PowerPoint Template user guide (2003)

PowerPoint Template user guide (2003)
Amazon Web Services
T-110.5130 Mobile System Programming
Koushik Annapureddy
Aalto University
Need for Cloud Computing
Factors :
IT Infrastructure Management
On Demand
Low cost
Solution :
Virtualization - > IaaS
Deployment Models :
Public Models – Amazon EC2, Rackspace
Private Models – Eucalyptus, OpenStack, OpenNebula
Amazon Web service
A set of API’s and business models which give access to
Amazon technology and content.
Amazon’s Core Expertise
 Scales to the Enterprise
 Priced for People
 Reliable
 Simple to Use
 Highly Available
Using Industry Standards
EC2 Overview
Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
Bootable root disk
Pre-defined or user-built
Instance #1
Instance #2
Instance #n
Security Groups
Running copy of an AMI
Launch in less than 2 minutes
Start/stop programmatically
EC2 Pricing
Factors :
Instance - On Demand, Reserved, Spot Instances
Operating System – Linux, Windows
Region – EU Ireland, Singapore, US (Virginia, CA)
Additional Services – Elastic IP, Cloud Watch, Auto Scaling
Sample Price List (Standard On Demand, EU(Ireland))
Linux / UNIX Usage - $0.095 per hour $0.38 per hour
Windows Usage $0.12 per hour
$0.48 per hour
EC2 - Features
Multiple Locations
Elastic IP Addresses
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
Amazon CloudWatch
Auto Scaling
Elastic Load Balancing
VM import
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