XC4681 User Manual
1. Box Contents:
USB 2.0 External
2.5“ HDD Case
Step 2:
4. Compatibility:
1 x External HDD Case
1 x USB Power / Data Cable
1 x Mini Screwdriver
2. Installation:
Step 1:
Carefully connect a 2.5“ SATA hard disk drive or SSD with
the SATA connector on the PCB interface. Move the PCB
interface and the hard disk drive into the enclosure and fix
the screws on the rear side to the enclosure.
3. Specifications:
Unscrew both screws on the rear side of the external HDD
case and remove the circuit board.
User Manual
Interface: USB 2.0
HDD Size: Up to 2TB Hard Drive
Transfer Rate: up to 30Mbps
Dimensions: 126(L) x 78(W) x 12(H)mm
Distributed by:
Electus Distribution Pty. Ltd.
320 Victoria Rd, Rydalmere
NSW 2116 Australia
Ph: 1300 738 555
Int’l: +61 2 8832 3200
Fax: 1300 738 500
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