information on HP® Access Control Professional

information on HP® Access Control Professional
Combine security with productivity. HP Access Control Professional provides
a complete, all-in-one output management bundle to help you increase
security, reduce costs, and track printing.
Uncontrolled print environments and practices can present a serious risk to the profit and security of your organization. But with HP Access
Control Professional software, you can combine cost-control and security features with the simple operation that users demand.
Solution at a glance
With HP Access Control Professional’s robust authentication and pull printing features, you
can reduce the risks of unclaimed print jobs, sensitive documents left unattended, and
frustrated users. Sophisticated job tracking helps you allocate printing costs and optimize
device deployment. Intelligent management software and full reporting options can increase
your control and insight into your printing environment.
Secure Pull Printing—Empower mobile users, boost security, cut waste
What if you could…
Address the hard costs of printing by substantially
reducing the waste of paper and toner?
Enhance the security features of networked printers
by encrypting jobs and easily authenticating users?
Allow users to print once to the server and “pull” jobs to any pull print-enabled device. Pull
printing virtually eliminates unclaimed documents and increases the efficiency of mobile
workers. It can also enhance security by encrypting print jobs and requiring authentication
before releasing jobs.
Provide users with a single authentication solution
that supports a wide variety of proximity card
Secure Print Authentication—Protect and control the print environment
Make it easy for workers to print jobs using their
mobile devices?
Protect your company and eliminate unauthorized printing with robust authentication
features that integrate with your existing network credentials (such as LDAP or Active
Directory). You can require users to authenticate with a PIN, Personal Identification Code
(PIC), or proximity card, or by using their mobile device (such as a smartphone or iPad®).
Increase control on printing investments by
allocating use per device, user, or department?
Job Accounting—Understand, help reduce, and share the cost of printing
Gain control of your imaging and printing environment and costs. Monitor, allocate, and manage printing resources by tracking usage by
device (HP or non-HP), user, project, department, and cost center. Collect data, then analyze the results to identify savings opportunities.
Hundreds of built-in, customizable reports can communicate the value and impact of printing, while the solution’s quota feature helps contain
costs by allowing administrators to set print page volume limits for user groups. Create streamlined imaging and printing practices by
providing the right device in the right place for the right job.
Intelligent management—Implement custom controls
The Intelligent Print Management feature helps you create and apply custom printing rules to create a smarter printing environment and help
conserve energy and supplies. When users send a print job to the server, the solution analyzes the job and takes action based on set
conditions—jobs can be routed to a particular printer, automatically printed in duplex, stamped with the user’s information, or even not
printed at all. Empower users by showing them the cost of the print job along with lower-cost options via pop-up notifications, the Web, or
email—even give them the ability to opt in or opt out of certain policies. You can also control access to specific devices or specific
functionality, using the Intelligent Rights Management feature.
Optimize printing
Enable pull printing
with encryption
Create print
Increase device security
Authenticate using
Mobile Release
Manage printers
Authenticate with HP
proximity card readers
Authenticate users
Track and allocate
quotas for print use
Figure 1. HP Access Control Professional printing features—see them all work together.
Simple installation and administration
It’s easy to install HP Access Control Professional, with pre-requisites automatically completed and the option
to choose an express or custom installation. In addition to the HP Access Control features, Microsoft® SQL
Express 2008 is included. One easy-to-use interface provides intuitive controls for all of the features, which
can then be activated individually to meet the specific needs of your organization.
HP Access Control Express or Professional?
HP offers two versions of Access Control. Both are bundled solutions that address device management, pull
printing, and document security. Access Control Express is a simple, cost-effective solution offering basic
security, authentication, and job tracking features. Access Control Professional offers more ways to control
device access, allows managers to set and manage print policies, and supports authentication using a wide
variety of proximity card protocols via an HP proximity card reader. HP readers are designed to be installed
on both HIP and non-HIP devices, and to support both HP and non-HP devices.
See the table below for details about the difference between the two versions of HP Access Control. For more
information, please consult your local HP Document Solutions Specialist.
Secure authentication
PIN, PIC, and Mobile Release
HP proximity card readers
Secure pull printing
Secure Pull Print Express
Job tracking
Up to 30 users per device
Up to 30 users per device
Job accounting
 (No quota or allocation)
Job tracking and reporting
Full reporting (300+ reports)
Intelligent Print Management
(print policies)
Intelligent Rights Management
(walk-up device rights policies)
Add-on modules
None available
Job Accounting User Pack
Supported products
HP Access Control Professional supports the following HP LaserJet products. Additional legacy HP LaserJet
devices may be supported. For availability, ask your local HP Document Solutions Specialist. Selected devices
from other manufacturers are supported when Mobile Release is used for Secure Pull Printing.
M3035 MFP
CM3530 MFP
4345 MFP
CM4540 MFP
M4345 MFP
4730 MFP
M4555 MFP
CM4730 MFP
M5035 MFP
CM6030 MFP
600 series
500 series
9040/9050 MFP
CM6040 MFP
M9040 MFP/M9050 MFP
CM6049 MFP
CM8050/CM8060 MFP
9500 MFP
Why HP?
HP is a global leader in imaging and printing solutions, offering technical expertise along with reliable products and powerful solution sets.
Reduce costs and improve your imaging and printing infrastructure. Change the way you do business by changing the way you think about
printing. Trim overall printing costs by investing in time- and money-saving solutions.
Meet your business IT goals. Extend the value of your imaging and printing hardware using solutions customized to meet specific needs. Trust
HP and partner technology to handle even the most complex security, workflow, and document management issues.
Choose from a wide variety of premier solutions. Solutions are designed to work seamlessly with management tools.
Get started today
When choosing HP solutions, rely on HP Document Solutions Specialists—your trusted advisors. They have been trained to help you assess
your business needs, install the solutions that can enhance your organization’s effectiveness, and provide ongoing support.
Contact your local HP Document Solutions Specialist for more information about HP Access Control Printing Solutions and other imaging and
printing applications that will help you keep your business running smoothly.
Optimize infrastructure
HP can help you achieve a balance between
your total cost of printing and your needs for
user convenience and productivity.
Manage environment
Working together, HP can help you maintain
your optimized infrastructure while improving
business efficiency and tightening security.
Improve workflow
By streamlining your document-intensive
processes, HP can help you deliver a more
efficient environment for capturing, managing,
and sharing information.
Supported operating systems
Recommended system requirements
Installation prerequisites
Supported databases required for installation
Supported languages
Devices supported by HP Mobile Release
Ordering information
Windows® Server 2003 (32- and 64-bit), Windows Server 2008 (32- and 64-bit), or Windows
Server 2008 R2
4 GB RAM, 100 GB hard drive
Crystal Reports for .Net Framework 2.0, Microsoft® .Net Framework 2.0 SP2, Microsoft .Net
Framework 3.0 SP2, Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, Microsoft
SQL Express 2008 R2, Microsoft SQL CE 3.5 SP2
NOTE All of these are included with HP Access Control Professional and are installed during the
install process if they not already on the system.
Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 R2, Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 SP2
NOTE Both of these are included with HP Access Control Professional and installed if necessary.
Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Simplified
Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Czech, Slovak
Mobile OS supported, Apple, Windows, BlackBerry®, Android®
HP Access Control Express (A5W63AAE)
1-year HP Care Pack (U1G12E); 3 year HP Care Pack (U1G13E)
HP Access Control Professional (A5W64AAE)
1-year HP Care Pack (U1G08E); 3-year HP Care Pack (U1G09E)
HP Common USB Proximity Card Reader (CZ208A)
HP iClass USB Proximity Card Reader (CE931A)
HP Legic USB Proximity Card Reader (CE983A)
HP iClass CF Proximity Card Reader (BOD38A)
HP Legic CF Proximity Card Reader (BOD39A)
HP Common CF Proximity Card Reader (BOD40A)
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