Soap Film Flowmeter 311-1000 Operating Instructions 3702 PDF

Soap Film Flowmeter 311-1000 Operating Instructions 3702 PDF
Operating Instructions
(upper port)
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Soap Film Flowmeter
Catalog No. 311-1000
inlet (lower
side arm)
Close up of 311 Flowmeter
side arm (inlet)
Screw the tripod legs into the base ring. Insert the bulb end of the flowmeter into the center
hole of the base ring and slide the glass down into the ring until the zero line is approximately
1 1/2 inches above the base ring. Tighten the screws until the O-ring is compressed snugly
against the glass.
Tip the flowmeter at an angle and pour a small amount of film solution into the top of the
glass tube so that the liquid runs down the sides. Squeeze the rubber bulb occasionally to
release trapped air and continue adding film solution until the liquid fills the bulb and rises
to a level just below the side arm inlet.
To calibrate a sample pump, connect the pump, with the sampling media in line if applicable,
to the appropriate end of the flowmeter. If the pump draws air, connect it to the rubber tubing
attached to the rubber stopper (see Figure 1 on reverse side). If the pump blows air, connect it
to the lower side arm of the flowmeter using rubber tubing.
Turn on the pump. Gently squeeze the rubber bulb to bring the liquid level momentarily above
the sidearm inlet. Bubbles (soap film) will form which travel up the glass tube with the air
flow. Repeat until the bubbles travel the length of the tube without breaking.
CAUTION: Do not squeeze the bulb for more than an instant. Vigorous squeezing
may form a froth which makes timing bubbles difficult and may cause film solution
to be drawn into the pump.
Use a precision stopwatch to time a single film as it travels between the volume lines marked
on the glass. Start the stopwatch when the film reaches the zero line and stop the stopwatch
when the film reaches the volume line. (It is usually best to form several bubbles 5 to 6 seconds
apart and time the last bubble.) Record the time. Repeat the procedure at least three times
ending at the same volume line and average the results.
Determining the Flow
Calculate the flow using the equation:
Flow (ml/min) =
x (Volume line used {ml})
Time (sec)
Pump inlet
(lower side arm port)
Figure 1.
311 Series Flowmeter in calibration train with vacuum pump
Notice: This operating instruction may not address all safety concerns (if any) associated with this product and
its use. The user is responsible for determining and following the appropriate safety and health practices and
regulatory limitations (if any) before using the product. The information contained in this document should not be
construed as legal advice, opinion, or as a final authority on legal or regulatory procedures.
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