USER MANUAL - Floor Heating

USER MANUAL - Floor Heating
Heating Solutions
Type MCC4/MCD4
67031 01/10 (DJU)
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General operation 2 Adaptive function... RS A ESAS 3
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Thermostat setup menus 2 Е nce N 3
4-event settings 2 Error messages 3
User settings 2 Factory settings 3
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Energy monitor e e ene reee ee 3
The thermostat can switch on your heating system at predetermined * Set the actual hour and press the OK button. Then set the mi-
times on different days of the week. For each day of the week, you nutes. Press OK.
can set individual temperatures for 4 different periods, called events. * Set the actual date: year, month and day. Confirm the settings
Lowering the temperature when the home is unoccupied will reduce with the OK button.
your energy costs without reducing comfort. The thermostat is now ready for use and will control your heating
The thermostat comes with a default schedule suitable for most in accordance with the pre-programmed 4-event schedule, see
homes. Unless you change the settings, the thermostat will operate Factory settings.
in compliance with the default schedule.
Furthermore, the thermostat features an adaptive function that
automatically changes heating period start times so as to ensure
that the required temperature is reached at the set time. After three
days the adaptive function has learned when the heating must be
switched on.
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— [Comfort Menu Manual En
Power interrupter + + + = + .
First time settings
The first time you switch the interrupter ON “I”, language, time and
date must be set. The menu will automatically guide you through the
process. у A
* Choose your language with the Up and Down buttons and Navigation buttons
confirm with OK.
+ »
ON à 2016 OJ Liectronics A/S 1
: Developed by OJ Electronics A/S -
Type MCC4/MCD4
General operation
The interrupter button allows you to turn the thermostat on "I” and
off “0” by sliding the button up and down. When the thermostat is
switched off “0", the relay disengages. All settings, including time
and date, will be remembered.
The thermostat is intuitively operated using the navigation buttons.
The function of each button is indicated above the button in the
In various parts of the menus and submenus you will find the Back
menu item.
Use Back to return to the last step.
Returns to initial dispay.
Operation mode
The thermostat features three different modes of temperature control:
Auto mode
O Select Auto if you want the temperature to be controlled automa-
tically via the 4-event schedule.
Manual mode
&\ Select Manual to cancel the prograrnmed 4-event schedule (e.g.
during holidays) and to set the required temperature manually. You
may, for example, want to adjust the temperature to 5°C for frost
protection while you are away.
» Press Manual, confirm with OK and choose the required tempe-
Comfort mode
ce Select Comfort to set a temporary comfort temperature
Y (so-called party mode) for a single event.
* Press Comfort, confirm with OK and choose the required tempe-
rature. Then enter the required duration of comfort mode.
After the set time has elapsed, the thermostat will automatically
revert to Auto mode.
Please note: Comfort mode is a temporary manual setting that will
be automatically cancelled by the next event in the programmed
4-event schedule.
Thermostat setup menus
The menu allows you to select the following options:
4-event settings о
Allows you to have the temperature con- +0 uh
trolled automatically in accordance with a 4-Event settings
program of your own choice. You can select
temperature settings for four different events { OK »
during the day:
3 When you wake up in the morning
fr» When you are away at work
€ When you come home
» When you go to bed at night
The thermostat is pre-prograrnmed with a 4-event schedule for easy
and economic heating control, see Preset schedule under Factory
settings. The schedule can be easily changed in the following way:
1. Press the OK button to activate the 4-event settings display.
2. Choose the days for which you want to change the settings,
Mon-Fri or Sat-Sun using the up or down button. Press OK.
3. Now select the time and temperature for each daily event in the
program. Press OK and set the start time for the event concerned.
Confirm with OK. Set the temperature for this event and confirm
with OK.
4. After setting the required events, select Exit in the menu to return
to the initial display.
Temp A Time
i Min IL Max
5.0% НЯ 40.0°C 06:00 05:00) 08:00
+ ОК a Y OK a
User settings
In the user settings menu you can change the
following items:
* Time and date
* Child lock
» Display settings
* 4-event schedule
* Energy monitor
OS || ón
User settings
Time and date
Press OK and set the actual time in hours +0 ©
and minutes, Time and date
The date will then be displayed. Set the date
and confirm with OK. « OK »
Child lock
Allows you to lock the thermostat settings,
e.g. in public or other places where you do
not want the settings changed.
Press OK and set the child lock to On using
the down button. Confirm with OK.
The child lock can be unlocked by pressing both the Comfort and
Manual buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.
Display settings
Allows you to select what is shown on the | © FE |
initial display, Display settings
Time/day: Shows the actual time and day at С a
the top of the display. { OK +
Set temp.: Shows the current temperature setting.
Act. temp.: Shows the actual measured temperature.
Scr. saver: Switches off the display after 30 seconds if no button is
pressed. Any subsequent press of a button reactivates
the display. The thermostat remains on and runs the
selected program,
Press the OK button to select or deselect the display options. Then
select Exit in the menu to return to the initial display and view your
chosen settings.
L || 55%
4-Event schedule
Allows you to choose the type of weekly
4-event schedule you require.
5:2 : Monday to Friday with 4 events and
4-event schedule |
{ OK >»
Saturday to Sunday with 2 events.
Typically used if you work from Monday to Friday.
6:1 : Monday to Saturday with 4 events and Sunday with 2 events.
Typically used if you work from Monday to Saturday.
7:0 : Monday to Sunday with 4 individual events. Allows you to
choose individual programs for each of the 7 days of week.
2 D 2016 OJ Electronics A/S
Type MCC4/MCD4 English
Select the required 4-event schedule and confirm with OK.
For instructions on programming the time and temperature for the
4-event schedule, see 4-event settings.
Press OK to highlight Min temperature. Use the up or down but-
ton to select the minimum permissible temperature, Press OK and
select the maximum permissible temperature. Confirm the settings
with OK,
Energy monitor
Allows you to view energy consumption for Language
the past 2 days, 30 days or 365 days. Energy monitor Allows the language used on the display to
Press OK for the chosen period. The value $5 % be changed.
in per cent {%) shows the relative amount of { OK » | Press OK and select the required language.
time the heating has been on. The following figure is the cost for the Confirm with OK.
selected period. To ensure correct calculation, check the settings for
currency, price per KWh and load.
Currency: Press OK and chose the required currency.
Allows factory settings to be restored. Your
Factory reset [
Confirm with OK. personal settings will be lost, see Factory Factory reset
Cost/unit: Press OK and set the actual cost of electricity. settings.
The cost must be entered per kWh. Press OK. Press OK and choose Reset in the menu. «_ OK »
Loac: Confirm with OK,
Press OK and enter the connected heating power.
The value must be in watt (W). Press OK.
Leave the menu by pressing Exit,
Displays the thermostat software version.
a] *
Engineer settings
The Engineer settings menu contains the following options: Back { OK »
e Offset temperature In various parts of the menus and submenus you will find the Back
* Adaptive function menu item.
* Application Use Back to return to the last step.
* Temperature scale
* Language Exit
* Factory reset
+ Information
Returns to initial dispay.
Error messages
Offset temperature If a fault or error occurs, the thermostat will display an error code as
If the actual measured temperature does not #0 1% follows:
corresponding to the thermostat value, you Offset temp. EQ: Internal failure. The thermostat is defective. Replace thermostat.
can adjust the thermostat by offsetting the i E1: Internal sensor defective or short-circuited.
temperature. «_ OK + E2: External sensor defective or short-circuited.
Press OK and enter the value of the measu-
red temperature. Confirm with OK.
ES: Internal overheating. Inspect the installation.
Factory settings
Adaptive function
Ensures that the required temperature has
already been reached when you get up in the
Preset schedule
Adaptive function
morning or come home from work. After just © Day 1-5
a few days, the adaptive function will have {ок |
automatically calculated when the heating must be turned on. Event Time With floor sensor | With room sensor
Press OK and set the function to On. Confirm with OK. |
Day 06:00-08:00 [25°C 20°C
Application Out 08:00-16:00 |20°C 15°C
Set the type of regulation used.
There are 3 options: Home 16:00-22:30 (25°C 21°C
Floor reg.: The thermostat regulates floor Night 22:30-06:00 |20°C 15°C
temperature only. A floor sen- Day 6-7
sor must be connected.
Room reg.: The thermostat regulates room temperature only. Event Time With floor sensor | With room sensor
Room/limit : The thermostat regulates room temperature with min. Day 08:00-23:00 [25°C 21°C
and max. limits for floor temperature, A floor sensor Night 23:00-08:00 20°C 15°C
must be connected.
Regulator: The thermostat functions as a simple regulator and no
sensors are used. The setting is a percentage.
Press OK and select the required application. Confirm with OK.
Temperature scale
Allows you to set the temperature range
within which the thermostat can be set. ltis Temp scale
then only possible to set a temperature within -
this range in auto, comfort and manual mode. 4 OK »
i 2010] Electronics APS 3
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