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The V8-BB-7S - Electric Supplies Online
The V8-BB-7S
Electronic Programmable Occupancy Sensing Thermostat
Features and Benefits
Occupancy detection allows maximum energy savings!
• Short Vacancy: Reduce temperature set point by a few
degrees minutes after room becomes unoccupied, and
instantly start saving energy. Once room occupancy is
detected again, set point is restored to maintain desired
comfort level.
• Long Vacancy: Eliminate unnecessary energy consumption
by dropping to set point after room has been unoccupied
for a specified number of hours.
Choice in Energy Savings
General Information:
The V8-BB-7S Model by Verdant is a unique 7-day programmable thermostat
that features occupancy sensing and innovative energy saving features. The
built-in occupancy sensor uses a combination of motion and thermal sensing
technologies for 100% reliable occupancy detection that allows for ultimate
energy savings when the room is unoccupied and no heat is required. Perfect
for hotels or residential use, the set points can be adapted to your needs for
short or long vacancy occupancy settings, and includes configurable maximum
set point limits.
The 7-day programming allows for personalized or pre-programmed settings.
Unique easy-to use non-programmable mode can also be utilized for even greater
flexibility. Two equipment modes are included: fan-forced heaters or baseboard
and radiant heaters.
Architectural Information:
The electronic occupancy sensing thermostat shall be ETL Listed. The line
voltage temperature control shall be digital with LCD display. “Triac switching
action” eliminates RF line noise. The control shall be capable of switching loads
of 12.5 amps at 240 VAC. LCD display shall show time of day, actual room
temperature, and heating-strength-meter and/or fan activity indicator. Two (2)
independent equipment modes shall allow selecting operation mode for
controlling different heating equipment. “Radiant” mode, designed for use with
baseboard and radiant heaters, shows heater power consumption with
on-screen heating-strength-meter. “Fan-forced” mode, for use with fan-forced
convector heaters, shows fan activity by displaying animated fan indicator.
Programming choices shall be 7-day with 4 daily settings, or non-programmable.
Occupancy sensing shall have “Short Vacancy,” which reduces temperature set
point by specified number of degrees within 0-99 minutes after room becomes
unoccupied (once room occupancy is detected again, temperature set point shall
be restored); and “Long Vacancy,” which reduces temperature set point by specified
temperature after room has been unoccupied for 1-12 hours. Occupancy sensing
range shall be approximately 30 feet, with a beam width within 152 degrees.
Digital temperature sensing with accuracy of 0.3F (.015C)
minimizes temperature swings for greater comfort.
Use with 120/208/240V in-wall electric fan heaters, electric
baseboards, or radiant heaters.
7-day programming with 4 time periods, includes convenient
COPY option for daily settings to simplify setup.
Easy push button override and hold options.
Configurable maximum temperature set point limits: ideal for
commercial applications.
Backup memory stores program settings, and clock backup
feature prevents clock resets during short power outages.
Non-programmable mode: turns thermostat into an
easy-to-use, non-programmable thermostat if desired.
TRIAC control ensures silent operation.
Large LCD Screen with backlight temperature display, time
of day, and temperature control parameters. On-screen
heating-strength-meter and fan activity indicator show
heating equipment activity at all times.
Two equipment modes allow selecting the right operation
mode for controlling fans or baseboards, for optimum
heater performance.
Single Pole (2 wire)
DIMENSIONS | 5”W x 5”H x 1.25”D
Single Carton
DIMENSIONS | 5.5”W x 5.5”H x 2”D
DIMENSIONS | 13.25”W x 12.75”H x 2.125”D
UPC Code
027418 72836 4 V8-BB-7S Boxed Electronic Programmable Occupancy
SP, 12.5A, 120V/208V/240V
Wt./Lbs Case Qty
The V8-BB-7S
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