Alkaline Battery Pack for AirChek XR5000 Sample Pumps Operating

Alkaline Battery Pack for AirChek XR5000 Sample Pumps Operating
Operating Instructions
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To avoid breakage, orient battery
holder properly and do not force
the battery holder into the battery
pack housing.
Alkaline Battery Pack for
AirChek® XR5000 Sample Pumps
To retain display data, ensure pump is placed in Hold before disconnecting
the battery pack. Display data will not be retained if battery is removed
while pump is running.
Removing Existing Battery Pack
Front of housing with
SKC logo
Resetting Pump to Manufacturer Settings
If the pump does not operate as expected, perform the following procedure:
Remove the battery pack (see Removing Existing Battery Pack).
On the pump keypad, press and hold the Ò key and the
T key simultaneously while attaching the pump to the new
battery pack. The LCD should display the software version
number (525X).
Remove two screws on bottom of battery pack housing.
Orient battery holder properly with
battery pack housing (black and red
wires and battery terminal toward
front of housing with SKC logo).
Do not release hold on the two keys until the pump is
firmly attached to the battery pack.
Pull battery pack housing away from pump case.
Holding battery pack housing tightly in one hand, place a
finger from the other hand through the loop on top of the
battery pack. Pull upward firmly to remove the battery holder
from the housing.
Release the Ò and T keys.
Press the Ò key 2 times. The LCD should read 0. If it does not, separate battery
pack from pump and repeat Steps 1 through 4 until successful.
Replace and tighten two screws on the bottom of the battery
pack housing.
Installing New Batteries
If replacing existing batteries, first remove batteries from
holder. Place new batteries into the holder in the following
polarity arrangement.
For safe operation
in hazardous locations, ensure the pump label contains
logo and the battery pack label contains Cat. No. P85004 or
P85002. Use of any other battery pack (including alkaline) or device to power
the pump voids the UL Listing for intrinsic safety.
Failure to follow warnings and cautions voids any warranty.
Polarity is marked
inside the
battery holder.
Back layer
Front layer
Notice: This operating instruction may not address all safety concerns (if any) associated with this product and
its use. The user is responsible for determining and following the appropriate safety and health practices and
regulatory limitations (if any) before using the product. The information contained in this document should not be
construed as legal advice, opinion, or as a final authority on legal or regulatory procedures.
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