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FireSystem 2600HD Series – Type 3
System Control Unit
Personal Computer Logic Controller (PCLC)
Touch screen full color display panel
Protectowire Alarm Location Meter
Automatic alarm scanning
Data history logging
Expanded communication capabilities
The 2600HD Industrial Fire Control Panel Series consists of
three distinct system control units. The standard control unit has
been designated the 2600HD1. This model consists of a main
control board, power supply and Protectowire Alarm Point
Location Meter. A non-metered version of the standard control
unit, model 2600HD2 is available for those applications that do
not require a Protectowire Alarm Point Location Meter. The third
configuration identified as model 2600HD3, consists of a main
control board, power supply, and Personal Computer Logic
Controller (PCLC) with color touch screen display for system
alarm and trouble annunciation.
The 2600HD3 incorporates a PCLC and related data acquisition
modules to form a network within the 2600HD Control Panel.
The PCLC internal network processes output signals from the
conventional portion of the panel and is capable of communicating fire detection system data to existing Programmable Logic
Controllers (PLC) within a facility. With the availability of over
80 standard software drivers, the 2600HD3 is capable of communicating with many of the popular PLC models currently available. Consult the Factory for a complete list of compatible software drivers and any additional costs which may be applicable to
specific PLC models.
The ability to seamlessly integrate the 2600HD3 Control Panel
with existing PLC systems, offers substantial installation cost
savings to the customer by minimizing the use of valuable PLC
I/O points and replacing the extensive field wiring needed to
these points with a single three or four conductor cable.
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The standard 2600HD3 configuration with it’s PCLC based touch
screen display panel provides the following screens for operator
Zone Alarm Scanner/Meter
The Home screen provides general information including system
status, time, date, model number, serial number, reference drawing
number, and the name and address of the authorized Protectowire
distributor who initially sold the system. This screen is automatically displayed after system power-up. Pressing the “NEXT” button
displays the Annunciator screen.
The Zone Alarm Scanner/Meter screen monitors all of the
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector zones in the system for an alarm
condition and provides a numeric zone reference number along
with the actual alarm point location expressed in linear distance on
the Protectowire detector. “ZONE BYPASS” switches are provided
to omit a zone(s) (typically a smoke detection zone) from the scan
cycle. The scan cycle is started by pressing the “SCAN START”
button. A “STOP/STEP” button is provided which allows the user
to manually stop the scan cycle entirely or to incrementally step to a
specific input zone. A built-in watchdog feature restores the scanner to the automatic scanning mode after approximately 1 minute
of stop mode operation even during startup. Access to this screen is
accomplished by pressing the “NEXT” button on the Annunciator
screen. Press the “HISTORY” button to view the History screen.
The Annunciator screen shows more detailed individual alarm and
trouble information for each detection, supervisory, or water flow
input zone. This screen also displays the alarm point location in linear distance for each activated Protectowire Linear Heat Detection
zone. From this screen press the “ZONE DES” button to obtain
detailed area designations listed on the Zone Description screen.
The History screen provides a continuous time and date log of
alarm and trouble signals received at the control panel. This information is useful in maintaining a complete record of reported
incidents and assists service personnel in restoring the system to
normal operating condition after the receipt of any off normal
trouble or alarm signals. Pressing the “RETURN” button reverts
the display back to the Scanner/Meter screen.
Zone Description
This screen provides a reference for the user to obtain detailed area
descriptions of the various input zone circuits contained in the system. Access to this screen is accomplished by using the “ZONE
DES” button on the Annunciator screen. Return to the
Annunciator screen by pressing the “DISPLAY” button.
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© 2001 The Protectowire Co., Inc.
The password protected Configuration screen is available to
authorized service technicians for minor system programming
adjustments. Zone scanning limits, meter offset, scanner watchdog
timer, and delay to read timers are several of the functions that can
be set from this screen. These settings are normally factory preset
and do not need adjustment.
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DS 9171A-0112 (1C)
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