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ASIO2.0 driver installation in Windows XP
If the hardware installation was done properly, your computer will look for the Windows
native drivers need to use GIGAPort AG or DG and start to install them.
After Windows native driver was done properly, you need to keep going to next exclusive
ASIO2.0 driver for using Multitrack applications like Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Audio.
1. Insert the provided Driver CD or diskette into the CD-Rom drive or floppy disk
drive and (or unzip GIGAPort zip file and) copy all the files to a folder at your hard
disk. Name it whatever you like. Do not move or delete any of these files, not even
after the installation. Run “setup” icon.
After that, if you see below message, simply click “Yes”
2. Check ‘I accept the agreement’ and click “Install”.
3. ASIO 2.0 driver will be installed.
4. Click “Reboot now”
5. After install the software, Go to Device Manager again. If your windows is
2000, ME or 98SE, you have been finished setting. But if your windows is Win
XP, It looks nothing changed. However, your Windows now recognized
GIGAPort exclusive ASIO 2.0 driver. Keep going to install follow this
6. Right mouse click and click Properties.
7. Click “update Driver”.
8. Choose “Install from a list or specific locations”.
9. Choose “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install”.
10. Choose ‘ESI GIGAPort AG(or DG)’
11. After rebooting your computer, open your system’s Device Manager and
confirms that “ESI-GIGAPort AG(or DG)” is shown under “Universal Serial
Bus Controllers.” Now you’re ready to use ASIO 2.0 Multitrack applications.
- Uninstall ASIO 2.0 driver
Caution: If you want to uninstall ASIO 2.0 driver and go back to use MME
and Direct sound, repeat WDM installation follows below instruction.
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