hd 760 pro webcam user manual

hd 760 pro webcam user manual


MODEL 460514



Thank you for purchasing the Manhattan



HD 760 Pro Webcam, Model

Improve online communications, instant messaging, VoIP and social media with high-quality photos and video and better color. Plug-andplay with Windows and Mac compatibity, it’s ready to go and easy to use, with included software that simplifies settings and operation.*

The easy-to-follow instructions in this manual help make the camera’s setup quick and simple, so you’ll also soon be enjoying the benefits of these additional features:

• Easily capture, record and share widescreen HD photos and video up

to 720p – upload to Facebook, YouTube and more

• 12-megapixel image resolution with powerful 4x digital zoom function

and built-in microphone

• Face tracking, automatic color, exposure and brightness levels

maximize clarity in varying light conditions

• Personalize conversations and images with special video and frame


• Versatile base with clip and swivel magnetic mount ideal for notebook

and netbook computers

• Lifetime Warranty


Some screen images have been modified to fit the manual format.

System Requirements

• Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Mac 10.4.8

* Software enhancements/features not compatible with Mac systems

• IBM PC with USB interface

• Pentium 200 or higher CPU

• CD-ROM drive

• 200 MB free disk space

• 32 MB RAM



Prior to installing the driver:

• Close any open software applications on your computer;

• Un-install any previously installed camera software or drivers;

• Disable any anti-virus software and any established firewall; and

• Ensure that the camera is


connected to the computer’s USB port

at this time.

With your computer turned on, insert the included CD in the CD-ROM drive. The installation interface will automatically display.

1. When presented with

the first InstallShield

Wizard screen

prompt, click “Driver.”

2. On the subsequent

screens, click “Next”

or “Continue Anyway”

to proceed with the

driver installation.

3. When the InstallShield

Wizard prompts you

with a screen saying

the installation is

complete, click “Finish.”


1. Connect the camera to your computer’s USB port.

2. After a few seconds, the computer’s operating system will find and

recognize the connected camera, initially displaying a Welcome to

the Found New Hardware Wizard screen. Click “Next.”

3. On subsequent screens, click “Next” or “Continue Anyway” to proceed

with the installation.

4. When the Found New Hardware Wizard prompts you with a screen

that says the software installation is complete, click “Finish.”


Installation Verification

1. From the desktop, go

to My Computer, then


2. Select/click on the

Hardware tab, then

click “Device Manager”

to display your list of

application folders.

3. Confirm the camera

(or “USB 2.0 PC

Camera”) file appears

in the Imaging Devices

folder. Make

sure the folder doesn’t

have an exclamation

point (!) next to it

(which indicates an

improper installation).

4. From the desktop, go to Control

Panel, then click on Sounds

and Audio Devices.

5. Select/click on the Audio tab.

6. In the Sound Recording panel,

select “USB Camera” from the

Default Device drop-down

menu in order to activate the

camera’s built-in microphone.

USB 2.0 PC Camera


Quick-Access Controls

In addition to a convenient exterior focus ring, this camera features a snapshot button on the top of the device so you don’t need to access the software menu to use this handy feature.

Adjustable focus ring

Snapshot button

Clip with swivel magnetic mount

Advanced Settings

To make any changes to the camera settings (image controls and modes and such) or to take advantage of the variety of effects (special effects and frame options), open the AMCap application (which may be found in your Control Panel settings or on your desktop, depending on your operating system). For example:

• To stabilize the video (if needed),

go to Options, then to Video

Capture Filter, and select the

Video Proc Amp tab to change

between “50 Hz” and “60 Hz” to

improve your results (see the

screen image on the next page).

• To establish a new location for

storing AVI images, go to File,

then Set Capture.

• To select a video output size,

go to Options, then to Video

Capture Pin (which then displays the Stream Format screen and the

Output Size drop-down menu, among several other Video Format and

Compression options).





Q What can be done to rectify a dropped frame or video lag?


The camera automatically activates Exposure (displayed on the

Auto Mode Control panel of the Video Proc Amp screen) when lighting

is determined to be insufficient. If continuity or delay problems occur,

deselect the “Auto” option for Exposure.

Q When using MSN, why isn’t my voice heard?


The built-in microphone probably isn’t activated. Check the “Sounds

and Audio Devices Properties” folder in the Device Manager or Control

Panel and make sure that “USB Camera” is elected as the Default

Device drop-down menu option in the Sound Recording panel. You

can also make sure that your Instant Messenger software is defaulted

to recognize the camera. Also, confirm that the other IM user has

the same software version and not one that’s incompatible.

Q How do I take 1.3-megapixel snapshots?


In the AMCAP application, go to Options, then Video Capture Pin to

display the Stream Format screen. In the Output Size field, select

“640 x 480” (VGA). Then return to Options and go to Video Capture

Filter. In the Image Control panel, set the VGA/SXGA slide bar to

“SXGA” (all the way to the right, which equates to 1280 x 960 pixels).

Q After inserting the installation CD, the autorun program doesn’t

work in Windows Vista, 7 or 8. How do I get the camera to install?


This is an issue involving how these two operating systems handle

the autorun.exe file. To install the software and drivers, you’ll need to

manually open the disk.

1. Right-click the My Computer icon and select “Explore.”

2. Browse the CD drive and right-click the setup program.

3. Select “Run as administrator”; the installation will begin.

4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.



Standards and Certifications

• USB 2.0

• CE


• RoHS



• CMOS 1/6” color sensor; 1.3 megapixels 720p (software enhanced;

interpolated to 12 megapixels) with 4x digital zoom

• Lens: plastic, 6 mm (0.25 in.); 64° angle; manual focus with ring

• Image focus: 30 mm to infinity


• Photo and video recording maximum resolution up to 3200 x 2400

(software enhanced)

• Supports video transfer rates up to 30 fps (640 x 480 resolution,

VGA), 10 fps (1280 x 1024, VGA)

• Format: MPEG

• Color depth: 24-bit true color


• Manual focus, color equalizing, exposure and brightness balance


• Built-in microphone with top-mount snapshot button

• Built-in compression ratio (JPG)


• USB cable, 1.2 m (3.9 ft.)

• Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 85 mm (2 x 2 x 3.3 in.)

• Weight: 65 g (2.3 oz.)


© IC Intracom. All rights reserved.

Manhattan is a trademark of IC Intracom, registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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