Village T Rules Summary
Village Rules Summary
• Each player choose 1 color
Give each player
• Farmyard x 1
• Family member x 11
• Put Family member ‘1’ x 4 in
• Marker x 8
• Put Marker x 1 on the cloud on the
right side of the bridge of Farmyard
• Put Marker x 1 on 0 space of VP track
of Game board
• Coin x 1
• Coins
• Good tiles
• Bags of grain
• Influence cubes
• Plague cubes
• Green bag
• Setup card according to # of players
• Mass overview card
• Family members
• Shuffle Customer tiles face down next to the
• 4P: Put tile x 10 to Market space
• 3P: Put tile x 9. Space ‘4’ empty
• 2P: Put tile x 8. Space ‘3’&’4’ empty
• Put the Next starting player marker on its
designated space of the Council chamber
• Put Black monk x 4 in the Black bag
• 3P: Put Family member of the unused color
on Space ‘4’ of Village chronicle and
Anonymous graves
• 2P: Put Family member of the unused color
on Space ‘3’ & ‘4’ of Village chronicle and
Anonymous graves
Starting player
• Oldest player
• Receive Starting player marker
(A) Seeding Action space
(B) Take Action
(A) Seeding Action space
• Put Influence cubes from Supply, according
to setup card, in Green bag at the beginning
of a round
• Draw Influence cubes randomly from Green
bag and add to each Action space on the
Game board according to the Setup card
• If there are fewer Influence cubes of a color
available in the Supply than the # needed to
add, add only the available cubes
(B) Take Action
• MUST take 1 Influence or Plague cube from
1 Action space then perform action
• Allowed to take the cube without carrying
out action, except Market action
• Put Influence cube in Farmyard
• If Plague cube is taken, return to Supply and
lose 2 Time by moving Life time track
marker 2 spaces forward
(1) Grain harvest
(2) Family
(3) Crafts
(4) Market
(5) Travel
(6) Council chamber
(7) Church
(8) Well
(1) Grain harvest
• MUST have at least 1 Family member in
Farmyard to carry the harvest action
• Take 2 Bags of grain from Supply to
• Take 3 Bags of grain if the player owns a
Horse and a Plow
• Take 4 Bags of grain if the player owns an
Ox and a Plow
• Cannot use > 1 combination
• Family member / Ox / Plow / Horse not
used up
• Cannot own > 5 Bags of grain
(2) Family
• Take 1 Family member of lowest # from
Supply to Farmyard
• May instead take 1 employed Family
member from Game board to Farmyard
(3) Crafts
• Take 1 Good from Supply to Farmyard by:
• Spending Time OR
• Spending Influence cubes
(a) Spending Time
• Place a Family member from Farmyard to a
Craft building
• Train this Family member by spending
Training Time
• May immediately produce the
corresponding Good by paying Production
• Leave the Family member in the Craft
building afterwards
• May produce the good again in later rounds
by spending Production time. No need to
spend Training time
• Family members of the same / different
colors can be placed in the same building at
the same time
(b) Spending Influence cubes
• May buy 1 Good that the building produces
by returning the specified Influence cubes /
Bags of grain to Supply
• No need to have a Family member on the
Craft building
5 Craft building
a) Wainwright: Produce Wagon
b) Stable: Produce Horse or Ox
c) Office: Produce Scroll
d) Smithy: Produce Plow
e) Mill: Produce Coins
• No Family members can be placed in
the Mill. Spend 2 Time and 2 Bags of
grain to take 2 Coins
(4) Market
• A market day must be held after Influence /
Plague cube was taken from Market
• Every player may serve 1 Customer on
spaces with blue borders in turn, beginning
with the player who take the cube from
Market space
• Serve customer by returning the required
Goods / Bag of grain to Supply then take the
Customer tile to Farmyard, face down
(worth VP at the end of the game)
• For remaining players, choose 1 of the
remaining customer. Pay the required
Goods / Bags of grain + 1 green Influence
cube + 1 Time (Only the first sale do not
need to pay 1 green Influence cube + 1
• Players that do not want to or are unable to
sell anything must pass and may not re-enter
the current Market day
• May serve customer more than 1 time in a
Market day
• Market day continues in clockwise direction
until all customers have been served or all
players have passed
• Fill up the blue bordered spaces with new
customers, from waiting customers in order,
after the Market day ends. Rest of the tiles
in the waiting line are moved forward. Then
refill the waiting line by new customers
from the pile
• If no customers were served, all customer
tiles remain in place
• Should all customers be served at some
point, the market stalls remain empty for the
rest of the game
chamber. Pay 1 Time and 2 green Influence
cubes or 1 Time and 1 Scroll. May perform
the privilege action of this stage to become
the next starting player
• (B) Move 1 Family members already in the
Council chamber 1 stage forward by paying
Time (depends of the stage) and Scroll /
green Influence cubes. May perform the
privilege action which is shown either the
current or a previous stage of the Family
• (C) Not moving a Family member in the
Council chamber but perform a privilege
action shown below either the current or a
previous stage
(5) Travel
• Take a Family member from Farmyard and
place on 1 of the 2 neighboring cities that
can be reached from the village
• Pay the cost of the trip shown on the path
• Take 1 Marker and place on the City (worth
VP at the end of the game)
• If a Family member is already in a City of
the Travel map, either send another Family
member from Farmyard or move a Family
member that is already on a city to an
adjacent City
• Can only place a Marker and thus receive a
City’s reward (2 Influence cubes of your
choice from Supply /1 coin / VP) once per
• If a Family member travel to a City where
there is already a Marker of the same color,
a Marker of the same color cannot be
placed / scored
• No limit to the # of Family members and
different colored Markers allowed in any
• 1st stage: Take the Next starting player
marker. If the marker has already been taken
by another player, receive nothing
• After the Next player marker is taken,
be the starting player in the next
round. At the beginning of the next
round, take the Starting player marker
and return the Next starting player
marker to its designated space
• 2nd stage: Take 2 Influence cubes of your
choice from Supply
• 3rd stage: Take 1 Good tile of your choice
from Supply
• 4th stage: Pay 1 coin in exchange for 3 VP x
• There is no limit to the # of Family
members allowed on any stage
• Each Family member that has reached at
least the 2nd stage worth VP at the end of
the game
(6) Council chamber
• (A) Take a Family member from Farmyard
and place on the 1st stage of the Council
(7) Church
• Pay 1 Brown Influence cube or 3 Time then
add 1 Family member from Farmyard to
Black bag
• Family members added to the bag may be
drawn and placed onto the church during a
(8) Well
• Return 3 same-colored Influence cubes (not
Plague cubes) from Farmyard to Supply
then carry out any 1 listed actions
• The Well action is only possible as long as
there is at least 1 cube left on any action
• This is the only way to perform an action
when there is no cube left on the
corresponding action space
End of a round
• When a player takes the last cube from the
board (i.e. all action spaces are empty)
• That player perform the action as usual
• Then Mass
(1) Draw 4 pieces from Black bag
(2) Move Family members up in the church
(3) Award 2 VP for church majority
(1) Draw 4 pieces from Black bag
• Begin with the starting player then
continuing in clockwise direction, each
player may pick 1 or more of their Family
members (once) from the bag by paying 1
coin per family member
• Once a total of 4 Family members have
been bought from the bag, no more pieces
may be drawn
• Should < 4 Family members have been
bought, bring the total = 4 pieces by
drawing the rest randomly
• Then return all Black monks to the bag
• Place Family members drawn on the Large
rightmost glass window of the church
(2) Move Family members up in the church
• Begin with the starting player, each player
may move 1 or more Family members up in
the church hierarchy by paying Bags of
• May move up more than 1 window
• Each player do once
(3) Award 2 VP for church majority
• At the end of the mass, the player who has
the most Family members in the church
immediately gains 2 VP
• Tie: Awarded to the player whose Family
member is on the window the furthest to the
left. (Only the Family member furthest to
the left of a player count. Other family
members don’t count)
• Still tie: 2 VP each
New round
• The player who acquired the Next starting
player marker takes the Starting player
marker and returns the Next starting player
marker back
• If no player takes the Next starting player
marker, the starting player remains the same
• May use coin as a JOKER for any 1
Influence cube
Family member pass away
• Carry out chosen action in full and decide
which of the oldest Family members dies at
the end of the turn
• Exception: Move marker past the bridge
during a Market day must immediately
choose which of the Family member dies
• Always the one with the lowest # die
• If several family members with the lowest
#, choose one of them
• The dying Family member must either on
the Game board or in the Farmyard, not in
the Black bag / Supply
• Put the death Family members in the
corresponding space of the Village chronicle
(according to the place of death) if empty
space available
• If no space available in the Village
chronicle, RIP in Anonymous graves
--------------------------------------------------------END WIN and SCORE
• When a Family member is put on the last
empty space in Village chronicle
• When a Family member is put on the last
empty Anonymous grave
• The player who put his Family member to
the last empty space of Village chronicle /
Anonymous grave DOES NOT get another
• All other players may perform 1 last action
in clockwise player order. Should the final
cube be taken from the Game board, the
action spaces are NOT reseeded. Instead,
the remaining players may perform any
action without having to return 3 samecolored Influence cubes to Supply
• If Family members die during the final
actions and there are no Village chronicle /
graves space left, Family member back to
• If the end of the Game is triggered during a
Market day, finish the Market day
• If the same player trigger the Market day
and the end of the game, he has taken his
last turn and everyone else has 1 action left
• If it was triggered by a different player, then
ALL players, in clockwise player order may
carry out 1 more action. The final turn of the
game is then taken by the player who
triggered the Market day
• After each player has taken the last action,
the last Mass is said
Travel: 1/2/3/4/5/6 cities = 1/3/6/10/14/18 VP
Council chamber: 1/2/3/4 stage = 0/2/4/6 VP
for EACH Family member
Church: 1/2/3/4/window = 2/3/4/6 VP for
EACH Family member
Village chronicle: 1/2/3/4/5+ = 0/0/4/7/12 VP
Customer tiles
Coins: 1 Coin = 1 VP
• Most VP
• Tie: Most customer
• Still tie: Higher # of living Family members
• # of Goods and Coins not limited
• May check at any time which family
members are in the black bag
• When placing Family member from
Farmyard to Game board, no need to take
the Family member with the lowest #. The #
is only relevant when a Family member is
born or die
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