ADSL/ADSL2+ troubleshooting: isolation test guide

ADSL/ADSL2+ troubleshooting: isolation test guide
Netbay Internet – ADSL/ADSL2+ troubleshooting: isolation guide
ADSL/ADSL2+ troubleshooting: isolation test guide
1. Unplug all devices that are connected to the same telephone line your
ADSL/ADSL2+ connection is using.
This includes (but is not limited to):
fax machines,
dialup modems,
answering machines,
EFTPOS terminals,
Foxtel digital boxes.
2. Connect your modem directly to the telephone wall socket.
Use a telephone cable of length no longer than 3 meters.
Do not connect line filters in between the wall jack and your modem.
Do not use extension cables, double adaptors or splitters.
Make sure your telephone cable is not coiled.
3. Check and make sure the modem has power. Give it 3 – 5 minutes to attain
line sync.
4. If the ADSL/DSL light on the modem is off or flashing, power cycle the
modem by pulling out the power of the modem and put it back in.
5. Do a factory reset to the modem if ADSL/DSL light still off or flashing after
you power cycle the modem.
Factory reset: this involves using a paperclip or pen to push the factory reset
button (usually a recessed button at the rear of the modem) for about 20
6. If the ADSL/DSL light stays solid green, it means a previously-connected
device was causing interference to the connection.
* If you are troubleshooting a slow speed issue, please turn on the computer
and perform a speed test now.
7. Reconnect the devices one by one to find out which one is causing the
problem. Leave the modem on for a few minutes after each device is plugged
back in, check if the ADSL/DSL light goes off. If it does, it means you have
found the device interfering with your internet connection.
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