Blackboard 9.1 User Guide - University of West London

Blackboard 9.1 User Guide - University of West London
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Blackboard User Guide
Removing Students
How to remove students from your Blackboard courses
There are overnight routines which import student enrolments from Unit-e to
Blackboard. At present, however, these routines do not take account of students
who subsequently transfer or are withdrawn from a course in Unit-e. Such
students would need to be manually removed from your Blackboard courses.
Manually removing users from a Blackboard course
Go to Control Panel > Users and Groups > Users
Tick the box to the left of the user(s) you wish to remove, and click on Remove Users
from Course
Blackboard 9.1 User Guide
West London Online: Blackboard User Guide
A warning message appears – click OK to confirm
You will see a confirmation message; the users are no longer listed as course members.
If you require further help, please contact the IT Service Desk:
0300 111 4895
email [email protected]
Blackboard 9.1 User Guide
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