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PDF - 1155Kb
LC Engineering can assist your prototype development by:
Providing mechanical engineering design support
Providing research and development into specialised technologies
Developing your design concept to feasible prototype manufacture
Facilitating procurement of parts and assembly of prototype
Developing and performing prototype testing for product proving
LC Engineering can provide support to you product by:
Advancing designs to commercial ready phase
Redesigning for improved manufacture costs
Providing mechanical engineering design support
Providing engineering design documentation management
Providing root cause failure investigations and resolutions
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Please contact:
Tel: +61 7 3436 2500
[email protected]
Mechanical engineering expertise (RPEQ)
SolidWorks 3D modelling
Finite Element Analysis (FEA - Cosmos, Strand 7, Pro/MECHANICA )
Discrete Element Modelling (DEM - EDEM software)
Design simulation programs
Prototype manufacture and testing
Advanced detailed drafting expertise
Scale testing instrumentation
Strain gauging expertise
Vibration analysis and condition monitoring
Project planning and management (MS Project)
LC Engineering Pty. Ltd.
Design document management (PDMworks, EPDM)
Client: CSIRO
Challenge: Re-design strain meter product to reduce
manufacture costs
Outcome: Costs down from $120k to $30k
Involved: High precision and exotic materials
Client: CQMS Razer
Challenge: Cover all engineering research, commercialisation
thru to product support
Outcome: Successful long-term product development
resulting in leading market performance
Involved: Full engineering responsibility
Client: Pace Engineers Group
Challenge: Set up best practice design management
procedures and development for SafeARC
electrical current protection product range
Outcome: Improved design and documentation systems
Involved: Project management, training, best practice 3D
modelling procedures
Client: Vibrating Screen OEM
Challenge: Carry out vibrating screen design analysis via finite
element analysis for fatigue and natural frequency
Outcome: Provide design modification to reduce stresses and
manipulate stiffness and natural frequencies
Involved: Complex finite element analysis modelling, interpretation of results, and advances in design
Client: RIO Tinto and GBI
Challenge: Rectify problems with rope shovel, test OEM
proposed solution, provide superior solution
Outcome: OEM mods proven fallible via scale testing, LC
proposed solution chosen, reduced solution cost
Involved: Scale testing to prove proposed solutions,
verification of field results matched scale test data
Client: BHP Hay Point Terminal Services
Challenge: Stacker conveyor fatigue risk assessment
Outcome: Successful full-time strain gauge monitoring
Involved: Design audit, data logging, web-based reporting
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