Specialists in the manufacture of temperature measuring equipment
0.1°C or 1°C or 1°F resolution
large 12.7mm easy to read LCD display
integral penetration probe
low battery & open circuit indication
three ranges available
-49.9 to +199.9°C
-50 to +300°C
-58 to +572°F
The Catertemp 2 and 5 digital thermometers are designed with the catering and food processing industry in mind. Housed
in a robust ABS case, the thermometers are a combination of proven circuitry and durability, designed to cope with routine
day-to-day usage.
The CaterTemp thermometers feature a bright, easy to read, liquid crystal display, measuring temperatures over the range
of -49.9 to +199.9°C, -50 to +300°C or -58 to +572°F with a resolution of 0.1°C or 1°C or 1°F. Power is supplied by a
single 9 volt battery, with a minimum life expectancy of up to 200 hours continuous use. Both low battery and open circuit
indication are displayed, when applicable. The CaterTemp 2 and 5 are lightweight, weighing less than 240 grams including
battery and probe.
The CaterTemp 2 and 5 digital thermometers are supplied with a permanently attached, general purpose food penetration
probe with a one metre coiled lead, designed to give precise accuracy.
Order code
CaterTemp 2 0.1°C
CaterTemp 2 0.1°C – hand held digital thermometer
CaterTemp 5 1°C
CaterTemp 5 1°C – hand held digital thermometer
CaterTemp 5 1°F
CaterTemp 5 1°F – hand held digital thermometer
CaterTemp 2
-49.9 to 199.9°C
±0.5°C ±1%
CaterTemp 5
-50 to +300°C (-58 to +572°F)
1°C or 1°F
±1°C ±1 Digit (±2°F ±1 digit)
K Thermocouple
0 to +50°C
Silicon diode
0.05°C/°C (0.1°F/°F)
5-6 seconds
9 Volt MN1604/PP3
Approximately 200 hours
12.7mm LCD
147 x 80 x 36mm (h x w x d)
ABS black plastic
∅3.3 x 130mm (pointed penetration probe) plus a one-metre coiled lead
304 Stainless steel
240 grams
*response time – is the time taken to reach 2/3 of test temperature of a penetration probe in moving liquid
warranty & guarantee
The above instruments carry a two-year warranty and guarantee against defects in components or workmanship. During
this period, products that prove to be defective will, at the discretion of ETI, be either repaired or replaced without charge.
This warranty does not apply to probes, where a six-month period is offered. In line with our policy of continuous
development, we reserve the right to amend our product specification without prior notice.
These instruments comply with the EMC Directives
EN 5008-1 : 1992, EN 50082-1 :1992
Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd
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Tel: +44 (0)1903 202151 Fax: +44(0)1903 202445 Email: [email protected]
temperature range
sensor type
ambient temp. range
CJC type
CYC stability
response time*
battery life
case dimensions
case materials
probe dimensions
probe material
CaterTemp 2 & 5 - hand held digital thermometers
Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd
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