Ultra Passive Samplers 590-100 Operating Instructions 40074 PDF

Ultra Passive Samplers 590-100 Operating Instructions 40074 PDF
Operating Instructions
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Ultra I Passive Samplers
SKC Ultra I Passive (diffusive) Samplers are small badges prefilled with cleaned/
purged sorbent for the reliable sampling and highly sensitive detection of low ppblevel volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using thermal desorption for analysis.
Collar Clip
Collar Clip
Back Plate
Bar Code
Diffusion Barrier
Cover lock and Cover
Front View
Back View
Specifications for Ultra I
(including clip):
Tenax® TA, Chromosorb® 106, Anasorb® GCB1, or Carbopack X
1.4 in (3.5 cm)
2.5 in (6.3 cm)
0.6 in (1.5 cm)
Thermal desorption; gas chromatography (GC)
30 days from date of manufacture. Storage at < 39.2 F (4 C) is
Sampling Rates: Go to www.skcinc.com, click on "Sampling Guides," and select
"Passive (Diffusive) Sampling Guide."
Open aluminized resealable pouch and
remove sampler.
Write start time and date on label on the resealable pouch. The barcode on the sampler matches
the barcode on the pouch label.
Remove cover lock and cover from face of
sampler (i.e., side containing diffusion holes).
Do NOT remove back plate that covers
aluminum cone. Place cover lock and cover in
resealable pouch for use at end of sampling.
Clip sampler to a worker's collar near the
breathing zone. The small diffusion holes must
face outward.
After desired sampling period, unclip sampler
from worker's collar and seal sampler with
cover and cover lock.
Write stop time on label on the pouch. Ensure
barcode on the sampler matches the barcode
on the pouch label. Place sealed sampler into
the resealable pouch.
Carefully package sampler and send to a
laboratory for analysis.
Factors for Determining Application and Storage
Prior to purchasing Ultra I Samplers, evaluate specific compounds of interest and
expected levels. Factors that should be considered include:
• The sampler housing: Small quantities of VOCs may off-gas from the
housing over time, which may be a problem for ppt-level applications.
• The sorbent: Polymeric sorbents such as Tenax TA can increase in background during storage.
Remedies may include:
• Storing in refrigerator to reduce off-gassing
• Transferring sorbent from the badge to a thermal desorption tube, purging
the sorbent, and reloading it into the badge prior to use
• Selecting the Ultra II Passive Sampler, which is filled by the user with
purged sorbent just prior to sampling. Sorbent is provided in glass vials
with PTFE-lined caps.
Before Sampling: Up to 30 days at < 39.2 F (4 C) in a clean, organic solvent-free
After Sampling:
21 days at < 39.2 F (4 C) in a clean, organic solvent-free
1. Remove sampler from resealable pouch and lay flat with capped aluminum cone
facing upward.
2. Slowly remove back plate. Rotate plate a couple of revolutions to help
loosen seal before attempting to remove it.
Caution: Avoid popping off back plate and keep sampler level to
prevent sorbent spillage.
3. Place a thermal desorption tube* over the opening of the cone. Ensure that the
end of the tube facing upward contains a stainless steel screen and glass wool
separator to hold sorbent in place.
4. Transfer sampler sorbent to tube by tipping sampler upside down while holding
tube in place. Gently tap cone to remove any remaining sorbent.
5. Remove sampler from tube and place a stainless steel screen and glass
wool separator in the other end of the tube.
6. Seal tube with PTFE caps or Swagelok® fittings. The tube is ready for thermal
7. Analyze using a gas chromatograph (GC) with the detector specified in the
method for the compound of interest.
* Thermal desorption tubes must be 0.25-inch O.D., 0.194-inch I.D., and a minimum
length of 3.5 inches (Perkin Elmer Thermal Desorber). Thermal desorption tube blanks
that meet these specifications are available from SKC (Cat. No. P226350).
Ultra I Passive Samplers were evaluated by the U.S. Military1, 2, OSHA Technical
Center (Salt Lake)3, Swedish researchers4, and SKC R&D Laboratories5, 6.
Samplers with specific sorbents were found to be suitable for 8-hour workshift
sampling, 24-hour indoor air studies targeting medium-to-high boiling point
compounds, and for 24-hour or 7-day sampling of benzene and 1,3-butadiene†.
† Uptake rates for 1,3-butadiene were found to decline over a one-week period
1. Hendricks, W.D., et. al., Feasibility of Diffusive Sampling to Monitor U.S. Military Personnel for Exposure to
Toxic Chemical Substances, U.S. Dept. of Labor, OSHA, SLTC, Salt Lake City, UT, 2002
2. Hendricks, W., The Marines Project: A Laboratory Study of Diffusive Sampling/Thermal Desorption/Mass
Spectrometry Techniques for Monitoring Personal Exposure to Toxic Industrial Chemicals, Industrial Hygiene
Division, OSHA, SLTC, Salt Lake City, UT, Apr. 2002
3. Hendricks, W., Performance of SKC Ultra Passive Samplers Containing Carboxen 1016, Carbotrap Z, or
Chromosorb 106 When Challenged With a Mixture Containing Twenty of OSHA SLTC's Top Solvent
Analytes, Methods Development Team, Industrial Hygiene Chemistry Division, OSHA, SLTC, Salt Lake City,
UT, Feb. 2003, www.osha.gov, search on "Ultra"
4. Strandberg, B., et. al., "Evaluation of Two Types of Diffusive Samplers and Adsorbents for Measuring
1,3-butadiene and Benzene in Air," Atm. Environ., Vol. 39, July 2005, pp. 4104-4110
5. Coyne, L., et. al., Using Diffusive Samplers for Monitoring for Ppb Levels of Volatile Organic Compounds in
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6. Coyne, L., et. al., Using Diffusive Samplers for Monitoring for Ppb Levels of Volatile Organic Compounds in
Air, presented at AIHce 2002, San Diego, CA, June 2002
Ultra I Passive Samplers
Tenax TA, 265 mg
Chromosorb 106, 285 mg
Anasorb GCB1‡, 370 mg
Carbopack X, 500 mg
Cat. No. Qty.
590-200*∞ 5
* Use within 30 days; storage at < 39.2 F (4 C) recommended
‡ Comparable to Carbopack B
∞ See Reference 3 for additional information on sampling rates for Chromosorb 106.
Analysis Accessory
Thermal Desorption Tube, Perkin Elmer,
0.25 x 3.5 inch, includes screens and end caps
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