test procedure - Ameet Electro Systems

test procedure - Ameet Electro Systems
Earth Continuity Tester
As a safety measure, all electrical, electronic, mechanical machines/equipment must be connected Earth to avoid
Electric shock. Our Earth Continuity Tester (ECT) monitors & checks the continuity of Earth to machine/equipment. If
continuity is OK, LED indicator glows and relay operates, from NO to NC. Relay NO / NC terminals are potential free and
can be used to actuate any external system like alarm /compressor. Its input continuity terminals work at 1V / 80uA
only. So it is safe to use this ECD with any systems especially gas systems.
ECT is powered with 230V AC supply. It consist built-in DC voltage regulator which ensures stable performance.
It is available as with / without enclosure.
Electrical Specifications
Aux. Supply: 230VAC, 50Hz, 1-ph, +/-20%
Input: Continuity probe, 1V / 80uADC
Output: Relay NO, 10A max. , Potential free
Indicator: LED type
Any Machine/Equipment connected to Earth
Manufactured By: Ameet HV Systems, Plot No.27, Survey No. 76/A+B, Someshwar Colony, Satpur, NASHIK – 422 007 MS
Cell # 9850992580, E-mail: ameetsys@yahoo.com, www.ameetsystems.com
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