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[cd4 race]
O’Grady Hopes
2nd Time’s The
By Allison B. Cohen
and Colin Stutz
GRIFFITH PARK—Los Angeles City Council District
4 Councilmember Tom LaBonge’s Deputy of Griffith
Park, AnneMarie Johnson, has resigned her
Johnson will be
Shan Chao
replaced by
longtime hiker and office newcomer Shan Chao.
Johnson leaves the district
post she held for more than
a year for job opportunities
in her acting career. She said
she could balance her parttime post at Council District
4 (CD4) for some time with
her acting, but now “things
have really gotten quite busy
and I didn’t want to not do my
best in both fields. So I elected
see LABONGE page 18
August 2014
By Allison B. Cohen
and Colin Stutz
THAT’S “GOOOOOOALLLDDD!”—Los Angeles City Officials, the LA84 Foundation and former Olympiads announced July
28th, the start of a $10.5 million renovation of the 26-acre John Ferraro Soccer Fields in Griffith Park, the city’s largest soccer facility. The renovation will replace all seven severely worn dirt fields with synthetic grass, saving 10 million gallons
of water annually, according to city estimates. Currently $3.5 million has been raised for the project, including $1 million
each from the LA84 Foundation and the City of Los Angeles. About 100,000 youth and adults currently play annually at
the site, numbers, the city said should increase to 340,000. The announcement was made on the 30th anniversary of
the start of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. 1984 Olympiads on hand for the announcement were diving champion Greg
Louganis, 400-meter hurdling champion Edwin Moses, cycling silver medalist Nelson Vails and track and field’s Rafer
Johnson who lit the Olympic flame that year at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum during opening ceremonies. Pictured
here are soccer enthusiasts from Atwater Village’s Chevy Chase Recreation Center Day Camp who came out to celebrate
the announcement. According to city estimates, more than 35,000 youth in local soccer programs live within minutes of
the site. Photo: Allison B. Cohen
LOS FELIZ—Tomas O’Grady
is the newest candidate to enter the increasingly crowded
race to represent Los Angeles
Council District 4 (CD4).
He brings years of community service and advocacy
with him, as well as a failed
effort to gain the seat in 2011
against incumbent Tom LaBonge.
O’Grady, who lives on
Edenhurst Avenue, is an Irish
immigrant and the co-founder
of the non-profit Enrich LA,
which builds edible gardens
in schools throughout the Los
Angeles area.
Next year, LaBonge will
be termed out of office. Council District 4 includes widespread neighborhoods that are
see CD4 RACE page 21
Dr. Fleiss Remembered By
Locals and Daughter Heidi
New Art & Installations at Barnsdall:
Graffiti And Homeless
Staff and Family Hope to Continue His Practice
By Ryan White, Ledger Contributing Writer
By Bruce Haring, Ledger Contributing Writer
regulars and advocates are
voicing alarm over what they
say are steadily deteriorating
conditions at Barnsdall Art
A surge in trash, homeless encampments, graffiti and
vandalism have been made
worse, they say, by the city’s
lack of maintenance and lax
security. The city’s park stewards, however, insist they’re
doing the best they can to care
for the grounds with limited
“I’ve been coming to this
park all the time, because I
only live three or four blocks
away. I’ve seen this place go
downhill,” said Thai Town
resident Carl Percival who
has been coming to Barnsdall since the
1980s. Percival
said conditions
have steadily
worsened over
the last few
“My main
concern is that
when I come
up here, we’ve
got a whole
crowd of people
and damaging
the back there,” referring to
areas where homeless congregate.
Los Feliz resident Marlan
Warren has organized a Face-
IHHS Senior: Top Female Debater
in the U.S., page 14
Eastside Eye: Route 66 Rediscovered at the Autry, page 22
LOS FELIZ—Dr. Paul Fleiss
was a complicated man. He
worked as a favored pediatrician to Hollywood stars, yet
felt compelled to work for free
for those less well off.
He was a well-known author who advocated against
infant circumcision, was a
champion of breast-feeding
and did not insist on childhood vaccinations for his patients.
He plead guilty in 1995 to
conspiracy and bank fraud in
connection with a high-profile
prostitution ring run by his
daughter, Heidi, now 48, and
was also investigated and sanctioned by the Medical Board
Community News: Poisons
Impacting Griffith Park Wildlife,
of California n 2007 for inadequate record-keeping.
Yet in both legal circumstances, there was an overwhelming outpouring of love
and support from those who
see FLEISS page 26
Real Estate: “Flea’s” Los Feliz
Home on the Market, page 12
book page called “Clean Up
Barnsdall Art Park Trash and
Spirit,” and she has persistently
lobbied the park’s manager to
see BARNSDALL page 17
Arts & Entertainment: L.A. is
Rocking in August, page 26
Los Feliz Ledger
[letter from the publisher]
Former Los Angeles City
Alarcon, convicted in July of
four felonies and possibly facing six years in prison, will
still receive his $116,000 city
annual pension. Gov. Jerry
Brown in 2012 signed a law requiring state public employees
to forfeit their pensions if convicted of a felony. The city is
currently considering following suit, but thus far has not.
Insanity, given the city often “cries poor” relative to much
needed city services, such as
clean up and security at Barnsdall Art Park, which we cover
on page 1. We also detail in this
month’s addition that owners of
structures wishing to renovate
or developers wanting to build
along the Los Angeles River
will now have to pay a fee up
to $700 to cover the cost of city
planning department staff expenses (see page 13).
The city also paid $1.75
million in legal fees recently
to three community groups
who sued it over the Hollywood Community Plan. Ansee LETTER page 3
Available at these locations:
Dresden Restaurant
1760 N. Vermont Avenue
Delivered the last Thursday of
each month to 34,500 homes and
businesses in the Los Feliz,
Silver Lake, Atwater Village,
Echo Park and Hollywood Hills
House of Pies
1869 N. Vermont
1965 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Feliz Public Library
1874 Hillhurst Avenue
Allison B. Cohen
Los Feliz 3 Theaters
1822 N. Vermont
Libby Butler-Gluck
Corrections &
[email protected]
In “Coyote Sightings on the Rise,”
(July 2014), we indicated homeowners can switch to indoor composting, when we meant enclosed
outdoor composting. Additionally,
City of Los Angeles Wildlife Specialist Gregory Randall did not say
“coexistence” with coyotes was
essential. He said being educated
about coyotes was “key to positive
encounters with them.” Finally, Mr.
Randall did not indicate trapping
coyotes was a crime. He said wildlife
programs do not endorse trapping
wildlife and agencies using snares
or “body grippings” to do so is breaking the law. We regret these errors.
Tiffany Sims
(323) 644-5536
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Page 2
August 2014
Los Feliz Ledger
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Alcove Café & Bakery Celebrates
10 Years
By Kathy A. McDonald, Ledger Columnist
Alcove Café & Bakery is such
a local fixture and neighborhood go-to spot for lunch,
dinner and creative desserts
it’s hard to believe it has
been open just 10 years. Even
harder to recall a time when
the shaded front brick patio
wasn’t there and packed with
an incredibly diverse set of patrons from students to flirting
couples to Japanese tourists to
well-known actors.
founder Tom Trellis exited
the corporate world and a career in human resources with
a dream of transforming two
historic bungalows into a welcoming café. Although he had
no previous restaurant experience, he did have expectations
of quality and style. He wanted Alcove to have an old Europe feel—hence the marble,
chandeliers and French caféstyle seating.
Four years ago, Trellis
added the Big Bar, serving
mixologist-made and classic cocktails. Just before that,
he started Alcove chocolates
with five flavors. Today, there
are 12 flavors available from a
dark chocolate fleur de sel to
a spiced milk chocolate and
peanuts. The chocolate business was a natural outgrowth
of the café’s servings.
In addition to the early
morning to late night menu,
Alcove organizes a slew of
events beginning on New
Year’s Eve when the café celebrates 10 time zones; on Valen-
tine’s Day there’s a prom; and
during the warmer months,
there are outdoor screenings of classic films. Special
events and private dinners
can be hosted in the restored,
1897-built back house, the
oldest house in Los Feliz. Today, Alcove has 110 employees
and Trellis is most grateful for
the community’s support.
Would he do anything
“Sure we’ve made mistakes,
but those mistakes have helped
our business grow,” Trellis said.
He does wish that the popular
restaurant had a bigger kitchen
and even more parking.
One tradition that continues to inspire is found in
an old chess table close to the
street-facing bungalow’s back
door. From the first week,
people began leaving notes in
a small drawer.
“It became a viral process
and people are still doing it,”
said Trellis, noting that some
notes are funny, others poignant and sad, many are unsigned but all have been saved.
He hopes someday to turn
them into a coffee table book
to benefit a local charity.
And after 10 years, the
most popular items on the
menu, according to Trellis are,
“the Cobb salad, the country
breakfasts and anything red
The Alcove Café & Bakery,
1929 Hillhurst Ave.,
(323) 644-0100.
“We trust that the authorities will see that their efforts
are misguided and presumably sparked by a disgruntled
former employee with an axe
to grind,” said Gentlecare attorney Mark Geragos.
Geragos has represented
high profile clients including
Congressman Gary Condit,
Roger Clinton and actress
Winona Ryder, among others.
FBI Raids Atwater Village Company
By Ameera Butt, Ledger Contributing Writer
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided a business in
early July investigating allegations of criminal activity.
“The search warrant is under seal and it will stay under
seal as we have an ongoing
investigation,” said Laura Ei-
miller, a spokesperson for the
FBI in Los Angeles.
The business—Gentlecare
Transport Inc., an ambulance
company located at 3539 Casitas Ave.—had been under an
on-going investigation, according to Eimiller who would not
provide specifics about the case.
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LETTER from page 2
other $240,000 of city money
funded an environmental report that essentially puts two
youth baseball fields within an
empty field at Crystal Springs
in Griffith Park.
When told those opposing
the ballfields would sue if the
city council approved the ballfields, one city official, whom I
will not name, responded: “The
city gets sued all the time.”
August 2014
Tom LaBonge (CD4) and
Bernard Parks (CD8) will be
termed out in 2015. Another
five council seats (in even numbered districts: 2, 6, 10, 12 and
14) are up for grabs. We don’t
need city leaders increasing
fines while wasting taxpayer
dollars due to lack of compliance with state law, poor strategic planning and coalition
building and certainly not with
this type of blasé attitude.
local artwork
local short films every month
Page 3
Los Feliz Ledger
Marshall Hit-And-Run Victim Plans Homecoming in August
Skylar’s room at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is decorated with photos of family and friends. He expects to come home
in August after being hit by a car that failed to stop in May. Photo: Ameera Butt/Los Feliz Ledger.
Police Continue Search for
White Convertible BMW
the accident he could hardly
move his arm. He sits at a
table, grabs some putty in his
right hand and squeezes and
moves it around 10 times.
Then he tries to stretch the
putty between his two hands
10 more times.
He still plans to join the
military after he gets out of the
And what would he tell
the person who hit him that
day in May?
“I’d say, ‘confess, come
forward,’” Skylar said softly.
According to LAPD Det.
Michael Kaden there are no
new leads in the case.
Kaden said vehicle parts
recovered from the scene were
from a white 2001 to 2006
BMW Z4 that appeared to
have a black convertible top.
“We know the right front
was damaged on the vehicle
along with the right side mirror because it’s sheered off,”
Kaden said. There were no
witnesses at the site.
“The [surveillance] videos
[are] from a business, [and]
the chance of getting a license
[plate number] are nil. I don’t
have any leads other than I
know what the vehicle looks
like,” he said.
Griffith Park on Edenhurst
Avenue in Atwater Village will
host an ice cream social fundraiser Aug. 10th at 6 p.m. at
the church according to pastor
Bruce Fleenor. Proceeds will
go to Skylar’s medical bills, he
By Ameera Butt, Ledger Contributing Writer
speaks softly as he can’t raise
his voice, so much so you have
to lean in to hear what he’s
“I can’t throw a ball yet.
I can’t do boxing, I don’t
[know how to box] but I can’t
now,” he says with a smile. “I
miss movies and I miss [my]
Skylar Samuel Streeter lies
down on his bed at Children’s
Hospital Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard, clutching some
gummy strawberries that his
mother, Atwater Village resi-
cording to Los Angeles Police
Dept. officials.
Pictures of family, such as
his older siblings and parents,
circle the sink in his hospital
room so he can remember
them, his mother said.
Skylar said he doesn’t remember anything from the
day he was hit. He only remembers waking up in the
hospital after a 15-day coma.
“Even the doctor said he’s
kind of like a miracle person,
he woke up and didn’t know
who he was,” Valerie said.
According to his mother,
Christ’s Church at Griffith Park on
Edenhurst Avenue in Atwater Village
will host an ice cream social fundraiser
Aug. 10th at 6 p.m. at the church
according to pastor Bruce Fleenor.
Proceeds will go to Skylar’s medical bills,
he said.
dent Valerie Streeter, brought
for him on a recent weekday.
lens darker than the other and
taped down in the middle—
rest on his head. They help
with his double vision, he said.
Streeter, who attended
John Marshall High School,
was unable to attend his graduation in June due to a hit and
run accident a month earlier.
On May 21st, Skylar—
who had just turned 18—was
hit by a car whose driver failed
to stop on Fletcher Drive near
Larga Avenue. Streeter was jay
walking across the street acPage 4
Skylar suffered from brain
Now, he is starting over.
“They’ve been teaching
him how to pronounce words
every day,” Valerie said. “He
is going to have a lot of therapy, even when he gets out” in
early August. Currently, he is
allowed to go home every Sunday to see family members and
Skylar said his favorite
thing about his hospitalization is therapy, when he
works with an occupational
therapist to make his right
arm stronger because after
August 2014
Los Feliz Ledger
Water Policing Enforcement
Intensifies Due to Drought
By Hayley Fox, Ledger Senior Contributing Writer
As California continues to
wither under one of the worst
droughts in recent history,
mandatory, statewide regulations aimed at improving
conservation will go into effect Aug. 1st. These emergency
rules don’t require cities to cut
overall water use by a certain
amount, but rather give local
officials the power to implement fines of up to $500 a day
on irresponsible water wasters.
According to the State
Water Resources Control
Board, the new regulations are
intended to cut down on outdoor urban water use, because
most Californians use more
water outdoors than inside. In
some places, more than 50%
of daily water is used on landscaping and lawns.
“We are facing the worst
drought impact that we or our
grandparents have ever seen,”
said State Water Board Chair
Felicia Marcus in a statement.
at the Aqueduct Centennial
celebration,” he said. “The
water there is recirculated, and
I hope we can continue these
efforts throughout the City.”
Recirculated water, that is
not potable, is acceptable according to the emergency state
regulations, even though state
officials say they are encouraging usage of recycled water.
There are no plans to shut
down the Mulholland Fountain, but LADWP officials
said they have reduced the
height and flow of its water to
reduce water loss from overspray in windy conditions.
The LADWP continues to
offer incentives to customers
to keep saving water. LADWP
recently raised its “Cash In
Your Lawn” rebate from $2
to $3 a square foot, hoping
customers will trade in their
thirsty lawns for droughttolerant plants.
“Customers may not be
The LADWP continues to offer incentives
to customers to keep saving water. LADWP
recently raised its “Cash In Your Lawn”
rebate from $2 to $3 a square foot, hoping
customers will trade in their thirsty lawns
for drought-tolerant plants.
“And, more important, we
have no idea when it will end.”
Water officials say that
these regulations may be expanded if the drought worsens.
For Los Angeles, these
restrictions are old hat. Since
2009, the city has had a water
conservation ordinance that
meets the state’s emergency
restrictions. Since this ordinance was enacted about five
years ago, water use in Los
Angeles has dropped by about
17%, according to officials.
As a result, the city now uses
just as much water as it did
more than 30 years ago, even
though the population has
continued to grow.
But according to the Los
Angeles Dept. of Water and
Power (LADWP), they’re still
taking strides to cut down on
water use wherever possible.
Los Angeles City Councilmember (CD4) Tom LaBonge
points to the 50,000-gallon
Mulholland Fountain as an
example of pointed conservation.
“In my district, the
LADWP recently restored the
historic Mulholland Fountain
August 2014
willing to change out both a
front and back lawn, but converting even just one of them
can save a lot of water and help
better manage their bill,” said
LADWP’s Jim McDaniel.
But if consumers aren’t
willing to make the changes
themselves, three new water
cops are expected to hit Los
Angeles streets the remainder
of this summer and could be
handing out tickets to water
These new hires will be
part of the LADWP’s “Water Conservation Response
Unit,” which previously consisted of only one individual.
Rick Silva was the lone fulltime enforcer, responsible for
patrolling nearly 500 square
miles of land and monitoring residents conservation, or
lack thereof.
Meanwhile, some Los Angeles communities are taking
conservation efforts into their
own hands. The Atwater Village Neighborhood Council’s
greening committee has discussed ways to save water.
“As a greening committee
in a neighborhood that is right
next to the Los Angeles Rivwww.losfelizledger.com
er, it would be nice to think
of clever ways, through the
neighborhood council system,
to be more water conservative,” said Torin Dunnavant,
chair of the committee.
Although no definite
plans have been made, Dunnavant said in the past the
committee has discussed providing water saving workshops
to residents, or looking further
into what city programs currently exist, in which residents
can participate.
The new emergency state
drought regulations are expected to last at least 270 days,
and prohibit all Californians
from applying potable water
to a driveway or sidewalk, or
washing their car with a hose
that uses potable water—unless the hose has a shutoff
Los Feliz Ledger Online
Look for these stories only at losfelizledger.com
More on the death of Notre Dame High school graduate,
Nick Fagnano, who died while swimming at Venice Beach
after lightning hit the water July 28th. Fagnano was a
friend of Publisher Allison B. Cohen’s family, a resident of
Los Angeles City Council District 4 (Sherman Oaks) and was
about to start USC in the fall.
Wildlife sampling reveals high incidence of rat poison in
Griffith Park wildlife, including the park’s resident mountain lion, P-22.
Out and About: Calendar for August 2014
Results from last month’s poll when we asked: Should the
city shut down the Mulholland Fountain in light of the severe
drought we are currently experiencing?
• 63% of respondents said yes
37% said no
This month’s poll: Starting with our September 2014 edition, we
will profile one local or regional issue of concern to our readers,
leading up to the March 2015 election, when Councilmember Tom
LaBonge will be termed out of office and replaced.
While all issues indicated in the poll are important, please select
only one that you feel is the MOST important to you now as a
voter (see list of issues at losfelizledger.com).
Page 5
Los Feliz Ledger
“Stepchild” Street in Atwater Looking for Recognition
By Ameera Butt, Ledger Contributing Writer
Drive looks like it could go on
forever—past the blue-collar
and service shops that dot its
On a bright, day with no
clouds in sight to give relief
from the Los Angeles heat,
cars zoom to and fro on the
Fletcher Drive Bridge, which
was built in 1927.
Chances are the cars—
driving past a U-Haul Moving
and Storage business, various
liquor stores, body shops, even
a Foster’s Freeze—don’t know
they’re in Atwater Village.
The two other main thoroughfares through the heart
of Atwater Village—Glendale
and Los Feliz boulevards—already garner a lot of attention
from traffic, pedestrian friendly streets, restaurants and bakeries.
That’s why the Atwater
Village Neighborhood Council (AVNC) and local nonprofits and organizations are
considering possibly putting a
“Welcome to Atwater Sign” on
a median along the street.
“Fletcher has a very different vibe than what’s going on
Glendale [Boulevard] as far as
the kinds of business that are
there,” said Courtney Morris,
co-chair of the AVNC. “A lot
of times when we focus… on
beautification projects, Fletcher is the stepchild of the neighborhood. We don’t ever really
consider it.”
To date, the issue has not
yet been brought to the full
AVNC council for discussion.
An AVNC committee,
officials from the Friends of
Atwater Village and the Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce has asked artist Brett
the Great Heron Gates located
at the Los Angeles River and
Flecher Drive—to consider
designing the marker.
“Glendale Boulevard gets
lot of traffic. Los Feliz [boulevard] also gets a lot of traffic,” said Sergio Lambarri,
also with the AVNC. “Unfortunately Fletcher Drive
doesn’t get that same type.
Hopefully with that sign, we
can enhance that boulevard,
and it can be a catalyst to
change that area.”
Fletcher Drive has come a
long way to look like what it
does today, but local officials
say work still needs to be done.
A mural, as well as the
rocks in the median where the
potential sign could go, are all
recent signs of improvement
in the past few years, according to Sandra Caravella, with
Friends of Atwater Village, a
non-profit dedicated to preserving Atwater Village’s local
“The street as a whole
doesn’t leave room for trees,”
she said. “I look at [the sign]
as one more piece of adding
something nice to the area.
Number one, it’s art and I love
[Goldstone’s art].”
stretch of Fletcher Drive since
the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s,
Caravella said.
Luis Lopez, who has
been working with his father at Luis Lopez Automotive on Fletcher Drive since
1993, said that he’s seen the
area change. His business
has been located on Fletcher
Drive since 1968.
Around 2000 was when
the first spark of civic duty
trash cleanups began, according to Lopez, who is
also a boardmember for the
Atwater Village Chamber of
Commerce. Additionally, he
said, a neighborhood watch
was formed and then councilmember, now Mayor Eric
Garcetti’s streetscape improvement plan was put in
place for the long-term vision
for Fletcher Drive.
The street is definitely better. Drugs and prostitution
have been reduced greatly,
according to Vince Amador, owner of Atwater Screen
& Glass located on Fletcher
Drive. The glass shop has been
at that location for 35 years.
Fletcher Drive “deserves
more love than it currently
has,” said Torin Dunnavant,
co-chair of the AVNC.
He said a lot of residents
have come to the neighborhood meetings concerned
about the type of people hanging outside the U-Haul business.
“It’s an area that needs
more support so it’s more livable for people who are right
on Fletcher Drive,” Dunnavant said.
Rec and Parks
By Allison B. Cohen
Kafi Blumenfield with the
Los Angeles Recreation and
Parks Board of Commissioners resigned July 1st.
According to city officials, she left her post to take a
new undisclosed position. She
was appointed by Mayor Eric
Garcetti in January 2014.
Her resignation from the
5-panel board creates a conundrum if a commission vote
ends in a 2-2 tie.
“We expect to appoint a
new [Recreation and Parks]
Commissioner in the next
few months,” Curry said. “In
the meantime, if there is
a split vote, the commission will have to determine
how to proceed.
According to Curry, the
commission will have only
met once this summer since
Blumenfield’s departure.
Look for the September edition of the
Los Feliz Ledger
on August 28th
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August 2014
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Los Feliz Ledger
Bruce Fleenor Named
“Atwater Villager of the Year”
By Ameera Butt, Ledger Contributing Writer
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Alex Ventura (R), Atwater Village Neighborhood Council North Atwater Represntative, and Assemblymember Mike Gatto (L) present the award to Bruce Fleenor
(C) with the Atwater Villager of the Year Award, given annually by the Atwater
Chamber of Commerce. Photo Courtesy of Atwater Chamber of Commerce.
your neighbor” is the way
Bruce Fleenor leads his life.
The Burbank resident has
been the pastor of the Christ’s
Church at Griffith Park on
Edenhurst Avenue for the last
eight years, and is the most recent recipient of the “Atwater
Villager of the Year” award.
Fleenor said it “feels good”
to win the award, which was
given to him last month by the
Atwater Chamber of Commerce, adding he was recognized among all of other good
people who live in Atwater
to be able to do.”
Fleenor’s vocation as a
pastor came late in life. Previously, he worked for newspapers in their circulation departments in San Luis Obispo
and Orange County. But having also served in those areas
as a part-time youth minister,
he saw ministry as a way to
help change people’s lives.
He started as a pastor in
Highland Park 11 years ago.
Darlene and Dennis
Tofte, who live in Tujunga,
make the roughly 19 mile
drive three times a week to be
part of his congregation.
1638 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041
Visit us online for our August Intro Special.
Save over $50!
“I just figure if I can help one kid be
accepted at school because he’s on the
basketball team, that’s a pretty cool thing
to be able to do.” — Bruce Fleenor
Hasroun, president of the
chamber of commerce, Fleenor
was selected because it seems
he’s always around and has
never been recognized before.
“I remember, personally,
we blew balloons for [a] community event 10 years ago and
that’s when I met him, and
he’s a quiet person behind the
scenes that nobody appreciates,” Hasround said.
In addition to his pastoral
duties, Fleenor coaches kids’
basketball at Chevy Chase
Recreation Center in Atwater.
“I remember what it was
like to be a shy, gawky kid and
there was one guy [my Little
League Coach] who would call
me every year and ask ‘Bruce,
are you going to play this year?
It gave me credibility with the
other kids to be a basketball
or baseball player,” Fleenor recalled. “I just figure if I can help
one kid be accepted at school
because he’s on the basketball
team, that’s a pretty cool thing
Page 8
Darlene is the church’s
treasurer and she and her
husband have been with the
church since 1937.
“I work very closely with
him so I’ve gotten to know
him very well and of course
am thrilled that someone else
can see what we know about
him,” said Darlene.
It’s a very well deserved
award, said her husband, Dennis, adding that Fleenor is talented in woodwork, construction and anything else that
needs to be rebuilt.
Fleenor also used to serve
on the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council until last
year, according to Torin Dunnavant, co-chair of the board.
“He just has always been
one of the most generous people
in the neighborhood,” Dunnavant said. “Last winter he
and JeanMarie [Wisniewski]
planned a dinner for homeless folks and it’s almost like it’s
not surprising when Bruce does
something amazing like that.”
3178 Glendale Boulevard, L os Angeles, CA 90039
Libby Butler-Gluck Promoted to
Ledger Ad Sales Manager
Libby ButlerGluck
been promoted to Advertising Sales Manager for the Los Feliz Ledger.
Gluck’s promotion was effective July 1, 2014. She started
with the Ledger in 2012.
“Libby has become an invaluable asset for the Ledger,”
said publisher Allison B. Cohen.
“She is energetic, pragmatic,
creative and a pleasure for me
and clients to work with.”
Butler-Gluck will now
manage all aspects of advertis-
ing for the Ledger including securing new accounts, managing existing clients and taking
over advertising layout responsibilities for the paper.
Her promotion will free
up Cohen to pursue new initiatives for the Ledger, including a yearly wall calendar with
local community events and
the development of a quarterly
magazine highlighting events
and attractions in Los Feliz,
Silver Lake, Echo Park, Atwater Village and the Hollywood
Hills, directed to tourists visitwww.losfelizledger.com
ing Los Angeles. The quarterly
publication will be available in
hotels in and around the Ledger’s coverage area as well as in
downtown Los Angeles.
Butler-Gluck lives in Los
Feliz with her screenwriter
husband David and 4-yearold daughter Georgi. In her
spare time she is a prolific and
skilled knitter, and also has
her own public relations business promoting the craft.
Butler-Gluck can be
reached at (323) 644-5536 or
[email protected]
August 2014
Los Feliz Ledger
[representative schiff]
Learn How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
By Adam Schiff, By U.S. Representative Adam Schiff Earlier
year, Target
announced that 70 million
credit and debit cards had
been compromised by a massive data breach. The thieves
targeted the retailers’ point-ofsale servers with malware that
allowed them to steal credit
card information in bulk.
Though it was the biggest
known data breach, the reality is these breaches, and the
identity theft they enable, are
an everyday occurrence.
According to the Privacy
Rights Clearinghouse, which
maintains data on breaches,
nearly 622 million consumer
records have been put at risk
in over 4,000 data breaches
since 2005 alone. While I have
sponsored legislation in Congress to put in place stronger
national standards for notification of data breaches, so far
Congress has failed to act.
I have also worked to
increase penalties and enforcement for identity theft
crimes, but the reality is that
most who commit such online
crimes get off scot free, in part
because they frequently commit their crimes in other nations that are uncooperative
with U.S. investigators. Estimates are that only around 2%
of offenders end up facing a
penalty or prison.
Breaches like the one at
Target are far from the only
way that criminals seek to
get your personal information. Criminals have resorted
to a plethora of techniques—
some that are highly sophisticated and some of which are
decidedly “low-tech.”
From the old techniques—
literally pickpocketing individuals, dumpster-diving, “shoulder
surfing,” meaning watching as
you put in your pin to an ATM
or listening into your private
conversations as you give your
credit card number over the
phone, to the new—using email
spam, hacking or breaking online passwords –- criminals will
stop at nothing to get your data.
Luckily, despite the best
Local Business Brews Jobs &
Delicious and Refreshing Beer
efforts of criminals, there are
ways to protect yourself.
To help you learn how to
avoid being the target or victim of identity theft, I’m hosting a forum with representatives from the Federal Trade
Commission, FBI, IRS, So-
August 2014
with local nonprofit organizations—including Heal the
Bay and the Los Angeles River
Revitalization Corporation—
have supported socially- and
environmentally-minded projects such as producing a specific craft beer called the Greenway IPA to support the Los
Angeles River Greenway 2020
project. Gill’s
creates jobs and helps inspire
young women to believe that
with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible. But
she is not alone. Many smallbusiness owners in Los Feliz,
Atwater Village, Silver Lake,
and the Hollywood Hills devote their lives to creating jobs
and building community. It’s
important that we recognize
these businesses for their positive contributions.
If you know of a local
small-business owner who deserves recognition, I want to
hear about it. Please write me
at [email protected]
In the meantime, whether
you are a small business owner, an environmental advocate,
or both like Gill and Yanow,
it’s important that your voice
is heard in the Capitol. If you
or someone you know is not
registered to vote, you can
now do so online, by visiting
http://registertovote.ca.gov/. www.losfelizledger.com
The forum will be held
Mon., Aug. 4th from 7 p.m.
to 8:30 p.m. at the Witherbee
Auditorium at the Los Angeles
Zoo. If you’d like to attend,
please RSVP to (323) 3155555 or (818) 450-2900 and I
will hope to see you there. 25% Off* with this Ad
St. Vincent de Paul’s
54,000 square-foot thrift store
offers clothing, shoes, furniture,
housewares and appliances.
* mattresses and cars are excluded.
expires 9/1/14 — no photocopies
By California State Assemblymember Mike Gatto
businesses are the backbone
of a strong local and state
economy. The
annual California Small
Business Day
Awards Ceremony recognizes and celebrates the contributions of
small businesses to the State
of California. This year, I was
privileged to honor a business
that is breaking the mold for
brewers around the world and
serving up much more than
ice-cold beer.
At 29-years-old, Beachwood Canyon’s Meg Gill is the
youngest female brewery owner in the country. Meg’s brewery in Atwater Village is both
the fastest growing, and largest craft brewery in Los Angeles County. In less than three
years, Golden Road Brewing
has grown to more than 150
employees and brings more
than 20,000 visitors a week to
its restaurant and pub.
In addition to building a
successful small business, Gill
and Golden Road co-founder
Tony Yanow—who also owns
Echo Park’s Mohawk Bend
focused on creating a vibrant
Los Angeles.
Founded in 2011, Golden
Road Brewing partners along
cial Security Administration
and the U.S. Postal Inspector. We’ll be discussing concrete
ways to protect your identity,
as well as hearing more about
the efforts of federal agencies
to combat this widespread and
destructive crime. 210 N. Avenue 21,
Los Angeles, CA 90031
coupon code 122
Page 9
Private celeb cmpnd, 3 homes, 10+ acres, hiking
trails, resort style infinity pl. VistaCanyonEstate.com
Historic Van M Griffith estate c. 1925. 3/4 acre w/Montecito style GH, long drvwy, libry, rf-tp deck & pl.
Myra Nourmand/Joanne Vuylsteke
3+2.5. Entertainer’s dream in the “Oaks.” Hillside
views. Sleek remodel. Flr to ceil wndws, hrdwd flrs.
Gated Mediterranean on prime blck w/hwd flrs, Fr nch
wndws, patio, lrg kit w/ctr isl & SS appl & grassy yrd.
Geodesic dome 3-level home at edge of Debs Prk
w/25ft vaultd ceilngs, wrap-ar nd deck & great views.
Elisa G Ritt
Adam Sires/Michael Nourmand
Louise Leach/Juan Longfellow
Mid-Century Moder n du-plex. Updtd kit & baths, wood
floors, large patios, 2 car garage, close to everything.
1961 mid-cent 2sty 2+2 w/ open LR/kit, vaulted wd
beam ceil, wrap-around deck, cty & ocean views.
3-sty 3+3 w/lrg kit, SS appl & granite cntrs, LR, FR w/
vaulted ceilings, lrg patios, hwd flrs & 2car grg.
Mica Rabineau
Ryan Ole Hass
Cute Spanish style duplex. Long term tenants in place,
large lot with good size rear yard. First time on market.
3bd+2ba CA Bungalow. Updtd kit & baths, xeriscaped
yard w/fruit trees, solar panels, two-car garage.
3+2 classic tutor. Charm abounds w/barrel ceilings, FP
& hw flrs. Bonus bed w/bath upstairs, yard + 2-car gar
Mark Walker
Luxurious, moder n chic, prvt, end unit by Stephen
Kanner w/bright & opn flr plan & 2 mastr suites.
Fabulous Eagle Rock Traditional w/ 3bd + 2ba. Wood
floors, FP, indoor/outdoor flow, views.
2+2 w/pristine int, wd cabinets, bamboo flrs, updtd kit
& bath, 180 views of ocean, westside & lg balcony.
Gina Isaac
Scott Campbell/Beverly Shea
Classic 1924 Spanish up Mt Angelus, meticulously restored while being brought up to a moder n standard.
Move-in-ready split-level home w/wd flrs, imported tile, Talavera sinks, & SS appl. Huge bonus rm, 2 car grg & views!
2/1 plus converted basement. Amazing views, updated
throughout. Must see! www.6306tipton.com.
Shannon Fenton
Carrie Bryden
Jennifer Eckert
HOLLYWOOD Tel: 323.462.6262 I BEVERLY HILLS Tel: 310.274.4000 I BRENTWOOD Tel: 310.300.3333 I For additional photos and properties, please visit us at: www.nourmand.com
Los Feliz Ledger
[real estate]
Buyers With Cash Create Competitive Market
By Bruce Haring, Ledger Real Estate Reporter
The local residential real
estate market appears to be
loosening up a bit. While the
number of available homes for
sale is still relatively few, there
are slightly more houses coming onto the market for purchase than in the previous six
That means buyers will
finally have a wider selection.
But there’s still a lot of competition out there for homes, so
those wishing to purchase will
have to move fast.
“Inventory is starting to
loosen up and homes are starting to move,” said Tim Meinelschmidt of Icon Properties/
Keller Williams Larchmont.
“Homes are spending less time
on the market than last year,
40 days on average versus 52
Eileen Moreno of George
August 2014
& Eileen Moreno Realtors
agrees. Although she notes
that inventory is still “relatively low,” she said a few more
properties are available.
“Homes that are in movein condition, with bonuses
like a yard, view or pool, are
still in high demand,” she said.
“And homes needing work are
still in demand by the companies and buyers looking to fix
and sell.”
Cash is king when it
comes to purchases.
“In the Los Feliz and Silver Lake areas, we are still seeing strong down payments,”
Moreno said. “Often we are
seeing parents purchasing
properties with all cash for
their kids, or, at a minimum,
helping with the down payment.”
Judy Oroshnik of Berk-
shire Hathaway Home Services said “intrepid is the
word that comes to mind”
when describing buyers in
the market.
“The average buyer with
20% or less down is competing with all-cash or large equity-down buyers,” she said.
“Buyers in our market have to
persevere and be very focused
in their search, finding ways to
engage the seller beyond the
underlying financial terms.
It’s a real time commitment to
get to that happy ending.”
DQ News, a real estate research firm based in La Jolla,
CA, reports continuing solid
results in the area’s residential
sales for June.
In the Los Feliz 90027 zip
code, 21 single-family homes
sold for a median price of $1.2
million, down 2.1% from the
previous year. The median
home price per square foot
The Silver Lake 90039 zip
code saw 13 homes sell in June
for a median price of $775,000,
up 36% year-over-year, repre-
“Buyers in our market have to persevere and be very focused
in their search, finding ways to engage the seller beyond the
underlying financial terms. It’s a real time commitment to get
to that happy ending.” — Realtor Judy Oroshnik
for single-family residences in
the 90027 zip was $565. Three
condos sold in 90027 for a
median price of $430,000, up
32.3% year-over-year.
Echo Park’s 90026 zip saw
19 single family homes sell for
a median price of $740,000, a
0.6% drop from the previous
year’s June results. The average
single-family residence sold for
a per square foot price of $616.
Five condos sold for a median
price of $450,000, up 45%
senting a $618 median price
per square foot. There were
three condos sold for a median
price of $500,000, up 44.9%
In Hollywood’s 90068
zip, 25 single-family homes
sold for a median price of $1
million, a 6.9% increase yearto-year. That represents a median price of $615 per square
foot. Five condos sold for a
median price of $365,000, up
22.9% year-over-year.
Su Casa REAL ESTATE Page 11
Los Feliz Ledger
Flea’s Not Giving it Away
By Bruce Haring, Ledger Real Estate Reporter
O’Farrell Funds $75K to Help with Area
By Ameera Butt, Ledger Contributing Writer
Echo Park and Silver Lake
are,” said PATH spokesperson
may get some help in the form
Jeremy Sidell.
of a two-year $75,000 contract
PATH’s work in the
between a homeless assistance
neighborhoods is to identify
group and Los Angeles City
homeless individuals and proCouncil District 13.
vide access to facilities, shelPeople Assisting the
ters and finding permanent or
Homeless, or PATH, and
transitional housing, accordCouncilmember
ing to Marisol Salguero, with
O’Farrell’s office entered into
O’Farrell’s office.
an agreement for homeless
Regarding Echo Park,
outreach in Echo Park and Silthere is currently no emerver Lake in July.
gency homeless shelter in the
“We will have a PATH
team, two people in a van with
PATH conducted cursory
a cell phone responding to reassessments in July and found
quests from community [and
approximately 36 homeless
staff] from the Council Dispeople in Echo Park, accordtrict [and] from police, identiing to PATH’s Sidell.
In an
7.19.14—Gail Crosby Ad:Layout 1 7/20/14 8:26
PM effort
Page 1to bring more
Gail’s Sales
“Flea’s” 35,000 square foot house was built in 1925. He purchaed the property for
$4.5 million in 2011.
es will come on the market?”
Balzary originally bought
the house for $4.5 million in
35,000-square-foot, Mediterranean-style compound built
in 1925. The gated and walled
property sits on 3/4ths of an
acre and includes a library,
an eat-in kitchen, a rooftop
deck, formal living and dining
rooms, six bedrooms and three
Among the house’s unique
features are a guesthouse and
what’s described as a “speakeasy,” a bar located in the basement behind a door. Nourmand’s Stellini said he did not
know if the bar had actually
been used in that capacity.
“It’s just been described as
that,” he said.
The grounds feature
100-year-old olive trees, stone
pathways, an outdoor fireplace
and a saltwater swimming
pool. There are also views of
the city, nearby woodlands
and the Griffith Observatory.
Hot Chili Peppers bassist Michael “Flea” Balzary has put
his North Vermont Avenue
house on the market for $6.8
The home is located in an
area with numerous celebrities,
and is just around the corner
from the house that recently
claimed the highest price ever
paid for a single-family home
in Los Feliz, the six-bedroom
Villa Andalusia, which sold
for $8.3 million.
Sherri Rogers and Anthony Stellini of Nourmand
& Associates are the listing
agents for the Balzary property, known as the Van Griffith
estate. It was formerly part of
the Griffith Estates, a sprawling piece of property that was
broken up into smaller units.
“There are very few estate
properties in Los Feliz,” said
Stellini. “People who want to
live in them have to grab them
when they’re on the market.
Who knows when the next
time one of these bigger hous-
attention regionally to the issue, Tad Yenawine, with the
Greater Park Elysian Neighborhood Council (GEPENC)
said a GEPENC committee
has approved a motion supporting the statewide initiative
“The Homeless Bill of Rights”
asking the city adopt it as a basis for its policies regarding the
The motion, authored by
State Assemblymember Tom
Ammiano, (D-San Francisco) creates legislature allowing the homeless to move
freely and to rest and sleep
in public spaces as well as
the right to occupy a legally
parked vehicle.
Recent Sales and Listings
Why do so many prefer to work with Gail?
“Dearest Gail, thank you for the terrific care you took in selling
our family property. You treated our mother as a family member
as you negotiated all aspects of the transaction... Many times
you went above and beyond the call of duty in the personalized
services that you provided. All of the neighbors rave about your
reputation and now we know why...your care and attention to
detail...Thank you for everything!”
— Helen Neville, Moreno Drive
JUST SOLD $1,900,000
2206 Micheltorena Avenue
Pretty Home with attached lot
JUST SOLD $1,500,000
2105 Kenilworth Avenue
JUST SOLD $1,185,000
$85,000 Over Asking!
2820 Shadowlawn Terrace
IN ESCROW, Multiple Offers
2210 Moreno Drive
Sweet Classic 1928 Spanish!
Offered at $1,100,000
IN ESCROW, Multiple Offers
1243 Westerly Terrace
Impeccable Artsy Craftsman
Offered at $899,000
IN ESCROW, Multiple Offers
2374 Edgewater Terrace
Pretty 3 BED, 2 BA English
Offered at $849,000
crosby 323.428.2864
Why do so many prefer
to work with Gail?
License 01377453 EcoBroker Designation SRES
TH E #1 AG E NTS I N 90039
Courtney Smith
Nourmand & Associates
3167 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039
DRE 01406768
Kurt Wisner
DRE 01431217
www.cour tneyandkur t .com
4035 Clayton Ave
3853 Valleybrink Rd
1717 W Silver Lake Dr
3703 Revere Ave
August 2014
Los Feliz Ledger
[focus on the advertiser]
Gail Crosby – Putting People First in Real Estate
By Kimberly Gomez, Ledger Columnist
SILVER LAKE— On a recent
afternoon, Gail Crosby recalled a life-changing decision
she’d made 11 years ago after
being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.
Crosby comes from a
successful, hardworking family. And her grandmother
had always urged her to “do
more than what is asked or
required.” Rather than let her
illness get her down, she was
motivated to be more productive. It was natural that Crosby’s career in real estate grew
out of her love for people and
for her Silver Lake neighborhood.
“My job is two-fold. One
is to give my clients guidance.
And, I want to make people
wealthy.” Crosby has built a repu-
tation of honesty,
integrity, and strong
service. “I write it all
down on my notebook and then I’ll
give it some thought
about how I can help
[clients] achieve what
they want,” she said.
With what she
describes as distinctive and powerful
homes in a postmodern community, Crosby
feels her neighborhood is one
of the greatest places in which
to live. Ninety-five percent of
her business is concentrated in
Silver Lake, Los Feliz and the
Hollywood Hills.
“It’s more difficult for
people to get mortgages now,
and there are a lot of great
• 1%to4%Commission*
• Over40yearscombinedexperience
• Relocationserviceswithemphasison
• Trust,ProbateSales
families that would like to buy
a house but can’t compete with
cash investors.” Crosby said
staying present throughout the
transaction helps her give her
clients the edge.
Jackson George, his wife
Jasmine, and their two children had grown out of the Sil-
• Preparinghomeforsale
• MemberofLosFelizImprovement
[email protected] Association
Truly a Neighborhood Realtor!
CalBRE is 01821912
see CROSBY page 22
City Passes Ordinances For Look of Buildings
Adjacent to L.A. River
By Ameera Butt, Ledger Contributing Writer
ordinances establishing landscape and urban design standards and rules for residential,
commercial and industrial
buildings along the 32-mile
stretch of the Los Angeles River were approved by the Los
Angeles City Council in July.
Both ordinances apply to
new development and for existing buildings seeking city
approval for major renovations.
The ordinances will be in
place Aug. 20th according to
the LA-RIO, establishes the
geographical boundaries in
which the new standards
will be applied, meaning all
neighborhoods adjacent to
the Los Angeles River.
The ordinances were
passed, however, even though
some local residents said there
has been no recent outreach or
workshops to educate the public directly impacted by the
new design standards.
According to Karen
Barnett, of the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council
current outreach on a lack of
city staff. Consequently, she
said the city focused on areas
that continuously had concerns about the ordinances
like in the San Fernando
The ordinances do not
change the zoning in neighborhoods, she said.
“It’s the reason [why we
were] being cognizant. There’s
so many different land use
types along the river is the
reason why, at the end of the
day, we ended up with a very
The ordinances were passed, however, even though some local residents
said there has been no recent outreach or workshops to educate the public
directly impacted by the new design standards. According to Karen Barnett,
of the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council (AVNC) since the ordinances h
ave passed, the community has no choice but to accept them.
“The community doesn’t know what is going on,” she said.
city officials.
One ordinance, called the
River Improvement Overlay
District, sets standards such as
what greenery can be planted
within the district as well as
rules for screening, fencing,
exterior lighting and noise,
among others.
Regarding fencing, with
the exception of single-family
homes, all new projects are
required to maintain a visual
connection between the river
corridor, the frontage road
and the abutting property, according to the ordinance. The
ordinance indicates all fences
located less than 10 feet from
the river cannot be higher
than six feet.
The second ordinance,
August 2014
(AVNC) since the ordinances
have passed, the community
has no choice but to accept
“The community doesn’t
know what is going on,” she
According to Claire
Bowin, a senior city planner,
earlier in 2008, Atwater Village residents were supportive
of the ordinances.
“It’s been seven years,”
Bowin said. “It’s been a long
time, which is unfortunate,
and that’s where I think the
community is understandably upset and thinking they
haven’t heard about the ordinances. I share the community’s frustration.”
Bowin blames the lack of
select number of standards
that could apply to anybody,”
she said.
Bowin said anyone wanting to build a new structure
or renovate an old one will be
charged fees to do so depend
on the size of the project or
property. Fees will range from
$200 to $700, and will be
used to cover the cost of city
planning department staff expenses.
Los Angeles City Council District 13 plans to hold
a public meeting to discuss
planning and zoning issues,
including the ordinances,
in early September, according to a spokesperson with
O’Farrell’s office.
Available in August:
It’s One of the Biggest and the Best
5286 Los Bonitos Way
Los Feliz Estates
ompare. You’ll see how 5286 Los Bonitos Way
is outstanding. Compare the location of this
house: inside guarded Los Feliz Estates, one
of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Compare
the size: spread out in over 3,500 square feet, with
3 bedrooms; 4 bathrooms; a family room; a den or
media room; an eat-in kitchen; a separate studio or
office suite; a pool and treetop city views. Compare
the style and condition: enjoy classic Mid-Century
Modern features such as the pleated, clerestory roof;
step-down, atrium living room; updated kitchen and
master bath, loaded with amenities; expansive outdoor
areas on the 17,000+ square foot lot. Floor-to-ceiling
windows bathe the open-plan rooms in southern light
all-day. Compare the ease of one-level living to other
properties in the Los Feliz Hills.
For Lease:
$7,750 per month
Please call for details.
Have a real estate question? Call me first!
Richard Stanley
Estates Director
Architectural and Historic Properties Specialist
[email protected]
213 300-4567 cell / voice mail
©2014 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell
Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and operated
by NRT LLC. All rights reserved. If your property is listed with another broker, this is not intended as a
solicitation. CalBRE license #: 00971211
Su Casa REAL ESTATE Page 13
Los Feliz Ledger
[keen to be green]
Green Lessons while Traveling
By Meher McArthur, Ledger Columnist
When I’m traveling, I often
waste than I do
at home. I buy
bottled water,
waste airplane food containers,
and, of course, contribute to
the consumption of jet fuel. International travel can often feel
a bit environmentally harmful.
This year, though, on a
trip to Turkey via London and
New York, our travel seemed a
bottle filled with tap water.
In fact, one of the benefits
of traveling abroad is seeing
things that other countries
are doing better. I was struck
by how many solar panels I
saw on the roofs of apartment
buildings in southwestern
Turkey. Why don’t we have
more? Our friends in London
could put all food waste in
special recycling bins collected by the city, far more than
what we can put in the bins
In Turkey, where coffee is widely
consumed, the only place where I saw
disposable paper cups was at Starbucks.
Drinking coffee hasn’t become a
wasteful activity there.
bit more sustainable. At most
airports, we saw separate trash
cans for plastic bottles and
cans, newspapers and trash;
in Istanbul we ate nothing but
delicious locally grown food
(the Turks import very little
food or drink); in London,
public transport was more
comfortable than ever, and in
New York, volunteers at Battery Park refilled my water
here. In Turkey, where coffee
is widely consumed, the only
place where I saw disposable
paper cups was at Starbucks.
Drinking coffee hasn’t become
a wasteful activity there.
While our trips overseas
may consume lots of dirty jet
fuel, they show us what is possible elsewhere and help us to
rethink our own ways when
we come home.
Know your watering days.
Water conservation in Los Angeles is mandatory.
Limit your outdoor watering to 3 days a week,
8 minutes per station, before 9 a.m. or after 4 p.m.
Advertise in the Los
Feliz Ledger (323) 644-5536
NAKAHOUSE | Hollywood Hills
Page 14 Su Casa REAL ESTATE
August 2014
LOS FELIZ | 4520 Dundee Dr. | $3,300,000 | web: 0285798 | New Listing
Historical Cultural Monument 674. Edward Fickett, Architect. 1966. A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Patricia Ruben 323.671.2310
LOS FELIZ | 5280 Los Adornos Way
web: 0285733 | $1,997,000
Los Feliz Estates contemporary 4bd/5ba. Remodel w/chef’s kitchen and deluxe master. Yard
w/sculptural fountain. 5280losadornosway.com
Konstantine V. | Rick Yohon 323.270.1725
SILVER LAKE | 1433 Westerly Terr. | New Listing
web: 0285844 | $1,675,000
Stunning wood/glass/steel/concrete design.
This 3 beds, 2.5 bath and den 2 story home offers huge terraces and breathtaking views.
Rosemary Low 323.363.0381
SILVER LAKE | 1437 Westerly Terr. | New Listing
web: 0285841 | $1,675,000
3bds/2.5ba + den. Designed and built by the
owner/builder/designer this brand new organic
steel/glass/wood home is a knock out w/views.
Rosemary Low 323.363.0381
LOS FELIZ | 1921 N. Hobart
web: 0308076 | $1,595,000
On a beautiful tree lined street set behind a white
picket fence. Original moldings, generous sized
living & formal dining room. with built-ins.
Jeffrey Young 213. 819.9630
HOLLYWOOD HILLS EAST| 2845 N.Beachwood Dr.
web: 0285778 | $1,469,000
“Village Colonial” designed by noted 1930’s
architect Max Maltzman. 4 wonderful bedrooms,
4 stunning baths. Direct access 2 car garage.
Konstantine V. | Rick Yohon 323.270.1725
ANGELINO HEIGHTS | 1072 W. Edgeware Rd.
web: 0285670 | $1,399,000
5 bed/3 baths, including a lower level guest
suite with full bath, studio space, full basement,
separate entrance.
Joseph Lightfoot 213.700.4438
SILVER LAKE | 1642 McCollum St.
web: 0285775 | $1,299,000
Spanish contemporary has warm style and
modern function, 2 beds upstairs feature baths
en-suite, a guest beds with bath, cook’s kitchen.
Joseph Lightfoot 213.700.4438
LOS FELIZ | Mediterranean Duplex
web: 0285747 | $1,265,000
Large units with 2bds/1.75ba each. FDR’s, high
ceilings, French windows/drs, original moldings.
Laundry in units. Huge yard. By Los Feliz Village.
Valerie Martin 213.389.0896
LOS FELIZ | 3424 Huxley St. | New Listing
web: 0285774 | $1,199,000
This 1969 residence features a large open floor
plan, atrium and great indoor/outdoor flow leading out to a hard-to-find huge flat backyard.
Rob Kallick 323.775.6305
SILVER LAKE | 1801 Redcliff St. | SOLD
Listed at $1,199,000
Designer done bungalow with detached studio
and gorgeous pool. open floor plan, 3 beds and 2
baths, and a large private flat lot.
Rob Kallick 323.775.6305
LOS FELIZ | 4607 Welch Pl. | In Escrow
web: 0285783 | $1,099,000
4bd/2ba Character Craftsman includes: oak
floors, built-in cabinets, upgraded systems, and
period fireplace.
Joseph Lightfoot 213.700.4438
SILVER LAKE | 967-969 Hyperion Ave. | SOLD
Listed at $1,099,000
Stylish duplex with accessory building in the
back yard located on a large lot lushly landscaped lot close to Sunset Junction.
M. Tabakian | N. DeWinter 323.376.2222
ATWATER | 4302 Edenhurst Ave. | SOLD
Listed at $999,000
1 story ranch horse property w/saltwater pool +
large artist studio w/calibrated skylights on an
over sized lushly landscaped w/ 2 horse stables.
M. Tabakian | N. DeWinter 323.376.2222
LOS FELIZ | 2014 Oxford Avenue | SOLD
Listed at $929,000
Charming Country French, with high ceilings and
a guest house. Built in 1922 this beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 .75 bath sits on approx. 8,100 sq.ft. lot.
M. Tabakian | N. DeWinter 323.376.2222
PASADENA | 1738 Oakwood St. | New Listing
web: 0285844 | $828,000
South of the prestigious Altadena Town and
Country club, this 3bd/2ba has a stone fireplace
in the living room and approx. 10,239 sq.ft. lot.
Rosemary Low 323.363.0381
SILVER LAKE | 2724 Ivan Hill Ter | New Listing
web: 0285839 | $799,000
Built in 1937, this 2-bed/1- bath, featuring hardwood floors, a decorative fireplace, and built-in
bookshelves with a desk in the living room.
Diane Evans 323.401.3987
LOS FELIZ BROKERAGE | 323.665.1700
Marc Giroux, Vice President and Brokerage Manager
1801 North Hillhurst Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90027
*Source MLS/CLAW May 2014 county sales and price activity.Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty
logo are registered (or unregistered) service marks used with permission. Operated by Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc.
Los Feliz Ledger
BARNSDALL from page 1
devote more resources to the
grounds in recent months. In
June, Warren began uploading
photos of park problem spots.
“There was a ton of graffiti, it was just awful,” she said.
“This place was just a complete
wreck. The Schindler house
had trash all over and it had
been vandalized.”
Warren’s photos caught
the attention of Tomas
O’Grady, executive director of
Enrich L.A. and newly named
candidate in next year’s Los
Angeles City Council District
4 race. O’Grady helped lead an
anti-privatization campaign at
Barnsdall several years ago in
response to the city’s proposal
to partner with a private organization to run it.
“It should be this amazing campus with activity and
joy and greenery, and it’s falling apart,” O’Grady said.
Warren, O’Grady and
other like-minded allies aren’t
the only ones upset by mounting problems at the park,
which is crowned by Frank
Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock
House, recently nominated
for UNESCO World Heritage
site status.
The Barnsdall Art Park
Foundation, a nonprofit that
hosts cultural events and park
fundraisers, pointed out the
homeless issue in a letter dated
May 2nd to Los Angeles City
Council District 13 Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell and
other city leaders.
“I am writing to express
our deep concern regarding
the growing number of homeless encampments that have
taken root at Barnsdall Park
during the past few months,”
Foundation President Marshall Lewy wrote.
The letter expressed sympathy for the homeless but
urged the city to engage in “a
near-term effort to remove and
prevent the further proliferation of encampments.”
In response, O’Farrell’s
office convened a meeting of
various city agencies and park
stakeholders in June, according to Jeanne Min, O’Farrell’s
chief of staff.
“We are actively monitoring the situation and partnering with other agencies such as
the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority to see if we can
assist the homeless,” Min said.
According to Foundation
President Lewy said there’s
been a growing need for more
security and maintenance over
the past year. While some
point to the proximity of medical services as a magnet for the
growing homeless population
at the site, Lewy also suggested the ongoing gentrification
of downtown and Hollywood
could be adding to the homeless presence in the park.
The number of city agencies overseeing Barnsdall
adds complexity. The Dept.
of Cultural Affairs manages
the park with help from the
Dept. of Recreation and Parks
(grounds), Los Angeles Police Dept. (security services)
and Dept. of General Services
Several observers suggested that post-recession staffing
reductions in city departments
have made problems at the
park worse.
“I think the effect of the
cuts that started with the recession are really coming
home to roost,” Lewy said.
Currently, there’s one fulltime security guard.
“They say there’s 24-hour
security. I don’t see it,” said
Thai Town’s Percival, who
said the unarmed guards are
ineffectual when it comes to
patrolling and enforcing park
O’Grady of Enrich L.A.
echoed those concerns.
“Security is clearly a problem at the park,” he said, a
problem compounded by the
park’s unsecured borders.
“People are coming in at all
hours of the park. No one is
telling them they’re breaking
the law.”
launching a fundraiser to raise
money to install secure fencing
around the park’s perimeter
allowing maintenance crews
to securely close the park after
it closes at 10 p.m.
The homeless have used
Barnsdall Park as a resting
place for decades. A Los Angeles Times article from 1987
mentions their presence.
An April 19th morning
homeless count done by the
East Hollywood Los Feliz
Homeless Coalition “found a
total of 10 individuals: five inside the entrance at the lower
parking lot on Hollywood
Boulevard, and another three
in the upper area,” according
to the Foundation’s letter to
the city, with additional camps
in the back.
On July 19th, about a dozen volunteers pitched in to bag
trash and groom the grounds
in a service day organized by
the Los Feliz Neighborhood
Council. By the end of the
morning, a pile of trash bags
had been stuffed and a halfdozen broken sprinkler heads
had been rounded up.
O’Grady was among the
“All of the olive trees are
clearly diseased,” he said. “It’s
clearly uncared for. There’s nobody minding the store.”
Los Angeles Dept. of
Cultural Park Manager Leslie
Thomas acknowledged “an
increase in tagging, vandalism
and other activities in recent
months” as well as more
homeless and transients.
But he also suggested that
more staffing help isn’t likely
anytime soon.
“In conversation with the
three other city of Los Angeles departments responsible
for managing and operating
Barnsdall Park, [we’ve] been
told that without additional
[human and financial] resources, any changes to the
current levels of park maintenance are not imminent,” he
wrote in an email.
O’Grady said he isn’t going to wait for the city’s gears
to spring into action.
“We’re going to organize
a huge cleanup with 100 volunteers,” he said, citing his
newest plans for a one-day volunteer blitz to remove graffiti,
tend to trees, and remove trash
within a couple of months.
The Northland Village
Church in Atwater Village
has offered to help “give the
park a good old’ scrubbing,”
O’Grady said “The only thing
[the city has] to do is get out of
the way.”
Lewy of the Foundation
is still optimistic the city will
step up with more park resources and improve conditions. The foundation has offered to make a contribution
toward maintenance.
“I think it’s alarming for
people who have been coming for a long time,” Lewy
said. “We don’t want to see it
tip over into a maintenance issue that we can’t recover from.
There’s too much good momentum happening.”
Historic Neutra
Building’s New
By Michael Locke,
Ledger Columnist
SILVER LAKE—The historic
Neutra Office Building, which
served as the studio and office
of modernist Architect Richard Neutra from 1950 until
his death in 1970, has opened
a new chapter in its storied
life with the addition of a new
museum and gallery.
An opening night gala reception on Thursday, Aug. 21st
at 6 p.m. will feature an exhibition, “Art in Architecture” with
works by artist Joselle Celine
and Dion Neutra. The event is
free and open to the public. The
building, located at 2379 Glendale Blvd, is an LA Historic
Cultural Monument (No. 676)
and is listed on the National
Register of Historic Places.
5Bd/4.5Ba Contemporary Hillside villa. Cooks kitchen. Glendale to Ocean views from extensive decks.
Walnut flrs. Den, Media & Great Room. Franklin El. Entertainer’s paradise. www.4140ParvaAve.com
2Bd/2Ba.; 1,185 Sq Ft (per Assr). @ LA’S sleeper complex “The Highlands.” New paint & carpet.
Wood floors. 2 patios. SxS pkg. Resort-like amenities. Hillside view. www.6724hillpark104.com
• 37 years sales + marketing experience
• 22-year Los Feliz resident
• Former boardmember Los Feliz Improvement Assoc.
© 2014 BHH Affiliates, LLC. An independently operated subsidiary of HomeServices of America, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway
affiliate, and a franchisee of BHH Affiliates, LLC. Berkshire
Hathaway HomeServices and the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices symbol are registered service marks of HomeServices of
America, Inc.® Equal Housing Opportunity.
CalBRE 01321406/01317331
August 2014
Su Casa REAL ESTATE Page 17
Los Feliz Ledger
By Ameera Butt, Ledger Contributing Writer
ECHO PARK—Small lots,
popping up in Echo Park and
its boundary to Silver Lake,
are causing angst among Echo
Park residents.
Nowhere was that vexation more apparent than reaction from residents during
a small lot subdivision workshop and a Greater Echo Park
Elysian Neighborhood Council planning and land use
committee meeting in July.
Residents from both Echo
Park and Silver Lake complained that small lots cause
overdevelopment and don’t
reflect the individual character of neighborhoods. They
blamed the city for failing its
residents by adopting the 2005
ordinance that promotes small
lot development and in turn,
they say, more density.
Small lots are properties
bought and sold like conventional single-family homes
but are only permitted in
multi-family or commercial
zones for projects with up to
47 units, like duplexes and
triplexes, according to Simon
Pastucha, from the City of Los
Angeles’ Planning Dept.
“[Small lot development
has] been met with some successes and some failures and
often times when the small lot
subdivision property comes to
a neighborhood, it’s met with
a lot of suspicion,” said Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell,
whose Council District 13
oversees Echo Park, Silver
Lake and Hollywood.
Between 2005 and 2013,
1,556 small lot developments
were approved by the city, according to city statistics. Each
small lot subdivision must be
reviewed and approved by city
of Los Angeles staff, and is
subject to a public hearing.
O’Farrell said the small
lot subdivisions were intended not to increase density in
“It’s important we continue this ordinance, that we
look for ways to improve it,”
A rendering of a proposed small lot project on Waterloo St. between Echo Park
and Silver Lake boulevards.
O’Farrell said, including ensuring developments respect
neighborhood aesthetics.
Regarding a proposed small
lot project on Waterloo Street
between Echo Park and Silver
Lake boulevards, Echo Park residents have voiced displeasure.
The project in question is
two parcels at 1427 and 1433
North Waterloo St. with 10
proposed units that would
have three bedrooms and three
and a half bathrooms each, according to Laron Turley, project manager with Newport
Beach-based Planet Home
Living, the project’s developer.
Each unit would be approximately 2,000 square feet with
two, private garage spaces.
Echo Park resident Mike
Conley said the small lot
looked like “1980s Santa
“It looks like dentist offices,” he said. “I think it’s an aesthetic mistake. [I] don’t think
it fits in with the character of
the neighborhood.”
Jan James, another local
resident, said density and the
cars the units would spawn are
also problematic.
But according to the developer, they are backing off
the number of units currently
permitted by the city.
“The allowable density
based on the square footage
of the lot is 18 units and we’re
proposing 10 units which is a
55% reduction,” project manager Turley said. “Like modern
construction we are providing
two garage spaces per home.”
He said as a developer,
they’re long-term investors
and stakeholders in the area.
“We don’t plan to leave,”
Turley said. “This neighborhood is valuable and there is a
character we are trying to be
part of in Echo Park, Silver
Lake, Eagle Rock, Hollywood.”
LABONGE from page 1
to resign and concentrate on
other projects.”
Those other projects include a new television show
and movie, neither of which
she said she could divulge any
specific information.. She said
she will also hopefully be producing and co-directing public service announcements for
the Los Angeles Police Dept.
Johnson is also a Silver Lake
Neighborhood Council governing board member, a position
she said she hopes to retain.
“That’s just a once-amonth situation, usually in
the evening,” she said. “I
haven’t run into any problems
there yet but I’ll have to take it
month by month.”
LaBonge said he wishes
Johnson well.
“As you know, not only is
Anne-Marie Johnson a skilled
community leader and Deputy
for Griffith Park, but she is also
an amazing and talented actress,” said LaBonge in a statement. “My office and I couldn’t
be more happy and excited for
her future endeavors. Her hard
work and dedication to District
4 will truly be missed. We wish
her all the best.”
Chao, previously worked as
a marketing coordinator and
environmental planner for
the Chinatown Business Improvement District. Other
previous positions include a
learning and education consultant with Pricewaterhouse;
a special events coordinator
with the Hollywood Reporter
and a volunteer in LaBonge’s
office. Most recently, she was
the principal at Shan Chao
consulting which she started
in 2013.
With a 90 year history, awardwinning senior living care, and a
fresh outlook, Solheim offers the
option to shine with a positive change
and important support and resources.
Call 323-559-4926 today
for an informative discussion and tour.
shine through
2236 Merton Ave
Eagle Rock CA 90041
(323) 559-4926
Page 18 Su Casa REAL ESTATE
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DSS Certificate of Authority: 121
Small Lot Development Causes Angst in Echo Park
August 2014
Congrats to our newest star agent,
Jessie Thurston
on all of her recent closings!
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BRE Lic #01367014
Los Feliz Ledger
[senior moments]
Sign up for the
Seniors Can Be Cool Too
Los Feliz Ledger
By Stephanie Vendig, Ledger Columnist
It is summer
again, and
we usually
expect some hot days. However, the weather is no longer
predictable, and California,
in particular, is experiencing
drought conditions. That may
mean that there will be hotter
and dryer days ahead.
According to the Natural
Resources Defense Council,
extreme heat results in the loss
of 117 lives nationally each
year. But the real incidence is
probably much higher due to
how heat makes other illnesses
like heart disease, kidney or
respiratory disease worse. The
council estimates that another
1,800 die from illnesses made
worse by the heat.
Heat impacts groups of
people differently. In a June
New York Times column by
Jane E. Brody, she warns that
the elderly, young children,
athletes of all ages and weekend warriors whose bodies
have not adapted to heat stress
are at high risk.
For the elderly, the ability
to cool down declines as blood
vessels don’t dilate as easily to
allow the heat to escape. The
ability to perspire is also diminished in the older person.
In addition, it is common
for heat stress in the older person to develop gradually over
several hot days, so it is important to pay attention to signals
of stress. Fatigue, dizziness,
weakness, headache, nausea
and muscle cramps are common symptoms as well as a rise
in body temperature.
The biggest problem for
the elderly is dehydration especially, when it is ignored because one may not feel thirsty.
Without adequate intake of
fluids, said Dr. Michelle Eslami, a geriatrician at UCLA
“confusion, low blood pressure, inability to walk, decline
of kidney function and urinary tract infections” can become prevalent.
Medications can also
make matters worse when
there is heat.
Obviously there are things
you can do to prevent the
worst, but it does mean you
have to think ahead, for example, like having fans or air
conditioners available. Keep
windows open at night and
particularly on two sides of
the room. Keep the shades
down on the windows during
the day.
If your house is impossible to keep reasonably cool,
consider going to places with
air conditioning. City Facilities are designated as cooling
places. The Greater Griffith
Park Adult Community Center is designated as such. when
there is a need.
By calling 311 or the Los
Angeles Recreation and Parks
Public Information Office
(213) 202-2700, you will be
informed of which city facility is available at the particular
time of need.
Of course, drinking fluids, at least eight glasses of water or fruit or vegetable juices
daily, is crucial, and not those
with caffeine or alcohol as they
promote fluid loss. Use water
to cool off the body and lie
down in cool places. And go
for the shade.
To start receiving yours, please
register at www.losfelizledger.com
or email us at:
[email protected]
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Los Feliz Ledger
CD4 RACE from page 1
largely white, residential and
affluent, including parts of
Los Feliz, Griffith Park, Silver
Lake, Toluca Lake, Sherman
Oaks, Hollywood Hills and
Hancock Park.
In his 2011 effort,
O’Grady received 6,043 votes
or 31% of registered voters and
was endorsed by the Los Angeles Times. He spent $86,027
and collected $93,774, of
which $25,000 came in personal money, $28,942 in city
matching funds and $39,832
in contributions.
That year, LaBonge received 55% of the vote, beating the 50% mark, which
would demand a runoff, and
had more than $330,000 in
contributions, matching funds
Tomas O’Grady
and independent expenditures. In the 2011 election,
under 12% of registered voters
in Los Angeles voted.
Locally, according to the
Los Angeles City Clerk, there
were 126,281 registered voters
in city council district four in
2011 and 20,521 cast ballots, a
turnout of 16.2%.
With 13 candidates currently filed in the CD4 election, several will have already
surpassed O’Grady’s total
2011 funds by end of July.
Other candidates running
are Tara Bannister, Edward
Teddy Davis, Sheila Irani,
Step Jones, Wally Knox, Fred
Mariscal, Joan Pelico, John
Nelson Perron Jr., Carolyn
Ramsay, David E. Ryu, Steve
Veres and Oscar Winslow.
CD4 in 2012. Previously there
were 126,281 registered voters
in the district. That number was
estimated in 2013 to be 157,982.
The CD4 primary election will be held March 3rd,
2015. A general election runoff between two candidates
will follow on May 19th, 2015
with the two leading candidates should any candidate
fail to receive more than 50%
of votes in March.
National Night
Out, Aug. 5th
LOS FELIZ—The annual National Night Out, an evening
promoting community connection and awareness across
the country, will take place
Tues. Aug. 5th from 6 p.m. to
8 p.m.
Tables with community
information will be set up at
the Vermont Triangle, and at
the Los Angeles Public Library
and Los Angeles Fire Station 35,
both on Hillhurst Avenue. Refreshments and prizes will be
available at each table location.
For more information call
(323) 666-3950 or [email protected]
Soap Plant Founder, Barbara Shire
Dies at 100
SLNC Considering Ways To Make Spending More
By Allison B. Cohen
By Colin Stutz, Ledger Senior Contributing Writer
A tribute to Barbara Shire at her July 20th memorial. Pictured also is her husband, Hank, who preceded her in death as well as family photographs of sons
Peter and Billy. Photo: Gary Leonard.
ECHO PARK—Barbara N.
Shire, the founder of Los Feliz’s Soap Plant died on July
5th. She was 100.
Shire was memorialized
July 20th at her elder son Peter’s artist studio with about 50
in attendance, including son,
Billy, who now oversees and
manages Soap Plant/Wacko on
Hollywood Boulevard.
“She loved beautiful,
beautiful things,” a friend of
the family said, “and she was
able to express herself with
that store.”
Shire was remembered
as a conversationalist, “the
mother to all” of Billy and Peter’s childhood friends always
quick with irony and humor
and a radical left-wing political personality.
“I would be sitting at the
table doing my homework,”
Billy recalled, “while the
Communist Club was meeting in my house.”
According to Billy, his
mother was often a protestor
against dictator Francisco Franco and fought for democracy,
trade and worker’s unions an
educational reforms in Spain.
Franco ruled Spain from 1939
until his death in 1975.
Shire was also remembered as one who loved to go
camping and the love of “yak.”
August 2014
“She was born to yak,”
said Billy.
She was also a long time
Parliament cigarettes, but
stopped at age 64.
“If she had not smoked,”
Peter said, “she would have
lived to 250.”
Both sons remembered
their mother as a parent who
let them be who they wanted
to be and let them both freely
explore the hills and valleys of
Echo Park as children. She was
eulogized as giving her children the freedom of creativity.
Soap Plant began in 1971
on Sunset Boulevard as a family affair. The business then
moved to Melrose Avenue in
Hollywood in the early 1980s.
In 1984, Wacko, descried as
a “pop culture toy shop,” was
opened and finally in 1995,
both businesses were moved to
Los Feliz on Hollywood Boulevard.
Shire was born May 25,
1914 and attended the Anna
Head School for Girls in
Berkeley, founded in 1887.
The school relocated to Oakland, CA and merged with the
Royce School in 1979 and is
now called the Head-Royce
school. At 16, Shire enrolled to
study biology at Radcliffe College in Massachusetts, which
merged with Harvard in 1999.
SILVER LAKE—While the Los
Feliz Neighborhood Council
has begun posted its expenditures online, the neighboring Silver Lake Neighborhood
Council (SLNC) is considering following suit. With 15 new governing
board members elected in April,
co-chair Charles Herman-Wurmfeld said the council is now
open to and appreciative of constructive input. The public expenditures posting has already
come up at Budget and Finance
Committee meetings and is being explored. On the Budget and Finance Committee’s agenda in
the new financial year is the
goal to “explore new ways of
making council expenditures
and work products available
to stakeholders both electronically and through hard copy,”
said SLNC Treasurer Geogene
Goodin. Currently, the board’s expenditures can be seen in each
month’s agenda as part of the
treasurer’s report, but there is no
compilation of all monies spent
readily available. Goodin said
she looks forward to changing
that in months to come.
Hollywood Arts Council’s
29th Annual
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the communities in which we serve.”
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[eastside eye]
Route 66: The Road and the Romance at the Autry
By Kathy A. McDonald, Ledger Columnist
Americans love the open
highway, although it’s rare to
find one these days.
Now through early 2015
at the Autry, the Route 66: The
Road and the Romance exhibition goes the distance to present the history of the United
States’ first transcontinental
highway and its place in popular culture. Together, the exhibition’s 250 artifacts trace
all aspects of the road from
its inception in the late 1920s
to its demise, as the interstate
highway system relegated it
to byway status rather a main
The first to connect Chicago to Los Angeles, the 2,400mile highway in many ways encapsulates the history of 20th
Century America. The proliferation of the private automobile, the paving and modernizing of roads, the establishment
of roadside attractions and the
eventual relative ease of travel
are all here. Oil and cars not
only revolutionized the American economy but also its landscape, and Route 66 played a
significant role.
“With the explosion of
cars it was seen that the federal government needed to
step in with the building of
roads,” said the Autry’s curator of Western history, popular culture and firearms Jeffrey
At its inception, local
boosters were behind Route
66’s selected path. The economic benefits were keenly
felt, especially in the American Southwest. The exhibition
opens with the very first map
of Route 66 from 1926 and
ends with recent and ongoing
efforts to preserve the road’s
physical remnants.
Route 66’s influence on
movies, books, art and Native
American culture is also documented. Authors John Steinbeck and Jack Kerouac both
wrote their famous tomes, The
Grapes of Wrath and On the
Road respectively, after road
trips along the route.
More than 120 versions
of songwriter Bobby Troup’s
“(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66,”
which popularized the highway for many, are displayed
via a vintage jukebox.
Visual artists were also
inspired by “America’s Main
Street,” with work by Thomas
Hart Benton, Jackson Pollock
and Ed Ruscha (Twentysix
Gasoline Stations) demonstrating that connection.
Today, segments of Route
66 and signs marking its way
can be glimpsed along Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock
and Pasadena and at its termination close to the Santa
Monica Pier.
Although the exhibit mostly chronicles the city and mythmaking aspect of Route 66—a
restored motel neon sign and
Burma Shave advertisements
add a touch of kitsch—the
darker side of the route is examined too. Its dangerous curves,
fatal car crashes and the travails
of segregated minority travelers
are surveyed.
Exuberant, colorful and
scenery-filled, much like the
road itself, the Autry’s trip
down the famed highway also
includes a look at Disney and
Pixar’s Cars and the neon-lit
California Adventure theme
park where a recreated Route
66 in “Cars Land” leads to
the park’s most popular attraction: the Radiator Springs
A series of programs and
screenings are ongoing during the exhibition, such as an
afternoon showing of Cars on
Sept. 14th and a salute to Beat
poets Sept. 11th.
Speed over to The Autry for
a visit. Find more information: TheAutry.org
Children’s Festival of the Arts
Set for August 10th
The annual Children’s Festival of the Arts will take place
at Paramount Pictures Sun.,
Aug. 10th from 12 noon to 4:30
p.m. and will offer live performances, dance and music from
around the world, family art
workshops, face-painting, puppet making and more.
The event is sponsored by
the Hollywood Arts Council
and is free.
Child film and television
celebrities will also be on hand
as well as costumed characters,
including Bugs Bunny from
Six Flags Magic Mountain
and The Amazing Dave (Magician Dave DeVito). “This wonderful non-commercial event has become a family tradition,” said Hollywood
Arts Council executive director Shauna McClure. “People
whose parents brought them to
the festival in the past are now
bringing their own kids.”
The festival is partially
funded by the City of Los
Angeles Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Children’s Hospital of
Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills
West Neighborhood Council,
East Hollywood Neighborhood Council, Barnsdall Arts,
and Los Angeles City councilmembers Mitch O’Farrell and
Tom LaBonge.
Food and drinks will be
available for sale at the event.
Enter at Paramount’s Bronson
Gate, where there will be ample free parking on site. 5555
Melrose Ave.
For more information, call
(323) 871-2787 or hollywoodartscouncil.org. crosby from page 13
ver Lake house they’d lived in
over seven years, but wanted to
remain in the neighborhood.
They’re grateful they turned to
Crosby for help.
“I can say with certainty,
we would have moved out of
the neighborhood if not for Gail
and her connection to the community.” Said George. “She’s
kind of like an institution—everyone knows Gail’s name.”
Artist, Allison Schulnick,
appreciated Crosby’s creative
spirit in displaying Schulnick’s
personal art collection, to reflect the kind of buyer they
were trying to attract.
“It helped us get a lot of offers,” said Schulnick. “We didn’t
want someone stale and all business and Gail had a lot of heart.”
Crosby’s smile lingered as
she recently toured a generational home she represented
just a block from where she
lives with her husband, Rod.
“I actually believe a lot of
things are fated and there is
karma,” she said.
To Crosby, the best transactions are when everybody
walks away happy. “It’s honoring the people
who live there, and people
who are looking for something, and finding how I can
put two positives together.”
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[the good life]
German Wines for
By Tara de Lis, Ledger Columnist
In honor of its
recent World
Cup win, we thought it would
be timely to spotlight a few
fun German wines for summer. Naturally, such a large
country has a range of regional styles and various grape
varietals at which it excels,
but here are three picks to incorporate into your summer
meals and other get-togethers.
The Salwey Pinot Blanc
comes from the Baden winemaking region in the southwest of Germany. It has a very
mild nose and a dry taste, with
notes of citrus and a prominent minerality. It’s a light,
restrained wine, perfect for
anyone with a penchant for Pinot Grigio, but looking to try
something a little different, at
a friendly price point.
Rosés also make for great
summer wines, and are increasingly popular in the
States, now that people are less
likely to confuse them with
White Zinfandels which are
also pink. However, most people drink domestic products,
or European brands, from
France, Italy or Spain. German rosés are still rare discoveries. Try the Von Buhl rosé,
made from Pinot Noir grapes.
The 2013 vintage is young,
but meant to be enjoyed early.
It’s austere, but berry-centric:
like a summer tart in a glass.
Rieslings continue to
be misunderstood, as many
people expect all of them to
be super sweet and viscous,
when in fact, they have a
wide range of flavor profiles
and styles. While the Reinhold Haart Kabinett Riesling
has an alluring perfume, the
taste suggests an imminent
apple harvest, presumptive
of fall. Break in the 2007, as
Rieslings aren’t ready right
to drink right away and benefit from aging.
August 2014
Los Feliz Ledger
Atwater Principal Exits Amid Poor
Reviews from Parents and Staff
Officials Hope to Have Replacement by Start of
School Year, Aug. 12th
By Ameera Butt, Ledger Contributing Writer
Avenue Elementary’s principal
has left the Silver Lake Boulevard school amid complaints
from parents, staff and parents.
Terry L. Burge was principal of the school from late
November 2013 through June
2014, according to Thomas
Waldan, a Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
spokesperson. He has accepted
a position with a company that
helps reform ailing schools nationwide.
According to ShelliAnne Couch, President of the
Friends of Atwater Elementary, Burge was “allowed to
resign” his position.
“Teachers, staff and parents all had concerns that Mr.
Burge was not delivering on
any front,” said Couch. “We
met with LAUSD, laid out
the evidence and they acted
Burge technically has taken a leave of absence and could
be gone up to three years, at
August 2014
which time, he can return to
the school, but not likely as
principal, according to Couch.
“I am truly leaving Atwater with mixed feelings,”
Burge wrote in a letter to parents in June. “I am so happy
about my new career opportunity, but sad to be leaving such
a great community where I
have built so many wonderful
According to Couch, a
search committee is currently
interviewing new applicants
and hope to have a new principal in place for the start of
the new school year that starts
Aug. 12th.
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Atwater Elementary Faultline
Tests Inconclusive So More Will
Be Conducted
By Ameera Butt, Ledger Contributing Writer
from tests, conducted on a
playground area of the Atwater Avenue Elementary School
earlier this spring have thus
far been unable to find a fault
running below the school. Instead the Los Angeles Unified
School District (LAUSD) officials said it discovered groundwater, implying the testing is
“If you find groundwater,
to do additional testing and
dig deeper.
In May, a Los Angeles
Times analysis released mapping showing which structures most likely sit atop the
Hollywood Fault corridor. In
Atwater Village, the mapping
indicated the fault travels directly underneath Atwater
Avenue Elementary on Silver
Lake Boulevard.
The LAUSD said it had
In Atwater Village, the mapping
indicated the fault travels directly
underneath Atwater Avenue Elementary
on Silver Lake Boulevard.
you’re not able to identify different layers of strata below,”
said Christos Chrysiliou, Director of Architectural and
Engineering services with
LAUSD. “The water will
muck all of the information,
so it won’t be able to draw a
The district is working
with the California Geological Survey, which provides scientific products and services
about the state’s geology, seismology and mineral resources,
already been was aware of the
fault underlying the school,
which was built in 1923.
According to Chrysiliou,
the initial tests went down
about 40 feet in depth. A
deeper test, he said, and one
absent from groundwater,
will hopefully bring more
Results on new testing,
Chrysiliou said, could be
available within two months
and will identify if the school
will need to be retrofitted.
IH Senior Named Top Debater in the Country
Katie Hughes, a member
of Immaculate Heart High
School class of 2014, became
the top female Lincoln-Douglas debater in the country following her 3rd place win at
the 2014 National Speech &
Debate Tournament.
Hughes competed in 15
rounds of debate over four
consecutive days of competition at the recent National
Championships in Overland
Park, KS.
This year’s debate topic
was “Resolved: The United
States ought to prioritize the
pursuit of national security
objectives above the digital
privacy of its citizens.”
Hughes qualified to attend the national competition
after placing 1st at the West
Los Angeles District
Qualifying Tournament in March. This
is the second consecutive year that an Immaculate Heart student has participated
in the national tournament.
daughter of Joyce and
Terry Hughes of Los
Angeles and a member of Our Mother of
Good Counsel Parish Church, ends her
four-year high school
speech and debate career with
this achievement. She will attend Stanford University this
fall as a freshman and plans to
major in physics.
“I’m thrilled and very
4612 Welch Place in Los Feliz
proud of Katie,” said Immaculate Heart debate coach Naemah Morris, who also received
the National Speech & Debate
Association’s School of Honor
Award for Immaculate Heart.
For more info (323) 666-6154
Celebrating 30 Years!
Wednesday, August 20 & September 24 • 5-6pm
Now enrolling Fall Sessions
los fELIZ
August 2014
Los Feliz Ledger
[mother of invention]
The Modern Stay-At-Home Mom
By Rita Mauceri, Ledger Columnist
In 1967, around the time
I was born, half of all mothers in America stayed at
home, although the tide was
turning. Earlier that decade,
Betty Friedan’s seminal book
The Feminine Mystique was
released, sparking a wave of
feminism and leading women
to seek careers. The number of
stay-at-home moms decreased
over the next 30 years until
1999 when it was just 23%.
Many experts expected that
number to continue declining,
but it did the opposite.
According to a study released this spring by the Pew
Research Center, the portion
of mothers staying at home in
2012 was 29%—the highest
since 1990. The increase was
motivated by a confluence of
factors from decreased job opportunities and higher unemployment to rising immigration and lingering doubt about
the impact of working mothers
on children’s development.
An April 2014 feature on
PewSocialTrends.org indicates
those same factors may also
help explain why more women
are going back to work after
having children, but doing it
on their own terms by launching home-based businesses.
Of the millions of femaleowned businesses across the
country, there are no solid statistics on how many are run by
stay-at-home moms, but undoubtedly the age of the Internet has facilitated working from
a kitchen, living room, garage,
or small craft corner. While babies nap or older kids do homework, moms can work via laptops, iPads or smartphones from
the comfort of their homes.
Understandably, tackling
entrepreneurship and diapers
simultaneously can be challenging. Starting a business is
hard, as is parenting. Doing
both in tandem is a Herculean
undertaking, nevertheless one
that appeals to many moms
because it promises flexibility,
quality family time and the
opportunity to be available to
children during some of their
most formative years.
“[A] big change we’ve
seen in the past 15 years is acceptance. In the past, moms
August 2014
have been reluctant to tell
clients they work from home.
Now it’s commonplace, even
respectable,” according to Ellen Parlapiano, co-founder of
Locally, the trend of working from home is thriving.
Mothers like jewelry designer, Maya Brenner and
Stroller Strides fitness trainer,
Joanna Nesen, started successful businesses after their children were born.
“For me, starting a business from home was the only
option,” said Los Feliz mom,
Amy Conroy, founder of Habla
Blah Blah, which offers music
designed to teach children language skills in Spanish, French,
or English. “I didn’t want to
miss a moment of my kids,
but I had to work and create,
too. Daily, my business takes
a back seat and I’m not always
a perfect mother. I am a little
exhausted and super lucky, too.
I wouldn’t have it any other
Today, women have positions in a myriad of fields and
a stay-at-home mom is just as
likely to be an attorney or an
architect as she is a entrepreneur fashion designer.
In June 2012, Forbes Magazine noted, “a quiet revolution is taking shape right now
among women. Unlike the
‘Quiet Revolution’ that began in the 1970s, which saw
women leave the home and
enter the workforce in droves,
women today are leaving the
workforce in droves in favor
of being at home. But unlike generations of women
before, these women are opting to work in the home not
as homemakers—but as jobmaking entrepreneurs.”
According also to Forbes,
“[w]omen have been starting
businesses at a higher rate than
men for the last 20 years and
tend to create home-based micro—less than 5 employees—
and small businesses. Women
will create over half of the 9.72
million new small business
jobs expected to be created by
2018 and more and more are
doing this from home offices
across the country.”
Of course, there are plenty of variables to consider for
those who want to be at home
wanting to join this trend.
It’s not always a successful
formula and doesn’t suit all
personalities. But thanks to
modern technology, women
with entrepreneurial aspirations can now analyze reports as well as report cards,
alternate between tweets and
tummy time and create space
in their schedule to breastfeed
and balance budgets.
[theater review]
Shakespeare in Silver Lake
By Marilyn Tower Oliver, Ledger Theater Critic
Theatre Company was producing “Andronicus” at the
Lyric Theatre, I knew I wanted to go. The play, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s earliest
tragedy, “The Tale of Titus
Andronicus,” is seldom performed. This adaptation was
produced by Jeremy Lelliott,
the founding artistic director
of Coeurage Theatre Company. He also directs. A brutal tale of revenge,
the subject matter is gory
and is easily the famous playwright’s most violent play. Set
in ancient Rome, the story has
a vicious rape, dismemberments, murder, lust, and some
rather graphic sex scenes. Although it is not for the faint
of heart, the audience that
packed the tiny theater the
night I went, seemed to eat
it up, and I didn’t see anyone
leaving at intermission. I am,
however, a little squeamish
and had to avert my eyes during the rape scene.
The plot is too convoluted
to relate in this review, but in
a nutshell Tamora, a Gothic
princess, seeks revenge on the
Romans who have captured
her and her sons. Titus Andronicus, the victorious Roman general, is the object of
her hate. In return Andronicus
seeks his own vengeance. As you enter the small
theater, drums and yells set
the mood, and one knows
that a violent tale is about to
unfold. Fight scenes filled
with acrobatics and brutality,
choreographed by T.J. Marchbank, almost seem to spill into
the audience. The close proximity to the action makes the
violence even more real.
The large cast of 16 actors is quite proficient in creating their characters. It is a
little difficult to keep them all
straight but a character map in
the program helps. Of particular note are
Ted Barton as Andronicus
and Rebekah Tripp whose
character Tamora is a precursor to Lady Macbeth in
Shakespeare’s later play. Anthony Mark Barrow’s por-
trayal of Aaron, Tamora’s
attendant and lover, brings a
welcome touch of humanity
when he discovers the birth
of his biracial son and along
with Andonicus’ violated
by Katie Pelensky—brings a
touch of humanity to an otherwise grisly story. Although “Andronicus”
is not one of Shakespeare’s
finest, it is a precursor for his
more famous tragedies and offers playgoers an opportunity
to see a play that is rarely produced. A caveat: the violence
and rather explicit sex scenes
make it a play for adult audiences only.
The price, however, is
a plus. It is “pay-what-youwant”—a real deal considering the excellence of the cast.
“Andronicus” through Aug.
17th , Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.; Sundays at 7
p.m. Tickets: www.coeurage.
org/tickets or (323) 944-2165.
Lyric-Hyperion Theater
Café, 2106 Hyperion Ave.
Los Feliz Ledger
[Almost Famous]
Festivals Rock L.A. in August
By Charles H. Cohen, Ledger Music Critic
Late summer in Los Angeles is the place
to be for any
music fan. August marks the
return of the
annual Goldenvoice-produced
“FYF fest” in downtown LA
Los Angeles and the EDM
super-festival “HARD Summer.”
If that weren’t enough, we
Angelinos are also graced by
hosting Jay-Z’s annual “Made
In America” festival at downtown’s Grand Park.
In addition to the three
festivals a host of live shows
are set to make August one of
the most memorable months
in Los Angeles’ music history.
FYF, which was founded
by teenager Sean Carlson in
2004, started out at Echo
Park’s own EchoPlex before
expanding and spreading to
the Los Angeles State Historical Park. The festival that has
featured prominent acts such
as: MGMT, Cold War Kids,
James Blake, Beirut, Yeah
Yeah Yeahs and Flume now
has a new home at Los Angeles Sports Arena and Exposition Park.
This year, FYF features its
strongest line-up to date with
French superband, and former
Coachella headliner, Phoenix
on Saturday and the longawaited return of Julian Casablancas’ band The Strokes on
Sunday. Casablancas will also
be playing a solo-set on Saturday. Additionally on board
are Interpol, Grimes, Ty Segall, Mac Demarco, and local
talent from Odd Future emcee
Earl Sweatshirt, Los Angeles
Charter School for the Arts
alumni sisters Haim and ambient electronica master Flying
Lotus. The festival will run from
Saturday, August 23rd to Sunday, August 24th.
known as the biggest annual
EDM festival SoCal has to
offer returns from Aug. 2nd
to 3rd and features a lineup packed to the brim with
world-class DJs and producers. Headlining this year will
be: Jack U (a duo composed
of Major Lazer’s Diplo and
local dubstep guru Skrillex)
and Tiësto. Other booked
acts include: Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, Baauer,
What So Not, Clockwork,
Disclosure, and teenager
Martin Garrix. The festival is
sold-out but if you failed to
get your ticket have-no-fear
as HARD Day of the Dead
is just around the corner in
November. Both festivals are
18 and over.
Jay-Z’s “Made In America Festival,” which is held
annually in different cities
across the United States, will
be landing in Los Angeles
this year, but not without
controversy. Many Angelinos protested the festival
when Mayor Eric Garcetti
announced that it would take
place in Downtown’s Grand
Park. But despite the picketing and disapproval of some
residents the festival will run
as planned.
This year, “Made in America” will feature two separate
festivals running simultaneously in Philadelphia and Los
Angeles. While the lineup for
both cities are great it seems
that Los Angeles now has the
edge over Philadelphia after
the announcement that Kanye
West would perform as the
Sunday headliner. Others set
to perform are: Imagine Dragons, Kenrick Lamar, ScHoolBoy Q, John Mayer, Steve
Aoki and Chance the Rapper.
With a lineup this strong
the festival is sure to leave its
mark on the Los Angeles music scene while catering to rap,
EDM, and Alternative fans
alike. “Made in America” runs
from Sat., Aug.t 30th to Sunday, Aug. 31st with single-day
tickets available for purchase.
While the two festivals
reign supreme over the music scene this month there
are many other solo shows of
worth. This year Australian super-producer FLUME will
leave his mark in Los Angeles
music history as the 22-yearold has sold out three shows
at Los Angeles Live’s Club
Nokia. If there is any show I
recommend trying to see it’s
his. FLUME has a knack for
engaging his audience like no
other while crafting a unique
live experience every time. Additionally, local rapper Casey Veggies will return
to Wilshire’s El Rey Theatre
on August 13th joined by
Niko G4. This show comes
nearly one-year after Veggies
and Houston rapper Travi$
Scott provided an epic show
at the El Rey bringing out
ScHoolboy Q, Tyler the Creator, Dom Kennedy, and
Kanye West among others.
Casey has been known to go
the extra mile for hometown
shows and this one should be
no different. Just off a successful
Coachella performance, Australian psychedelic-rock band
Jagwar Ma--the publisher’s
favorite--is also playing a free
concert at the Santa Monica
Pier August 7th at 7 p.m.
FLEISS from page 1
knew him.
Fleiss died at his Los Feliz home July 19th. He was
80-years-old and reportedly
died from complications related to a bicycling accident
suffered earlier this year.
He was still practicing
medicine at the time of his
death, and was one of the few
remaining doctors who would
LaBonge remembered Fleiss
as “one of the greatest citizens of all in our community.
Paul was a true champion of
Griffith Park and hiked there
every day. I remember all the
time where I would throw my
football to him and he would
always catch it. Paul was truly
a great man with a great heart.
Los Angeles lost a great citi-
Survivors include his
daughters, Heidi, Amy, Shana
and Kim; and a son, Jesse, who
was with him at home when
he died. Another son, Jason,
predeceased him. Fleiss’s marriage to Elissa Ash ended in
Fleiss’s office is located at
1824 Hillhurst Avenue.
According to a woman in
his office that would only iden-
“…Paul was truly a great man with a great heart.
Los Angeles lost a great citizen, but the heavens gained
a new angel.” – Tom LaBonge
make house calls.
“I thought he would
out-live everyone,” said his
daughter, Heidi, in an e-mail
exchange with the Los Feliz
Asked for some memories, she said, “That question
could take me years to answer.
I wasn’t done learning from
him. I’m so, so sorry. I’m still
waiting for him to call me.”
Heidi said she last heard
from her father on Saturday,
very early in the morning when
he reached out to her by either
phone or text at 2:30 a.m. and
asked, “When are you coming
here? I want to hear about our
pistachio grove.”
It is unclear to what exactly Dr. Fleiss was referring.
Local realtor Eileen Moreno, who had her two children
under Fleiss’s care, called him
“an amazing, loving and wonderful doctor.”
“My kids were never afraid
when going to see Dr. Fleiss,”
she posted on Facebook. “He
made his patients feel so loved
and comforted. Although
there were long waits in the
waiting room, once inside the
room with him, he made you
feel that you were the most important patient of the day. He
will truly be missed by all of
his patients and all that knew
and loved him.”
Marianne Coffey, 65, a
Ventura resident, also recalled
Fleiss fondly.
“I couldn’t say enough
kind words about him. What
a wonderful, kind man,” she
Coffey said she met Fleiss
at a meeting of the La Leche
League, an organization that
promotes breast-feeding. Although his office was far from
her home, Coffey took her
daughter to Fleiss after other
physicians could not diagnose
the child’s strange medical
Fleiss correctly discovered
the girl had epilepsy.
“If it wasn’t for him, she
could have had a grand mal
seizure, and something really
bad would have happened,”
she said.
zen, but the heavens gained a
new angel.”
Fleiss was born on Sept.
8th, 1933, in Detroit. He moved
to California in the early 1960s
and took his residency in pediatrics at Los Angeles CountyUSC Medical Center.
tify herself as Rita, she said it
is uncertain if Fleiss’s practice
will continue, but they were
“hoping to do so. The plan is
the family will continue the
business,” she said. “They need
to find out what needs to be
car care ?
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Whether you want to save for the future, secure a personal loan, utilize exclusive online and telephone
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We would like to say good-bye to an amazing man and doctor that we
were so fortunate to have as our pediatrician for our now grown children. Our kids were never afraid of him - he would tell them that he
was their friend and he was there to take care of them. He made his
patients feel so loved and comforted. Even with a waiting room full of
patients, when he was in the room with you he made you feel that you
were the most important patient of the day. When our daughter and
son heard of his passing, they said he was the kindest man they had ever
known. Our hearts break to know that he is no longer here with us. He
will truly be missed by all that knew and loved him.
Dr. Paul Fleiss
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Keller Williams
1660 Hillhurst Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Just Listed
1528 Marsden Street
Just Listed
Echo Park
$865,000 1928 Myra Avenue
Beautifully renovated 1940’s 3+2 Traditional Echo Park gem.
Spacious LR & formal dining room. Updated eat-in kitchen.
Lovely patio + a huge roof top deck with views. Optional 4th
bdrm perfect for a home office. Charming detached rm great for
an artist’s studio. New double paned windows, AC & heat,
refinished hardwood floors. 2 car garage. Apprx 1534 sqft & lot
is 5584. A great location for visiting all the Echo Park hot spots.
West Silver Lake
Los Feliz
This 1939 built Traditional home is ready for it’s facelift to
uncover all the beauty & charm that once was here! Courtyard
entry w/ large living room, views and fireplace. Nice dining rm.
Kitchen with breakfast area. 2 bedrooms a full bath and family
room with wet bar plus an additional bath upstairs. Hardwood
floors. Garage with direct access into the house. Approx 1455
sq ft house and 4999 lot. Probate sale with court confirmation.
In Escrow
Great New Price
2935 Angus Street
Coming Soon
2778 Lakewood Avenue
Silver Lake
Wonderful 1950’s Traditional home & 2 studio apartments each
with kitchenette and bath. 3+2.5 main house w/spacious LR with
fireplace and den. Formal dining room. Kitchen with breakfast
area. Master suite on separate level. Updated bath w/double
sinks, large tub and stall shower, walk-in closet plus alcove for
home office and deck. 2 car garage. Large patio. Great home for
someone needing home offices or guest quarters. Ivanhoe.
In Escrow
$1,095,000 375 Cumberland Road Northwest Glendale $1,349,000 932 West Kensington Road Angelino Heights $949,000
Warm & inviting 2+2 1940’s home. Gorgeous LR w/fireplace.
Spacious living & dining rooms each with large windows to
enjoy the views. Charming and spacious original kitchen with
built-in breakfast booth. Fabulous family room w/fireplace and
wet bar. Good closet space. Hardwood flrs. Apprx 2098 sq ft
house & 7022 lot. 2 car garage w/direct access + 2 additional
spaces. Beautifully landscaped & flat pool sized yard. Ivanhoe.
Accepted Offer Subject To
Court Confirmation
1919 Monon Street
Los Feliz
Loads of potential in this charming 2+1.5 home with lovely
curb appeal. Lived in and loved by the same owner for over
40 years. Living room w/fireplace. Dining area. 1 car garage
access. On a nice cul-de-sac. Franklin Elementary School
District. Approx 1230 sq ft. Yard with lush greenery & deck. It
is a fixer sold in “As Is”, but oh how cute it could be! Probate
Sale. Court date is 8/14. 1st minimum overbid is $667,250.
Located on a premiere street in foothills of NW Glendale, this
Country French residence with wonderful curb appeal offers 4
bd+6 bth, spacious LR & a gorgeous den each with fireplace.
Large formal dining room. Updated eat-in kitchen. Hardwood
floors. The DR & LR lead to a beautiful patio, grassy yard, pool
and spa. Finished basement for possible 5th bdrm. Garage
converted to spacious guest house with kitchenette and bath.
In Escrow
In Escrow
4123 Cumberland Avenue
Charm charm charm in this lovely Craftsman home with a legal
rental. Zoned as a duplex, but gives the feeling of a single
family home with a separate unit for income! Main house is 3+2
w/wonderful original details thru out. Separate home office.
2nd unit - Spacious 1+1 w/living & dining area w/all the charm
of the main house. Appx 2392 sqft & 7338 lot. Lovely yard. This
beautiful gem just might be the one you’ve been waiting for!
Los Feliz
$549,000 2030 North Vermont Avenue 12A Los Feliz
Fixer alert. This 1912 built Craftsman home is waiting to be renovated and brought back into its splendor. Lived in and enjoyed
by the same family for more than 35 years this home offers great
potential to remodel and make it your own. Approximately 819
square feet home and situated on a flat 6575 lot. Detached
garage. Great location that offers close proximity to Hillhurst
and Sunset & all the great shops and restaurants it has to offer.
This stylish 2+1 condo offers a spacious LR which opens to a
lovely balcony with a view of the courtyard. Recently updated
Cook’s kitchen w/Shaker cabinets, Silestone tops, GE stainless
stove, refrigerator & dw. Nice dining area. Two large bedrooms
with great closet space. Updated bthrm with shower over a
deep soaker tub and double vanity sink. 1 car covered parking
and storage. Laundry facilites. Great Los Feliz location!
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