B3000 plus Service

B3000 plus Service
3 Troubleshooting, maintenance, recycling
defective thermal protection
defective capacitor
low power supply (less than 200V)
no power supply
damaged sealing gasket
water outlet holes are clogged
defective external fan
air filter is clogged
defective internal fan
thermal exchange batteries are dirty
damaged compressor
refrigerant gas is not enough
defective heating resistance
switch wrongly positioned
defective thermal protection
check the set point temperature
Operations to be carried out
by authorised personnel
temperature over 40°C
Operations to be carried
out by the user
temperature less than 18°C
3.1. Troubles, causes, solutions
the air conditioner does not cool sufficiently
the air conditioner does not heat enough
no air circulation into the vehicle
water leaks into the vehicle
the air conditioner does not start
the air conditioner stops running
3.2. Extraordinary maintenance
For the best performance of your air conditioner, have your dealer/workshop clean it thoroughly before use:
1. thermal exchange batteries
2. water outlet holes are properly cleaned.
B3000 PLUS
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