User Guide How to use the self

User Guide How to use the self
User Guide
How to use the self-automated
booking system?
Your schedule page
This is where you can view the schedule of courses. Select a course on the left and the details are shown on the right. People book by clicking the 'Book
Now' button.
Click Book now button to
make bookings
Information about the
event currently selected.
List of all courses
To book on please fill in
the following fields.
Course Overview
If you are an individual booking yourself follow the process
through. All fields in this form are mandatory. Please
ensure you fill in all fields before submitting.
Guidance for managers booking on behalf of staff
Fill in all fields, ensure you
put the member of staff’s
name that you are booking
on behalf. Once complete
click ‘book now’.
The Manager needs to
include their own name.
Doing multiple bookings
Once you have booked
you will be prompted to
confirm the booking via
email which will then
lead you onto this page.
You’re able to add
additional attendees by
clicking ‘Add another
You can view other
bookings you have made
against individual or
organisational email
To cancel your booking as
an individual and all
delegates associated with
multiple course bookings
please click here. Otherwise
to remove an additional
attendee without affecting
the original booking please
see below.
To remove additional
attendee click edit
To remove additional
delegate(s) please click
‘remove this person from
the booking’. This will
ensure your main
booking will remain
intact but cancels your
additional delegate.
To view your bookings you can either click the weblink in your email confirmation to edit/view and cancel delegate(S) alternatively make a note of your
booking confirmation reference and include it after the word (booking/) e.g. .:
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