Installation Instructions and User's Guide – Clay/Plaster Trap CA

Installation Instructions and User's Guide – Clay/Plaster Trap CA
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Installation Instructions and User’s Guide – Clay/Plaster Trap CA-1
This Clay/Plaster Trap has been designed and approved by Water Board Authorities. When installed
and maintained properly, this unit will give many years of service and help protect our Environment.
- Locate the Clay/Plaster Trap in a position that provides a minimum of 250mm clearance from lid to
underside of bench top for removal of lid and inner filter basket
- Connect 50mm trap to sink bowl and inlet on the CA-1 and ensure water level of trap is a minimum of
200mm above water level of Clay/Plaster Trap.
- Test all connections for leaks
- Do not dispose of acids, chemicals or any other substance unsuitable for normal sink waste through
this trap
- Do not dispose of large quantities of Plaster/Clay through this Trap
- When washing down implements used, ensure enough water is used to clear the “S” trap connection
to Clay/Plaster Trap
- Maintenance will depend on usage – a trap used daily with high volumes of clay/plaster will require
more frequent cleaning
- Empty basket and flush out trap and tank if left in an unused state for long periods of time (eg School
Holidays etc)
- Remove lid from Clay/Plaster Trap
- Push inner basket tank away from inlet
- Remove inner basket tank from trap
- Remove wave/filter screens and clean
- If the Clay/Plaster Trap itself needs cleaning, drain the tank before disconnection, then remove the
tank and clean as require and reconnect. Refer to Installation Instructions.
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