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Wood burning Stoves : Aga Fusion Pellet Stove
Aga Fusion Pellet Stove
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Manufacturer: Wood burning & Multifuel Stoves by AGA
An excellent choice for the energy conscious,the AGA Fusion Pellet Stove combines innovative design, engineering excellence and impressive
fuel efficiency.
The AGA Fusion Pellet Stove converts clean-burning biomass - in the form of wood pellet fuel - into heat. Amazingly, this process is completed
with almost no wood smoke, which has obvious benefits for the environment.
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Wood burning Stoves : Aga Fusion Pellet Stove
When it comes to choosing an efficient fuel, you can't get much better than wood pellets. Due to their density and lack of moisture, they are
easier to burn than other fuels and have a nominal heat output of up to 13kW, with more than 90% efficiency.
Designed to be easy to operate, the stove also features an automatic start-up cycle to turn on the fire. There's also a handy built-in programmer
so you can enjoy its warmth whenever you desire.
The AGA Fusion Pellet Stove also features built-in and optional remote thermostats, removable ashtray and burn pot, room humidifiers, a fanassisted convection air system andautomatic overheat shutdown. Available in matt black.
Recommended fuel types:
Wood pellet fuel - a renewable, clean-burning biomass product made from renewable substances, normally recycled waste wood or short
rotation coppice wood.
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