DDBC516FR - Lightmoves

DDBC516FR - Lightmoves
Dimmer Controller
The DDBC516FR is designed to provide cost effective control of DALI high frequency fluorescent ballasts. Each of the five
control outputs support DALI broadcast, DALI Addressed, 1-10V and DSI protocols. The control signals can be programmed to
operate in tandem with the five internal switched outputs, which will automatically isolate the power circuit when all associated
channels are at 0%. This feature is useful for energy savings applications, as DALI ballasts draw a significant amount of power
when the lamps are turned off via a DALI command. The device is DIN rail mountable, designed to be installed in a switchboard
next to the circuit breakers supplying power to the controlled lighting circuits. The DDBC516FR contains an integral DALI bus
power supply, removing the need for an additional external device.
technical data
Control Circuit Supply
100-240V 50/60Hz Single Phase at 0.5A
Control Outputs
5 x Control Outputs, each selectable to;
- DALI broadcast: max 10 DALI loads/ch
- DALI addressed: max 10 DALI loads/ch
- 1-10V: max 10mA Sink or Source/ch
- DSI: max 10 DSI loads/ch
Mains Outputs
5 x 16 Amp feed thru switched circuits for
ballast mains supply (Max total box load
of 80A)
Control Inputs
1 x RS485 DyNet serial port
1 x AUX programmable dry contact input
Bus Power Supply
Internal DALI bus power supply
User Controls
Over-ride switch for each switched
On/Off status indicator for each switched
Service Switch
Diagnostic LED
DyNet DC Supply
12V @ 200mA (supply for approx.
5 panel)
Preset Scenes
Diagnostic Functions
Lamp failure reporting
Ballast failure reporting
Ballast run time tracking for each ballast
and the switched output
Device Online/Offline status
Supply Terminals
Line, Neutral, Earth
1 x 4mm2 max conductor size
Output Terminals
5 x Ballast power circuit Line In, Line out
1 x 4mm2 max conductor size
5 x Ballast control circuit - Dx, Dx
1 x 4mm2 max conductor size
Operating Environment
0˚ to 40˚C ambient temperature
0% to 95% RH non-condensing
CE, C-Tick
Polycarbonate DIN Rail enclosure
(12 units wide)
H 93mm x W 211mm x D 75mm
Packed weight 0.8kg
load compatibility
DALI, DSI and 1-10V HF ballasts
DALI, DSI and 1-10V transformers
DALI, DSI and 1-10V LED drivers
DALI, DSI and 1-10V Relay Modules
Dimmer Controller
electrical diagram
mounting dimensions
Supply: L
1 Phase E
CH1 Out
CH1 In
CH2 Out
CH2 In
CH3 Out
CH3 In
CH4 Out
CH4 In
CH5 Out
CH5 In
Ballast DA 1
Ballast DA 1
Ballast DA 2
Ballast DA 2
Ballast DA 3
Ballast DA 3
Ballast DA 4
Ballast DA 4
Ballast DA 5
Ballast DA 5
RS485 DDyNet D+
by: information contact:
t +61 2 8338 9899 • f +61 2 8338 9333
www.philips.com/dynalite • [email protected]
DDBC516FR Data Sheet Rev C January 2012
Unit 6, 691 Gardeners Road Mascot 2020 Australia. ABN 33 097 246 921. All rights
reserved. Dynalite, DyNet and associated logos are the registered trademarks of
WMGD Pty Ltd. Not to be reproduced without permission.
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