liable to damage the finish
| Caring for your furniture Oak Furniture Land
a - se
ай =
oo Ё
. yr.
- В” < <
a <é E
- - +
№.” ;
4.3 Caring for leather products
Leather is a natural product with many highly desirable characteristics, the best way to
look after your leather products is with our leather care kits. Formulated to clean and
protect without damaging the finish, the kit covers each key stage in leather care: cleaning,
conditioning and protection.
We recommend you treat your leather upholstery immediately on delivery, prior to use, and
every few months thereafter. Do not use household cleaning products, solvents or cleaners
intended for materials other than leather as they are liable to spoil the finish. Protect your
leather furniture from strong sunlight and excessive heat such as radiators.
4.4 No two hides are the same
Although every effort is made to achieve uniformity, no two leather hides are the same, and
you may see variations in shade and texture between products. Natural markings such as
healed scars, wrinkling, stretch marks and veining may also be present; these are considered
an integral part of the leather and should certainly not be viewed as faults but merely
characteristics of natural leather. All these naturally occurring features add to the beauty and
charm of owning the real thing.
4.5 | Troubleshooting tips
Occasionally, chairs might be delivered with small indentations in the fabric coverings caused
during transit and storage. Please allow a few days for these to naturally dissipate, which
they will usually do. Alternatively, some gentle massaging can also help to restore the natural
shape of the leather back to the condition we d expect from the factory floor.
4.6 | Caring for your mattress
Extending the life of your new mattress can be achieved by following some simple steps.
However, it is important to note within a few weeks of using your new mattress you may notice
a small depression in the area where you sleep. This is commonly known within the industry
as settlement’ and is caused by the mattress fillings directly beneath you being compressed.
It's perfectly normal occurrence in all mattresses. Mattresses with comfort layers such as
memory foam, reflex or other high density foams and latex can be less susceptible to it.
e Turn your mattress every 3 months
[unless you have purchased a non turn mattress such as memory foam)
e Mattresses with a memory foam layer need rotating rather than turning
e Do not bend or fold your mattress
) Г Li
5» . CUORE
Your Owner's Manual Caring for your furniture | 11
mz — Crms 3 Conditions
чет оч
Oak Furniture Land is owned and operated by JB Global Ltd (JB Global Ltd’, ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’).
Our postal address is JB Global Ltd, Unit 10c, Viscount Way, South Marston Industrial Estate,
Swindon, SN3 4TN.
These terms relate to orders made in any of our showrooms. The contract made by you with
us incorporates these terms and conditions, which shall prevail over any and all terms and
conditions proposed by you.
You should not proceed with your purchase until you have read and agreed to these terms and
5.1 | Product specifications
5.1.1 We and our suppliers have a policy of continuous product development and reserve the right to amend the
specifications of any goods or products without prior notice in relation to future sales. This includes adjustments
to sizes or ornamental detailing on individual items purchased. Please email or call ahead to check exact sizes or
potential ornamental changes as on occasions minor adjustments may have been made by our supplier.
5.1.2 Products supplied may differ as a consequence from those on display or advertised. Unless agreed with you, the
products supplied will be of equivalent value, functionality and appearance.
5.1.3 All our furniture is made from quality natural wood and accordingly appearances may vary. Some woods will mellow
with age and exposure to sunlight. When you are purchasing our furniture you are buying handmade furniture where
varying degrees of distressing is generally applied. This is very much intended and makes each piece totally individual
as desired by the craftsmen. We sell only genuine rustic designs with varying degrees of distressing from piece to
piece; this may involve wood splits, wood filling, knots, purpose distress/scratch marks, antiquing etc. Certain degrees
of filler will be used on oak, mango and teak furniture this is common and very much part of the manufacturing
process. Please note that our Indian items are usually of a very rustic nature and a heavy distressing is usually applied,
this may appear as a dulling or rubbing effect to the waxed finish, knotty and grainy woods are used, this is as intended
by the supplier.
5.1.4 Leather products are made from quality natural leather and accordingly they may not be uniform in colour or texture.
Only the finest hides are selected but they will show natural marks and scars on the hide.
9.1.5 We endeavour to display as accurately as possible the colours of our products that appear in our showrooms and
on our on the website. However we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the pictures or photographs that are
shown. Many conditions such as monitor settings and batching can affect the colouring of items in a picture.
5.1.6 From time to time we have a specifically marked section of our site marked as clearance ranges, when you purchase
items from a clearance/discontinued range please note that this stock is new and boxed. The items are from a
discontinued range and as such are being sold as seconds. These items have been excessively handled so may have
knocks, scratches or other defects due to being over handled. The sale price takes this into consideration.
5.1.7 The majority of our products are designed with no home assembly needed, however on occasions to aid in delivery
or to avoid damage, our designers have deemed it best that certain items will need minimal home assembly. Items
needing minimal home assembly will be clearly identified in the individual item description. Oak Furniture Land
designers have to the best of their ability ensured any assembly is as simple as possible and in no way detracts from
the quality or structural integrity of the product. We will not accept any liability for any extra costs incurred by you as
a result of incorrect or incomplete measurements or information supplied by you, or minor alterations made by the
supplier. Please email ahead if a small change in size may deem the item unusable.
5.1.8 Our solid hardwood furniture will require treating immediately upon receipt. Ensure you treat the whole item not just
the top and at least twice a year with natural wax polish. This is available on the website or in showrooms in three
carefully selected colours; which are specially formulated to treat oak, mango and mahogany furniture. Please treat
your furniture immediately on delivery as your item may have been in shipping for some time and modern home heating
will accelerate the drying process. Failure to treat your wood furniture as instructed will result in drying and cracking.
| Terms and conditions Oak Furniture Land
Please note on rare occasions due to extreme climate changes in shipping you may find slight swelling on doors or
drawers thus making them stiff to open, it is important not to return or refuse the item if this is case. Usually this
will rectify itself within a week once the timbers adjust to their new environment and heating conditions, you may
also find that simply swapping the drawers will remedy this. However on rare occasions the timber movement may
not settle and you may need to sand or shave a small amount from a drawer or door, if so please shave from the
bottom of the drawer front or from the side of the door as this will not be noticeable with regards to the look of the
furniture. A simple touch of furniture wax will then protect any adjustments made. Currently less than half of one
percent [0.50%] of our furniture is affected by timber movement, however please could we ask you to bear in mind
that you are purchasing natural timber products where slight timber movement in shipping is a slim possibility.
Therefore stiff drawers or doors will not be deemed as faulty or defective. This means you are purchasing our
furniture on the understanding that any necessary simple adjustments would be need to be undertaken by the
customer at the customer's expense. If you do not wish to undertake any adjustments needed and wish to return the
item we will of course offer a refund under our full 7 day moneyback offer.
Please take care to research all the above points further with your local specialist as to avoid any disputes after purchase.
. Measurements
All dimensions specified by us are approximate due to the items being handmade and within a tolerance range.
All prices include VAT, where appropriate, at the prevailing rate and are subject to any promotional offer or discount.
The prices displayed on the website are for on-line purchases and promotions only and are not transferable to sales
through any other means. Prices relating to any on-line promotion are valid strictly until midnight on the day on which the
promotion expires, as determined by us.
We will not be bound to honour any prices, where we have indicated to you subsequently that the prices displayed
have been displayed in error. In these cases a refund will be offered.
The higher price charged, our “was price”, refers to the price charged on www.oflhome.co.uk. This price also refers
to retail price customers can expect to pay when purchasing items through the OFL Home Shop.
\ Payment
You can pay by cash (in showrooms only}, credit, charge or debit card at the time of order. The price of any product is
the price in force at the date and time of your order. You undertake that all details you provide to us for the purpose
of purchasing products which may be offered by us on our website or in our showrooms, will be correct; that the
credit charge or debit card which you use is your own and that there are sufficient funds or credit facilities to cover
the cost of any products. We reserve the right to obtain validation of your credit charge or debit card details before
accepting your order.
Payment will be taken in full at the time of the order.
The contract shall not have been concluded until we have completed all of the following steps: we have received
your valid credit card charge or debit card payment details, we have accepted your on-line order and sent you
confirmation of receipt of your order by return e-mail to the address you have given us during the registration
procedure and on ordering and then we dispatched the goods to you.
We are entitled to refuse any order placed by you.
An additional option of consumer finance may be offered to you; this is strictly subject to status. The contract shall
not have been concluded until any documents that require signatures are returned to our consumer finance address
given on the website.
We reserve the right to accept either a discount code or cash back, we are unable to accept both on one order.
We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order, at any time.
Your Owner's Manual Terms and conditions | 13
7 Crs € Conditions
5.5 Delivery
5.5.1 We are only able to deliver orders to you if you have a permanent address on the UK mainland.
5.5.2 We will always endeavour to deliver your goods as soon as possible, but please be aware that the delivery in certain
post codes or during busy periods could take up to 14 days from the date of dispatch. The latest date by which
you can expect your goods to be delivered will be stated in your order confirmation email. These dates are to be
considered ‘worst case scenarios’ and your order may be delivered sooner than stated.
5.5.3 Orders totalling less than 0.25CBM may be dispatched by post or courier.
5.5.4 For all orders - any changes made to the content of your order will have an impact on your delivery date. We may
therefore be unable to deliver your goods on your confirmed delivery date should changes occur and if so, a new
delivery date will be given.
5.5.5 You are responsible for providing a safe means of access from the public highway to the place of delivery. If our
delivery staff consider that access is unsafe then we will not deliver the goods until safe access is provided.
9.5.6 For deliveries using our two man delivery service: If you are unable, for whatever reason, to take delivery of
your goods on the confirmed delivery date arranged, you must inform the carriers at least one working day in
advance so that another date can be booked. If, through no fault of their own, our carriers cannot gain access on
the date agreed, return charges will apply at £25 per item (0-0.25CBM) or £50 per item (0.26CBM+]; see www.
oakfurnitureland.co.uk/page/return-charges.html for more information.
For deliveries using our parcel carrier service: Should you not be available at the time of attempted delivery you
will be left a card with details on so that you can contact the carriers and arrange redelivery yourself. If you do not
contact the carrier within 48 hours the furniture will be returned to us. In this instance the aforementioned return
charges will apply. These charges will also apply if we are unable to deliver the goods due to there being no safe
means of access to the place of delivery.
The return charge mentioned will be applicable immediately after the items have left our warehouse, i.e. if the order is
cancelled after we have dispatched the item but before delivery to the final destination, the return charge levied by our
carriers will still be applicable. Should we be requested to make a second delivery, a £39 re-delivery charge will be levied.
5.5.7 If we accidentally damage goods in the course of delivery our liability for that damage is limited to the repair,
replacement or refund of the goods or the value thereof.
5.5.8 Time of delivery is not covered in these terms and conditions. We will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by
you through any reasonable delay or delay due to unforeseen circumstances outside of the reasonable control of Oak
Furniture Land or any reasonable rescheduling of delivery (our carriers cannot offer any timed or Saturday drops].
5.5.9 Inthe unlikely event that there is an issue with your goods on arrival - please don't worry; our customer service team
will resolve the matter for you as quickly and conveniently as possible. To report any issues please use any of the 3
easy ways to contact us:
Online — The best and easiest way to highlight an issue is by visiting oakfurnitureland.co.uk and making direct
contact with us.
Email - Contact us via email at [email protected]
Telephone — If you do not have the means to contact us in either of the above formats please call us on
0844 977 3300 [charged at local rate).
Once your service case has been raised, a member of our customer service team will look into the best way to resolve the
situation and you will be contacted within two working days [N.B a working day is classified as between Mon-Fri only).
Please do not ask our delivery team to arrange exchanges without emailing or calling us as information is not
always relayed back to us correctly. If an individual driver from our carriers tells you that they will report and take
care of this please ignore this and be sure to contact us yourself. Please report damages within 24 hours of delivery.
Please note we will require proof of the damage from a photograph in order to facilitate allowance, exchange or
refund of the item.
5.5.10 Please remember that although we offer Free Delivery we do subsidise your delivery fees on these items, therefor if
you wish to return any items we reserve the right to refund less than the original purchase price.
5.5.11 In the event that you may choose to have your goods delivered to your own 3rd party carrier — we will not accept any
responsibility or liability for any damage to your goods. The forwarding delivery is at the risk and the customer when
using your own 3rd party carrier.
5.3.12 Goods are delivered on weekdays directly to your home address. If you live within the UK mainland, the delivery will
be free of charge however any cost of return of non faulty items will be charged to the customer [see 5.5.6 above).
14 | Terms and conditions Oak Furniture Land
We will use three methods of carriage which we will determine on dispatch. On larger or multiple items you will
receive a call from our delivery team to book a convenient delivery date that suits thier pre allocated delivery route.
However for smaller items a parcel carrier may be used, we will not call you if this method is chosen, however they
will leave a card for you to contact them to arrange the completion of delivery. Pallet deliveries may also be used at
exceptionally busy times or at a customer's request.
5.5.13 If the customer decides to cancel their order after we have dispatched for delivery, but have been unable to due to any
cause or circumstance beyond our reasonable control (including but not limited to, adverse weather conditions, floods
or acts of god], a return delivery charge will apply (see 5.5.6 above).
5.5.14 The items will generally be delivered via a 7.5 tonne vehicle, so please be sure your property is accessible for this
size of truck. If we are unable to deliver the goods due to there being no safe means of access, we reserve the right
to cancel your order and refund the payments subject to our refund policy.
5.5.15 For orders of multiple items, the dispatch date will be assigned according to the longest lead time. If multiple
orders are placed for the same delivery address, these will be grouped and the dispatch date will again be chosen
according to the longest lead time.
9.5.16 To ensure guaranteed Christmas delivery we will contact you beforehand to arrange a date to deliver your order.
If you are unable to accept this delivery date we can arrange an alternate date, but due to complex nature of re-
arranging the route, we CANNOT guarantee this will be prior to the Christmas holidays.
9.6 | Returns, refunds and your right to cancel
5.6.1 Our Refund and Returns Policy Details
You have the right to cancel your order within 7 working days from delivery. You must contact us within 7 working
days from delivery with your intention to return the item. After notification we will issue you a returns number to
quote on the paperwork when returning the goods.
If you wish to return the goods within the 7 days, please take reasonable care of the items and it would help if you
retained the original packaging.
Please return goods in the same condition as received. We request that if you or the delivery team open the box to
examine the product please do so without damaging the box and packaging or damaging the product in any way.
Please re-package as received in order for us to re-sell the item as brand new.
Please do not return items without prior authorisation. The returns authorisation is valid for up to 7 days only from
delivery. Goods sent back without prior returns authorisation will be returned back to you and the cost of delivery
charged to your account. In the case of upholstery, all of our sofas are custom made specific to your order. We do not
offer a 7 day money back guarantee.
5.6.2 After this 7 day period has expired we will be unable to accept returns of any items purchased unless faulty.
5.6.3 Subject to your statutory rights, products made or altered specifically for you, may not be returned nor will we
provide any refund, unless they are defective or have been accidentally damaged by us in the course of delivery.
5.6.4 If we deliver incorrect or damaged goods, or in the event that you discover any defect in the goods for which you
require assistance, you must report the defect within 7 days of the date you receive them, or as soon as possible
thereafter by raising a service case via the ‘Contact Us’ link on our website; www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk/page/
contact.html. Please keep the products purchased in a saleable condition and retain the original packaging in the
condition it was provided. Should it be deemed impractical to offer a replacement, redelivery or re-selection of any
damaged or faulty items we reserve the right to offer an allowance against a repair, or alternatively a refund for your
purchase. Any non faulty items returned will always be returned at the expense of the customer: see return charges,
5.5.6 above.
5.6.5 We will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from repairs attempted by you or third parties.
5.6.6 Where an alternative carrier service is used [being outside the normal free delivery methods provided by JB Global
Ltd) and paid for by the customer — the delivery charge will not form part of your refund should your item be
damaged in transit, be classed as an manufacturing fault or be rejected under the 7 day Money Back Guarantee.
Returns and Refund Enquiries:
Please note if any items are damaged or faulty please call us on 0844 977 3300 or email at
[email protected], within 24 hours to report this matter. So that we can better understand the issue
you are experiencing, it is important that we see a few digital images of the affected item and another of the product
Your Owner's Manual Terms and conditions
| 15
7 Crs € Conditions
label These images can be uploaded in the first contact section of our website.
Collection of non-faulty items will always be at the customer's expense [see 5.5.6 above for return charges information).
Full refund of the cost of the goods is wholly conditional upon the above conditions being met and the refund
authorised only after a full inspection of the goods by our Returns department to check for completeness and
correct product return.
For goods received back complete as NEW and unused [including all mattresses); you will be refunded the full
invoice amount less cost of return.
If you are unable, for whatever reason, to facilitate collection of your goods on the confirmed date arranged, you
must inform us at least one working day in advance so that another date can be booked. If, through no fault of their
own, we cannot gain access on the date agreed, return charges will apply (see 5.5.6 above].
Guarantees and claims under guarantee
The provisions of this clause 5.8 and clause 5.9 below, apply in addition to your statutory consumer rights in relation
to faulty or incorrectly-described products. These rights are not affected by the guarantee.
The guarantor is JB Global Ltd.
Our postal address is JB Global Ltd, Unit 10C, Viscount Way, South Marston Industrial Estate, Swindon, SN3 4TN.
Telephone 0844 977 3300.
We guarantee all products against faulty workmanship and/or faulty materials for a period of 12 months from the
actual date of delivery, in all cases we reserve the right to inspect the product and verify the fault.
These guarantees do not cover fair wear and tear and natural characteristics of wooden products including
movement in wooden products; neglect; abuse or misuse of your goods in failing to follow correct care procedures
[see the Care Guide at www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk/page/care-guide.html] including the oiling and waxing of
furniture; loss or damage due to fire, smoke, water, lightning, sunlight, weather, rusting, corrosion, theft or
explosion; accidental damage or loss or damage caused by a third party.
We will arrange to repair or replace a defective or incorrect item free of charge. Should a replacement no longer be
available or circumstances determined by the seller make a replacement impractical, it may be replaced with a part
that most closely matches it. Alternatively at the discretion of the seller an allowance may be made for customers
to arrange a local repair. JB Global Ltd reserves the right to send out an independent 3rd party technician to repair
furniture where customer claim there is a merchandise issue. The technicians are experts in their field and are there
to determine the nature of any issues. We reserve the right for the technician to repair the item being inspected. In all
cases this is to help resolve a merchandise issues to leave a customer with goods that are fit for purpose.
We will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss of profits or other financial loss or damage arising out of defective,
damaged or wrongly delivered products over and above the value of the goods themselves. This does not affect your
statutory rights.
Site content and disclaimers
Every effort is made to ensure the complete accuracy of our website, however some prices/details contained on the
website may change from time to time and it is possible that errors will occur. We will use our best endeavours to
rectify any errors, as swiftly as possible but we cannot be responsible for any losses incurred.
To the maximum extent permissible by law, we exclude all warranties, express or implied as to the accuracy of the
information contained in any of the materials on this website. We cannot accept liability for any particular material
on the website or as a result of any use of or reliance placed upon the information contained on this website.
This site is owned and operated by JB Global Ltd (JB Global Ltd," ‘we’ or ‘us’ our”), whose registered number is
5573571 Vat number registration number 6B862215733
Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of this website is done at your own discretion and
risk and that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your own computer system or loss of data that results
from the download of any such material.
16 | Terms and conditions Oak Furniture Land
9.9 Data protection
5.9.1 JB Global Limited is a registered Data Controller in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 ("The Act”).
5.9.2 We process your personal data in accordance with the Act
5.10 | Applicable law
5.10.1 We control and operate the website and showrooms from our offices within England. Accordingly the laws of
England and Wales govern claims relating to, including the use of, this web site and the materials contained therein.
If you choose to access our web site from outside England and Wales you do so on your own initiative and you hereby
agree that in the event of a dispute between ourselves and you the laws of England and Wales will apply at all times.
Your Owner's Manual Terms and conditions | 17
18 | Customer notes Oak Furniture Land
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