IMMS Web Portal User Guide - Capita IT Services

IMMS Web Portal User Guide - Capita IT Services
IMMS Web Portal User Guide
IMMS Web Portal
IMMS Web Portal
This application has been created to provide our customers with an ability to log
Login Page
Logging In
This is initial screen. Fill in your login details as supplied, click Log in.
Create Account
If you don’t have an account this is where you can create one.
Forgotten Password
Supply your Username, click ‘Submit’ then give the answer to the question that was
Changing Your Login Password
This option is available when you have logged in; you can use it as often as required.
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IMMS Web Portal
Raise Incident Page
Once logged in, you are directed to a page to submit your incident information. There
are also help icons which, when you hover over will give you additional information
on the relevant field.
Once the incident has been submitted you will receive an email stating you will
receive a response within 30 minutes. If you have not received an update on the case
within 7 days, you will be able to resubmit the case from the from the My Requests
My Requests Page
This page shows you all the raised incidents that you have made. After 7 days a
button will appear next to the request and can be used to chase if you haven’t
received a response.
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IMMS Web Portal
Once an update has been requested the button will disappear, but will reappear in
another 7 days allowing you to request a further update.
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