User's manual - lgp

User's manual - lgp
Car Alarm System with
User's manual
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The trademark, patent and copyright are owned by Steelmate Co., Ltd.
The right to change designs and specifications for improving the product is reserved
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Reasons to choose Steelmate
Reasons to choose Steelmate ---------------------------------------
1. Professional manufacturer with more than 15 years history.
Important notice ----------------------------------------------------------
Key features ---------------------------------------------------------------
2. There are agents/distributors in more than 80 countries to
supply local service and lont time after sale service.
Technical specifications -----------------------------------------------
Brief look at transmitter -----------------------------------------------
Functions ------------------------------------------------------------------
Reserve start for manual car ----------------------------------------
Remote engine start ----------------------------------------------------
Disarming the system and driving away ------------------------
1. Arming ------------------------------------------------------------------- 6
2. Mute arming ------------------------------------------------------------- 7
3. Customizing designed products for Europe, Amerian and
Asian,you can easily choose your favouriate product.
4. With more than 300 patents and more than 100 engineers,
you can enjoy the latest technology.
5. Leading manufacturer in automotive industry, ISO9001,
ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certified.
6. Products have international approvals, high quality
3. Remote shock sensor bypass -------------------------------------- 7
4. Disarming --------------------------------------------------------------- 7
5. Auto-rearming ----------------------------------------------------------- 8
6. Car locating/panic ------------------------------------------------------ 8
Important notice
7. Remote trunk release ------------------------------------------------- 8
8. Not-armed warning & passive arming (optional) --------------- 8
9. Anti-hijack (Engine immobilization optional) --------------------- 8
It is highly recommended to read this manual carefully
before using this unit.
10. Central door lock/unlock automatically -------------------------- 9
Please install the system by a professional technician.
11. Warning for triggered system -------------------------------------- 9
Keep the product and the transmitters away from water
12. LED indicator warning ----------------------------------------------- 9
This product will help you reduce the possibility of losing
the car by discouraging theft. It is not a substitute for owner’s
vigilance. Please take the valuables with you when leaving
the car.
13. Status preserving ----------------------------------------------------- 9
14. Emergency override ------------------------------------------------- 10
15. Valet mode ------------------------------------------------------------- 10
16. Transmitter programming ------------------------------------------ 10
Troubleshooting ---------------------------------------------------------
When the transmitter operating distance is shorter, please
change the transmitter battery ASAP.
Warranty -------------------------------------------------------------------- 13
Key features
Brief look at transmitter
Reserve Start
Remote start engine (cool/warm the car)
* Code hopping
* Anti-hijack
* Valet mode
* Emergency override
* Remote trunk release
* Remote shock sensor bypass
* Engine immobilization
* Passive arm & active arm selectable
* Match central locking system
Technical specifications
Working temperature
Working voltage:
Static current:
Siren SPL:
-40* ~ +85*
9V ~ 16V DC
< 15 mA
85 ~ 125 dB
433.92 MHz
LED Indicator
Disarm button
Arm button
Mute button
Start engine button
* Pull out the antenna for longer remote range
Quick reference guide of transmitter button function
when engine is running
Arm system & lock doors lock doors
Press 2 sec for locating
, ,
when engine is stop
Silent arm & disarm
Press 2 sec to activate
Disarm system &
unlock doors
Press 2 sec to
release trunk
Unlock doors
Press once and press
it again for 2 sec to
remote start engine
Press 3 seconds to
activate valet mode
button 5 sec,
press and then press
in arming mode to
bypass the shock sensor
Activate anti-hijack
This feature allows you to remotely start and run your car for
a period of time. This makes it possible to warm up the engine,
as well as to adjust the interior temperature of the car with
the air conditioner. If interior heating or cooling is desired, the
air conditioning must be preset, and the fan blower must be
set to the desired level prior to remote starting the car.
Do not remote start the car in a closed garage. Make sure
that the car is outdoors, or a garage door in open, or there
is adequate exhaust ventilation. Failure to observe this rule
could result in injury or death from poisonous Carbon Monoxide
fumes. This is especially important when using the remote
engine start.
Reserve start for manual car
This function is designed for a manual car, it has to set reserve
start during installation before you attended to remote start
engine later.
When parking the car,
(1) Pull up the hand brake.
(2) Engage to the neutral gear
(3) And then remove the ignition key and close all door, the
engine will remain running.
(4) Press the button to arm the system, lock the doors and
stop engine running.
* The automatic shift car does not need reserve start function.
Remote engine start
(1) In arm status, press the button, then press the button
again and hold it for 2 seconds. The siren will chirp once with
turn signals flashing to confirm that the car will attempt to start.
(2) Once the car has started, it runs for about 8 minutes.
While the car is running during remote start operation, the
system will monitor the car and will automatically shut down
the engine and the siren will chirp if the system receives any
of the following shut-down inputs:
The footbrake is pressed/the door is opened/handbrake is
released/ 8 minutes run time has elapsed.
Disarming the system and driving away
(3) After the engine is started, Press the button to disarm
the system, open the door, insert the engine key and turn it
to ON (not START) position in 30 seconds to drive away.
1. Arming
Press transmitter button to arm the system:
* The siren will chirp once.
* The turn signals will flash once.
* The doors will lock.
* The LED will start flashing slowly.
The system is armed with engine immobilized.
If the system detects the trunk is open, the siren will chirp 3
times with turn signals flashing.
If the system detects the doors are not closed completely, the
siren will beep 3 times with turn signals flashing 5 seconds
In arming mode, the system will trigger if:
* The doors are opened.
* The trunk is opened.
* The footbrake is pressed.
* The ignition is turned on.
* The shock sensor detects an impact.
If the system is triggered by the door or trunk input, footbrake
pressed or ignition ON, the siren will chirp and the turn signals
will flash for 25 seconds. The engine will be immobilized.
If the shock sensor detects an impact to the car, the system
will beep and the turn signals will flash 3 times to warn away
the potential intruder. If the shock sensor is triggered again
in 15 seconds, the siren will chirp and the turn signals will
flash for 25 seconds. The engine will be immobilized.
If the same input (except ignition) triggers the system for 4
minutes during a single arming cycle, the system will bypass
that input and keeping the other zones protected until the
system is armed next time.
2. Mute arming
button once on the transmitter, the system will arm
in mute arming mode.
* The doors will lock.
* The siren will not chirp.
* The turn signals will flash once
* The LED will start flashing slowly.
In mute arming mode, if the shock sensor is triggered, only
turn signals will flash while the siren will not chirp. If the system
is triggered by the door or trunk opening, footbrake pressed,
ignition ON etc., the siren will chirp sharply.
3. Remote shock sensor bypass
In arming mode, press and hold
button for 5 seconds, the
turn signals will turn on. Press button once, the turn signals
will flash 3 times without siren chirp, shock sensor will be
bypassed. Press button again to save the setting and exit.
If no operation is detected in 10 seconds, the system will save
and exit automatically.
* Factory setting: shock sensor ON. The shock sensor can be
bypassed only for one arming cycle.
4. Disarming
Press button to disarm the system:
* The siren will chirp twice in alarm arming mode, the siren
will not chirp in mute arming mode.
* The turn signals will flash twice.
* The doors will unlock.
5. Auto-rearming
The Auto-rearming feature allows the system to automatically
re-arm itself and lock the doors in the event the system is
disarmed unintended and a door is not opened within 25
seconds. For the dome light delay car, the system will rearm
45 seconds later.
6. Car locating/panic
To sound the alarm in an emergency situation or to draw
attention to your car, press and hold button 2 seconds.
* The siren will chirp in alarm arming mode, the siren will not
chirp in mute arming mode.
* The turn signals will flash.
This action will last 15 seconds. Press " " button or button
to exit panic mode and rearm the system.
7. Remote trunk release
Press and hold button for 2 seconds to release the trunk.
8. Not-armed warning & passive arming (optional)
5 seconds after the car is parked with the doors closed, the
siren will chirp 3 times with the turn signals flashing to remind
you to arm the system.
1 minute later, if the car is still not armed, the system will arm
in mute mode automatically, and the doors will not be locked.
The passive arming will be cancelled for one cycle when one
of the following action happened: Shock sensor impact, or
footbrake press, ignition on or trunk open.
* The factory setting is active arming.
The passive arming function can be activated by changing the jump
switch J1 in the ECU.
9. Anti-hijack (Engine immobilization optional)
This feature provides anti-hijack protection through the remote
control. When the ignition is on (car is running), press and
button for 2 seconds, the anti-hijack feature will be
triggered, 10 seconds later:
The turn signals will flash quickly.
The siren will chirp sharply,.
* The engine will be immobilized.
Press button to exit.
* Factory setting is without engine immobilization. With/without engine
immobilization function can be selected by changing the Jump switch
J5 in the ECU.
10. Central door lock/unlock automatically
15 seconds after the engine is running, the doors will be locked
automatically by pressing footbrake. When the engine stops,
the doors will be unlocked automatically.
During driving, press button to lock the doors, and press
button to unlock the doors.
11. Warning for triggered system
If the alarm was triggered while you were away from the car,
after disarming the system and opening the door, the system
will notify you by siren chirping and LED flashing.
* If shock sensor has been triggered, the siren will beep twice
and the LED indicator will turn on for 2 seconds.
* If door/ trunk has been opened, or ACC was ON, or footbrake
has been pressed, the siren will chirp 4 times and the LED
indicator will turn on for 3 seconds.
12. LED indicator warning
In armed status: flashes twice every 2 seconds.
Impacted status: flashes 3 times every 2 seconds.
Door opened/ACC ON/footbrake impacted status: turns on
for 2 seconds and then pauses for 2 seconds.
Disarm the system after the system is triggered: turns on for
3 seconds.
13. Status preserving
If the power is cut off, the system will return to the former
status in 5 seconds when the power is on again.
14. Emergency override
If the transmitter is lost or fails to operate, the system can be
disarmed by using the emergency override feature.
To override the system:
1) Enter the car with key.
As the system is armed, the siren will chirp.
2) Keep the door open, press and hold the footbrake in 5
3) Turn the key from ignition OFF to ignition ON 10 times
continuously in 5 seconds and stop at ON position for 2
* The siren will stop sounding.
* The starter defeat will be bypassed.
* The system will be disarmed.
15. Valet mode
When the system is placed into the valet mode, the security
system will be disabled. However, remote door lock/unlock
and remote trunk release will be still functional. The valet
feature can be turned on or off by the transmitter.
1) Make sure the system is disarmed.
2) Turn the ignition key on.
3) Press and hold button
for 3 seconds.
* The siren will chirp once to enter valet mode or twice for
* The LED will turn on to indicate the system is in valet mode,
or turn off to indicate the system exits valet mode.
16. Transmitter programming
Press the learning button in the ECU, the LED indicator will
turn on. Press button once on a transmitter, the LED indicator
will flash quickly to indicate the successful programming of
the transmitter; repeat this process on the second transmitter.
Only two transmitters are functional for one car alarm system.
1. The continuous chirping of the siren cannot be stopped by
transmitter after the installation of ECU.
* The wire is improperly connected.
* The transmitter does not match the ECU.
* The siren is damaged.
* The fuse of the ECU is broken.
2. Turn signals don't flash after disarming the system and
opening the door, or the siren does not chirp when the door
is opened without disarming.
* Door trigger wire is not connected properly.
* Door switch has problem.
* The siren is damaged.
7. Transmitter is ineffective or the control distance decreased
* The installation location of the antenna is wrong.
* The wiring of the antenna to ECU has problem.
* Tall building, radio tower or high frequency electromagnetic
wave may affect the control range.
* Low power of the battery.
* The frequency of the transmitter has been changed.
* The transmitter is broken or damaged.
3. When the car parks on roadside and armed, there are false
alarms by passing heavy cars.
* The sensitivity of the sensor is too high.
4. The central door lock does not work normally or does not
work at all.
* The motor of central lock is damaged.
* The wiring of central lock system is wrong.
* Fuse is broken.
5. The siren does not chirp when the alarm system is triggered.
* The siren is damaged.
* The wire connection between the siren and
* ECU has problem.
6. The siren chirps sharply in 10 seconds after arming and
the same situation happened after disarming and re-arming
it again.
* The sensor is damaged.
* The doors or trunk is not closed.
* The door's pin switch has problem or wiring has problem.
I. The unit is warranted for a limited period from the date of
purchase. In the unlikely event of a defect arising in this product
when used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions,
the parts would be repaired or replaced free of charge.
* It is required to show warranty card when making any
warranty claims.
* The model and serial number on unit must be the same as
the information on the warranty card.
II. This warranty is non-transferable and is automatically void
* The original purchaser has not completed the warranty card.
* The unit's serial number is defaced, missing or altered.
* The unit has been modified or used in a manner contrary
to its intended purpose.
* The unit has been damaged by accident, unreasonable use,
neglect, improper installation or service.
III. The warranty does not cover damage to the unit caused
by installation or removal of the unit.
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Product model No.:
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Date of installation:
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