Quick installation Manual
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Product configutation
A Caution
Please read the manual carefully before installing
the product.
» For parking surveillance, please ask the mechanic
or technician for assistance.
» The fuse box may vary. Please check the vehicle
manual before the installation.
» The cabling can be done by the user's convenience.
Quick installation Manual
Place the device on the windshield as seen in
the diagram and then clean the installation area.
Remove the cover off the adhesive mount on the
bracket and mount the product (with the bracket) to
the windshield.
For a clean installation, conceal the cables by tucking
them into the gap between the windshield and
headliner as seen in the diagram.
Place the T-Box in the desired location and mount
using adhesive or screws.
Recommended Placement :
Underneath the seat or dashboard
6 y \ Monitor
i “Video out cable
To activate Video-Out, connect the T-Box and the
monitor with the RCA cable as seen in the diagram.
Use the included remote control to activate Video-
Out features.
Connect the two cables from the T-Box and the main
A-pillar >
Dismantle the A-pillar, as seen in the diagram, and
put the cables into the rubber molding.
í DN
When connecting the wire to the fuse, connect the
“ground wire” first.
* Red - В+ (e.g. internal light, emergency light, or other
always-on power supply)
e Yellow - ACC (e.g. cigarette lighter power or ignition
e Black - GND (e.g. car frame)
Le H
and plug it into the T-Box.
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