S5 Programming and Troubleshooting Course

S5 Programming and Troubleshooting Course
S5 Programming and
Troubleshooting Course
Course content:
S5 system overview, including program structure and basis.
Principles of S5 operations using Ladder Diagram, Statement List
and Control System Flowchart languages.
Memory, Counter and Timer operations are covered, as well as basic logic operations.
Also included are conversion functions using system function blocks.
S5 software functions for testing, diagnostics and troubleshooting.
PLC configuration and addressing of analogue modules.
Exercises are applied in a practical way using a fully equipped PLC to drive
a model conveyor system.
Designed for:
Engineers, technicians, consultants, electricians.
Course description:
Identify the components and performance characteristics of SIMATIC S5.
Make use of the various types of addressing and understand the program structure.
Create, document, and test simple programs and be able to troubleshoot software
and hardware problems.
Understand the nature of minor program modifications to identify
and overcome operational problems.
Conduct monitoring and test functions to identify process status.
Pre-requisite knowledge should include a basic understanding of PLC and concepts.
Some knowledge of computer operations is essential.
Booking details:
Course Code S5-SYS3
Duration 4 Days
Delivery Training locations in all major capitals
On site training is available (please call for separate pricing)
Investment $2,300 + $230.00 GST includes training manual
(Prices may change without notice)
Phone Siemens Customer Care Centre 137222
Or our Training Co-ordinator on 03 9721 7234
[email protected]
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