User Manual
User Manual
A3 Scanner
The TWAIN Driver (For Macintosh)
User Manual
Chapter Two
Scanning Tutorial
Chapter One
Setting Up the Scanner
System Requirements ..................................... 1
Unpacking the Scanner .................................. 2
The Scanner Parts ........................................... 2
Unlocking the Scanner ................................... 4
Locking the Scanner ....................................... 4
Installing the Scanner to a Macintosh............. 5
Installing the Scanner Driver ......................... 6
Power Up the Scanner ................................ 8
Position the Document ................................. 8
Acquire the TWAIN Driver ........................... 9
The TWAIN Dialog Box ...............................10
The Main Folder ........................................... 11
The Enhancement Folder .............................. 12
The Filters Folder ......................................... 13
The Preview Window ................................... 14
Prescan the Image ........................................ 15
Set Up the Scan Parameters ......................... 15
Execute the Scan Command ......................... 16
Scanner Features .......................................... 16
Using Batch Scan ......................................... 18
The Batch Scan Dialog Box ......................... 18
Chapter Three
Appendix A: Specifications* ........................ 20
Appendix B: Maintenance ............................ 21
Cleaning Procedures .................................... 22
Appendix C: Troubleshooting ...................... 23
Determining Error Messages ........................ 23
LED Ready Indicator Messages ................... 23
Other Troubleshooting .................................. 23
Setting Up the Scanner
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Setting Up the Scanner
System Requirements
This chapter covers the scanner installation and has
the following topics:
The scanner and the bundled software comply with
the TWAIN protocol for the Macintosh platform.
For the scanner and scanner software to perform
suitably to task, you should at least have:
y System Requirements
y Unpacking the scanner
y Package contents
Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.6
Available USB port
y The scanner parts
24-bit video card or higher
y Unlocking and locking the scanner
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM driver
y Installing the scanner
At least 64 MB RAM
y Installing TWAIN
32 MB available hard disk space for software
Chapter One
Setting Up the Scanner
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Unpacking the Scanner
• Document Cover
Carefully unpack the contents of the scanner
Inspect the items closely and if you find any item
damaged or missing, please contact your Service
Center. Also, save the box and packing material for
in case you have to ship the scanner later.
• Scan Window Glass
The Scanner Parts
• Carriage Lock
• LED Power Indicator
Carriage Lock
LED Power Indicator
LED Ready Indicator
Power Switch
Chapter One
The scan window glass is where you lay down
and position documents for scanning. Alignment
marks and rulers are printed on the borders to
help you position documents.
The carriage lock prevents the scanner’s internal
mechanism from moving during shipment. Unlock the scanner before using and re-lock it when
shipping the scanner.
Scan Window
The document cover holds the document in place
during scanning. It can be raised when scanning
objects such as books.
When you turn on the scanner, the LED power
indicator flashes momentarily and then remains
Setting Up the Scanner
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
• LED Ready Indicator
When scanning or warming up, the LED ready
indicator will keep flashing. When the scanner is
available for scanning, the LED ready indicator
will remain lit.
• Power Switch
Powers ON/OFF electrical power.
USB Port
Adaptor Port
Power Cord Receptacle
• USB Port
The Universal Serial Bus Port on the rear panel
are true plug-and-play serial ports for attaching
your scanner to your computer.
• Transparency Adapter Port
This port is for connecting an optional
transparency adapter.
• Power Cord Receptacle
Connect the scanner Power Cord to the
Receptacle. This is used for your scanner’s power
Chapter One
Setting Up the Scanner
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Unlocking the Scanner
Locking the Scanner
In the rear of the scanner is a carriage lock that
protects the scanning mechanism during shipping.
To prevent causing damage to the scanner, you
should unlock the carriage before operating the
unit. As shown in the illustration, push the carriage
lock up to release the carriage.
In case you need to ship the scanner once afterinstallation, be sure to lock the carriage.
Failing to do so may cause damage to the unit’s
scanning mechanism. To lock the scanner, first
select Start, Programs, A3 scanner, “Scanner
Lock”. After successfully running the program,
and the carriage has stopped moving, you can now
lock the scanner by pushing the carriage lock up as
shown in the illustration.
Chapter One
Setting Up the Scanner
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Installing the Scanner to a
Refer to the following illustration and steps to
connect your scanner:
1. Connect the power adapter to the scanner and
plug it into an appropriate power outlet.
3. Connect the other end of the scanner’s USB
cable to the scanner’s USB port.
2. With the power to your computer on, connect the
scanner’s USB cable to the USB port of your
Upon connecting the USB cable, the system
would automatically detect your scanner and
update your system configuration.
Chapter One
Setting Up the Scanner
Installing the Scanner Driver
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
3. When you see the following screen, please
click "continue".
Turn on your Macintosh and start to install the
Scanner Driver as following.
1. Insert the Scanner CD into your CD-ROM
drive, and you will see the files as Figure 1.
Note: If the driver is downloaded from the website,
extract the compressed file using any extraction tool such as The Unarchiver on Mac.
4. You can specify the location of the installation
by clicking "Change Install Location...".
(Figure 1)
(Figure 2)
2. Double- click "P3600 A3 Pro" in (Figure 2).
Chapter One
Setting Up the Scanner
5. Type your MAC’s user name and password
in following dialog box and click "OK".
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
After the installation is complete, click
"Close" to exit the installation.
If you did not set a password for your MAC,
leave the field blank and then press "OK" to
6. The driver is now being installed.
Chapter One
Scanning Tutorial
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Scanning Tutorial
Position the Document
Power Up the Scanner
For the best possible image scans, it is important that you position your documents correctly
and carefully. For this tutorial, use a paper-based
document such as a color photograph. Procedures
for document positioning are as follows:
1. First, power up the scanner by pushing the
power button.
The LED power indicator on the front panel
of the scanner lights up and flashes for about a
minute and then remains lit, signifying that the
scanner is ready.
2. Power up the computer and wait until the
computer finishes booting.
8 Chapter Two
1. Lift the scanner document cover.
2. Place the document face down on the glass and
in the upper center corner.
3. Slowly lower the scanner document cover,
making sure the document remains in position.
Scanning Tutorial
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Acquire the TWAIN Driver
The TWAIN driver is the scanning module provided with your scanner. It is easily accessed from
within the bundled scanner software or from within
any TWAIN-compliant program. Before you start
with the steps below, be sure you have installed and
configured the bundled scanner software. Refer to
Chapter 1 for details.
1. Turn on your Macintosh computer.
2. Run the host TWAIN-compliant software (e.g.
3. Call up the TWAIN Data Source by selecting
Acquire from the File menu. (In some programs,
the Acquire command will appear in a submenu
under the Import command.) The TWAIN
dialog box will appear in a submenu under the
Import command.
The TWAIN dialog box contains control settings,
which you must set prior to scanning a document.
The basic steps to scan a document are:
1. Prescan the document.
2. Set the desired image area to be scanned.
3. Select the scan source.
4. Select the desired scan mode.
5. Select the desired resolution.
6. Click on the Scan button.
Chapter Two
Scanning Tutorial
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
The TWAIN Dialog Box
The TWAIN dialog box is divided into two sections: the left section where most of the control settings are
located, and the right section, which is the Preview Window.
Contains defferent
conrol settings.
Preview Window
Used for viewing the
prescan image and
selecting the final scan
Chapter Two
Scanning Tutorial
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
The Main Folder
The main folder contains the control settings needed for specifying
the scanning parameters such as
scan mode, resolution, etc.
Scan Mode
Sets the scanner to read color,
grayscale, lineart, etc.
Scan Size
Refers to the size of the image or
document that you area about to
Scan Source
Sets the media type of the document to
be scanned,
Sets the resolution in dots per inch
Width and Height
Changes the dimensions of the final
Color Matching Control
Color Matching allows the scanner
to more accurately reflect the actual
colors of the original image.
Image Size
Displays the amount of computer space
needed to display or save the selected
image area.
Reset Button
Returns settings to their default values.
11 Chapter Two
Scanning Tutorial
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
The Enhancement
The Enhancement folder contains preprocessing controls you
can apply to the image before
making your final scan.
Are used to see the effects of any
changes in the control settings.
Brightness Control
Allows you to adjust the overall
amount of light in the image through a
range of values (–127 ~0~+127).
Previous Button
Sets settings to previous values.
Contrast Control
The Contrast Control allows you to adjust the overall amount of black areas
or white areas in the image through a
range of values (–127~0~+127).
Gamma Control
Adjusts the brightness level in the
highlights, midtones, and shadows of
the image.(0.1~7.9)
Reset Button
Returns settings to their default values.
Chapter Two
Scanning Tutorial
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
The Filters Folder
The Filters folder contains
preprocessing controls that allow
you to apply special effects to the
image before making your final
No filter is applied.
Blur or Blur More
Smooths or softens the image.
Sharpen or Sharpen More
Enhances the detail in the image.
Reverses an image to its negative or
Are used to see the effects of the
selected filter.
Creates a mirror image of the original.
Makes the elements in the image appear
raised or sunken.
Unsharp Mask
Emphasizes shape edges and color
Reset Button
Returns settings to their default values.
13 Chapter Two
Scanning Tutorial
The Preview Window
The Preview Window is
where you can view the prescan image. The first time you
want to scan a document, it is
better that you do a precan.
Zoom Tool Button
Allows you to enlarge/shrink an area
of the image in the preview window
Batch Scan Button
Allows creation of up to 30 scan
regions for Crop Frames for multiple
Preview Button
Allows you to see the effect of any
changes made to the image prior to
14 Chapter Two
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Language Setting
Allows you to select the desired
language that the dialog box will be
displayed in.
Exit Button
Click to exit (or close) the TWAIN or
Batch Scan Dialog boxes.
Crop Frame
Outlines the scan area or region that
will be included in the final scan.
Scan Button
processes the pre-scanned image,
and displays it in the host software
(where you opened up the TWAIN
dialog box).
Scanning Tutorial
Prescan the Image
A Preview is a quick lowresolution scan of the entire
original image. From this lowresolution scan you can get a
clearer idea of the image area you want to include
when you click Scan. To Preview, the steps are:
1. Place the document face down on the scan window
2. Click the Preview button in the dialog box. After
the scanner has scanned the document, the scanned
image will appear in the Preview Window. From
the Preview image, you can now set the exact
image area you wish to include in your final scan.
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
or corners of the Crop Frame and drag it out or in to
the desired length and width.
Crop frame
Only the area inside the Crop Frame will be included
in the resulting scanned image when you click Scan.
The size information at the bottom of the dialog box
is automatically updated when the Crop Frame is resized.
2. Select the scan source.
Set Up the Scan Parameters
Since we are going to scan a color photograph,
choose Reflective.
1. Set the desired image area to be scanned.
Use the Crop Frame in the Preview window to outline
the image area you wish to scan. Click one of the sides
when scanning paper-based documents such as
photographs or text (magazines, books, or images).
15 Chapter Two
Scanning Tutorial
when scanning positive film or transparencies,
or Negative as a source for scanning negative
film.(usually works with transparency adapter)
3. Select the desired scan mode.
The Scan Mode determines how the scanner will
read the image.
• 24-Bit Color captures images in 16.7 million colors
• Gray captures images in grayscale
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Execute the Scan Command
When you are finished with the
control settings, click on the
Scan button. The scanner begins to scan the document and
a message box appears on the
screen displaying the progress of the scan. When
the scan is finished, the image will be displayed in
the main screen of the host software.
• Text/Line Art is used for text documents or blackand-white images
Scanner Features
4. Select the desired resolution.
Resolution is a measure of how much image detail
information the scanner is to capture in a scan. A
higher resolution results to a sharper image but
requires more disk space for file saving. For this
session, set the resolution to 300 dpi.
The A3 scanner is especially designed for professional electronic publishers, graphic arts designers, multimedia developers, or anyone else who
demands only the best scanning results. The A3
scanner recognizes over 68 billion colors and can
capture subtle changes in color and depth rendering
images that are more vibrant, clearer, and sharper.
16 Chapter Two
Scanning Tutorial
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
With a true optical resolution of 1800 x 3600 dpi
and a maximum resolution of 19200 x 19200 dpi
(through interpolation), the A3 scanner offers a
wide range of resolution to complement a variety
of printers from black-and-white inkjet and laser
printers to color inkjet, laser, and dye sublimation
images for multimedia presentations, printed output, or autodemos can be obtained using this scan
mode. When disk space is limited, use 24-bit color
scan mode to capture color images.
Scan Modes
This scan mode is for capturing fine details and
shading in continuous-tone originals such as photographs.
The A3 scanner incorporates multiple scan modes
and high resolutions. The A3 scanner’s multiple
scan modes can reproduce your documents into
three types of images: 24-bit color images, grayscale images, and line-art images. The choice of
scan mode and image type depends on your output
requirements and system configuration.
24-Bit Color
Line Art
Images scanned in Text/Line Art have absolutely
no shading, only black and white. This scan mode
is best used with text images for OCR and graphics
with only black and white areas.
This scan mode captures 24 bits of color image
information for every pixel in the screen image.
Reproduce over 16.7 million colors. Impressive
17 Chapter Two
Scanning Tutorial
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Using Batch Scan
Batch Scanning is an easy way to multi-scan any
part of your document using different scan modes
and resolutions. In batch scanning ,you can specify
up to a maximum of 30 scan regions or you can
scan a single region several times using different
combinations of scan modes and resolutions.
To activate batch scanning, click on the
Batch Scan button. This will bring up the
Batch Scan dialog box.
The Batch Scan Dialog Box
The Batch Scan dialog box contains several controls that make batch scanning simple and easy to
use. It will also display the number of batch jobs
that you make when you create the scan regions.
18 Chapter Two
New Batch Button
Click on this button to create a new scan
region on the image in the Preview
Copy Batch Button
Click on this button to duplicate a batch
job. You can then specify different
control settings for this particular batch
Scanning Tutorial
Delete Batch Button
Click on this button to delete the selected
or highlighted batch job.
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you wish to create more
scan regions. You can have up to 30 scan regions.
If you want to duplicate the current scan region,
simply click on the Duplicate Batch Button.
Exit Batch Button
Click on this button to cancel batch scan
and exit the Batch Scan dialog box.
To do a batch scan, the steps are:
1. Click the Batch Scan button. The Batch Scan
dialog box appears.
2. Create a scan region:
(a) Move the cursor inside the Preview Window.
5. Click Scan. The scanner will begin to scan the
scan regions one after the other.
For scanning multiple documents or images, Batch
Scan is equipped with an auto crop function that is
not available in the regular scanning mode. Batch
Scan auto-detects the borders of the images or
paper edges of the documents, allowing you the
option of scanning any or all of these images/documents without having manually select, and scan
them individually (as required in the regular mode.)
(b) Reposition or resize the crop frame if necessary.
3. Set the desired scan mode and resolution for the
current scan region.
19 Chapter Two
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Appendix A: Specifications*
Scanner Type: Color CCD Flatbed
Light Source: Cold Cathode lamp
Color Mode: true 48-bit/pixel
Interface: USB 2.0
Dimensions: 27.0” (L) x 17.3” (W) x 6.4” (H)
Consumption: 36W
Gray Mode: true 16-bit/pixel
Weight: 15.5 kg (34.21bs)
Text/Line Art: 1-bit/pixel (2 levels)
Support OS:
Optical: 1800 dpi (H) x 3600 dpi (V)
Enhanced: 19200 dpi x 19200 dpi
Scan Area: 11.7” x 17” (297 mm x 431.8 mm)
20 Appendix A
Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.6
TA/scan area: 11.7” x 17” (297 mm x 431.8 mm)
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Appendix B: Maintenance
Ensure that your flatbed scanner operates at
optimum performance by observing the following:
Scratches on the glass will show up as unwanted
marks in scanned images.
• Cover the scanner when it’s not in use to avoid
dust contamination
• Avoid environments where the scanner would be
exposed to direct sunlight (or any other source
of excessive heat) for long periods of time
• Protect the scanner from potential liquid spills
such as soda, coffee, tea, etc.
• Operate the scanner on a level, well-grounded
work surface, free of excessive vibration
• Be careful to avoid scratching the glass when
placing multi-page documents (bound by sharp
staples or paper clips) on the scan window glass.
• Don’t open the scanner case because there is
danger of electrical shock and there are no
customer-serviceable parts inside. For servicing
needs, call your scanner dealer for assistance.
Appendix B
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Cleaning Procedures
1. Power off the scanner and disconnect the power
3. Wipe off the detergent with a soft cloth damp
with water.
2. Gently wipe the scan window glass with a soft
lint-free cloth and mild liquid detergent to remove
fingerprints, smudges, or loose particles. Do not
use a spray detergent as this may get inside the
case and damage the unit’s internal components.
4. Finally, dry the surface by wiping it with a clean
soft cloth.
Appendix B
A3 Scanner Manual (Macintosh)
Appendix C: Troubleshooting
Determining Error Messages
LED Ready Indicator Messages
When the scanner is turned on, it will automatically perform a series of self-diagnostic tests. The
LED power indicator located on the scanner’s front
panel should tell you if there is something wrong
with the unit. Upon power up, the LED ready indicator lights up and flashes for about a minute and
then remains lit. The scanner lamp will also be on
and will remain on until you power off the scanner.
1. If the LED ready indicator light continues to
flash beyond one minute, call Technical Support.
2. If the LED ready indicator remains lit, but the
scanner lamp is dim, call Technical Support.
Other Troubleshooting
1. Check to make sure all cable connections are
• The USB cable is firmly plugged into the scanner and the computer.
• The power cord is firmly connected to the
scanner, plugged into an appropriate power
outlet, and the power switch is turned on.
Appendix C
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