Information of how to export HAMILTON

Information of how to export HAMILTON
07.01.2011 jm
Information of how to export HAMILTON-S1 and G5 data
Troubleshooting with S1 and G5
To troubleshoot events where INTELLiVENT controller options are used it is required
to collect “event log” and “black box” data. This data can be uploaded to the
HAMILTON-MEDICAL ftp-server but not to ky2help due to the size of the information.
In addition address the issue with ky2help as usual.
Use a compact flash 512 Mb or bigger.
Note: the USB function does not work exporting information
When to export?
Always export the information when an investigation at HAMILTON MEDICAL is
What to export?
- Export all events
- Export black box
Exporting procedure
1. Insert compact flash
2. Entre test software mode and select window “22: Event log & technical status”.
3. Select first “Export black box” and “Export running…” will be displayed.
4. Select “Export all events” and “Export running…” will be displayed.
Note: this export can take some minutes. The completed export will be indicated by
“Export done”.
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