OMC-938 Meteo Display
OMC-938 Meteo
OMC-938 Meteorological Display unit
Observator instruments offers the widest range of display
instruments, for local read out of meteorological parameters. The OMC-938 is an instrument capable of indicating
local wind information and has the possibility for the display of four additional parameters. The instrument is provided with a facility to use interchangeable legends. This
makes it as flexible as possible. The OMC-938 is ideal to
be used in a.o. fixed offshore applications and critical information for helicopter approach can be displayed in e.g. the
radio room. But obviously also in other situations were local Met information is required.
Easy read-out of meteorological information
Multi purpose display with interchangeable legends
Serial input RS422 or Currentloop
Interface available for most common sensors
LED circles for wind direction and variation
Scaling in m/s, km/h, kts mph and Beaufort
Selectable averaging interval time in 2 min. 10
min. And user programmable
Indication of gust or minimum wind speed
Brightness control
Standard serial output RS232 / RS422
Black Line version in
Optional housing
Helicopter approach on
The OMC-938 digital weather display unit is specially designed for easily read out of wind speed and wind direction
and four other parameters.
The display is housed in a 144 x 288 mm. Din size casing
suitable for panel mounting. A tabletop housing is available.
The wind direction is indicated within in a double LED circle
36 leds for average direction and variation. Inside this circles a three digit digital display indicates the wind speed. A
second three-digit display located in the lower right corner
provides maximum or minimum wind information indicated
by LED’s in front of the display.
The wind information can be displayed in m/s, knots, mph,
km/h or Beaufort. Selection of these units can easily made
using the MENU option within the integrated membrane
keys. Another MENU option is the choice of the averaging
interval, which can be set at 2 minutes, 10 minutes or every
other “user” programmed interval. When not in the MENU
mode the up and down keys are used for brightness control
or gust reset.
Double LED circle with 36 LED’s for aver age
direction and variation
Five 5 digits red LED displays size 14.3
mm height
Interchangeable legends
230 VAC, 115 VAC, 24 VDC and 12 VDC optional, 30v max.
1 digital pulse input
1 analogue input (potmeter)
2 RS422 or current loop inputs
2 RS422 or current loop
2 analogue outputs (optional)
Size 288 x 144 x 94 mm standard Din size
Weight 1700 gram
Maximum panel thickness 8 mm
The four additional displays are provided with interchangeable legends. Depending of which sensors are used various
I/O modules are available, delivered with the unit. The most
common meteorological and hydrological sensors can be
used, such as wind speed and wind direction, sea and air
temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, etc.
Many in- and output connections are available, either as
standard or as option. The unit was primary intended to use
with the Obsermet sensors, but other, most common sensors can be connected to the system.
All information of the connected sensors can be transmitted
within the serial output string.
Operating temperature –30 to 60 deg. C.
Moisture protection IP40
Humidity 5 to 90%
EMC EN 50081-1 class B, EN 50082-2
OMC-127 dual analogue outputs
4..20mA or 0…1Volt
OMC-128 digital output RS422
OMC-129 remote brightness control
OMC-776 tabletop housing with
The Observator range is in continuous development and so specifications may be subject to change without prior notice
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