ASC-828 user's manual - Techman-TSTI

ASC-828 user's manual - Techman-TSTI
Smart Surveillance Camera
Motorized Pan Tilt / Tracking
SD Card Recording / Plug & Play
Installation Guide
1. Check Package Contents
◎ The Smart Surveillance Camera
◎ Remote Control
◎ A/V cable
◎ Power Adaptor
◎ Installation Guide
◎ Camera Stand
2. Physical description
◎ Front Panel
IR Leds
Power Status Led
Tracking Enabling Led
Recording Status Led
Detection Enabling Led
◎ Rear Panel
A/V Output
USB Port
BNC Output
DC Input
SD Card Slot
3. Operation Guide
3.1 Install the camera
1. Take out the power adaptor put in the package and plug into the camera. Don’t use other power
adaptor that may cause damage to this camera.
2. Connect the A/V cable to monitor or TV. You could unplug the audio terminals(red & white) if
there is echo effect when it’s short distance from the camera to TV. Make sure all cable
connection is well connected. After the camera’s self - rotation and then wait few seconds, you
can see the live video on the monitor or TV.
3. The camera can be placed on a flat table. For surveillance purpose, if it’s necessary you can use
the mounting stand to mount the camera on anywhere such as wall, ceiling, … etc.
4. If the camera is mounted up side down on the ceiling or you get a reflected video. In order to see
the right view of picture, please enter the setup page to change the video setting to be flip or
5. The camera is capable of connecting DVR by using the BNC output connector.
6. After the camera is well installed, you can use remote control to move the camera’s head to
certain direction. The camera is designed with very wide range of pan/Tilt angle - Pan : Range
355 degree, Tilt : Range 135 degree
7. During the preview mode and recording, the camera is allowed to move its head by remote.
8. During the preview mode, recording and playback, you could click zoom+/- to adjust the picture
size up to five times. Under the zoom status, you could use arrow keys to move the video or
picture to see the full range.
3.2 Menu setup
1. Press setup to enter the main setup page. On this page, press setup again could return to preview
mode directly. Please enter the time and date firstly. Some settings related to schedule setting
may need the correct time and date. Use arrow keys to adjust the time and date and press enter to
jump to next setting. After setting, move the cursor to lowest item(main page) then press enter to
return to main setup page.
2. When entering the system setup page, you could do some basic settings. Default setting of TV
system and power frequency should be correct. You can also change it through the system setup
page or press “pause” key for about three seconds to automatically switch the TV system.
3. In video setting, you could change the video to be mirror or flip. In IR Led settings, you could set
the IR Led light status to manually, auto or schedule setting. During the night, the IR LED could
help to see a clear image with black and white color.
4. The camera provides system information about the remained space of the SD card or flash
memory and firmware version.
5. Entering system reset and select the default setting will restore all settings to be default settings.
Selecting “Format” will clear the space of present storage media after double confirmation.
3.3 Capture and Recording
1. If start capture or recording, please insert SD card to the camera since the built in memory size is
limited. You can see the detection of SD card on the picture.
2. When capture pictures, you could select the capture mode to be sequence (three pictures) or
single. You can change the capture angle by moving the camera’s head from the remote control
and push the capture button to get pictures.
3. In capturing, you could also change the resolution setting and image quality. The picture
resolution could be set from range 640*480 to 1280*960.
4. Similar to setting capture, the recording could be set as continuously or records only for 10 or 30
seconds when pressing REC button. When the recording is continuous, the recorded file will be
split into several files to five minutes for 640*480 and ten minutes for 320*240 resolution.
5. In recording, you could also change the resolution setting and image quality. The video resolution
could be set from range 320*240 to 640*480. The size of recorded video is related to settings of
resolution and compression quality. Basically the size is small because it’s in high ratio
compression. The file size has been shown in product specification.
6. If you want to do schedule recording, please enter the setting page of schedule recording. There
are several kind of selections. If you want to set a specific period even over one day for recording,
please choose mode “Period” to set the date and time. Just set the recording time when choosing
the mode “Daily”. If you select “Week”, please choose the days first then set the recording time.
7. You must turn back to preview mode after schedule setting. During the schedule recording, you
could do auto pan, zoom+/- at same time. Pressing stop will terminate the schedule recording.
3.4 Tracking and Detection
1. The camera provides special functions – tracking and detection. Move the camera’s head to the
hot area before you start the tracking or detection function. You could press the remote control
directly or enter the setup page.
2. When detection is on, the camera will start recording if something is moving in the preview area.
Once the object moving is stopped, the record will be stopped in five or ten seconds.
3. With the tracking function enabling, the camera’s head could track the moving object and record
the whole event. Once the object moving is stopped or gone, the record will be stopped in five or
ten seconds and camera’s head will turn to the original side.
3.5 Playback
1. Pressing the button of “play mode” on remote control will switch in between the mode of playing
contents and preview. Make sure to plug audio terminals(red & white), if recorded file includes
audio. When entering the contents menu, use arrow key to select file, then press enter to start
playback. You could press left/right key to move to previous/next file directly.
2. If there are too many files listed in the contents menu, wait few seconds to scroll the contents
page when pressing key “FF’ and “FR” on remote. For quick search, you could use the function
“Search Contents” to find out the file in specific recording time.
3. Under playing pictures, you have to press stop to return to contents menu. Under playing video,
you could also return to contents menu when pressing stop or after the video finish.
4. The camera could be used as a storage device through the connecting USB2.0 to computer. When
connecting to PC, the recorded files in either SD card or flash memory could be read from the
5. If you want to play the videos on your PC, Firstly you need to install the XviD codec on your
computer. To install the XviD codec, please download the latest version (or the version after
v1.1.3) of the codec available for your system and please follow the installation instructions:
3.6 Cautions and Maintenance
1. Do not try to fix this device by yourself. Please look for the help from the dealer always if the
device is out of order.
2. Do not manually rotate the camera when it is rotating driven by electrical power. That could
damage the camera. Except for this situation, you could rotate the camera either by hand or use
the remote control to pan and tilt the camera.
3. If it is necessary to clean the lens, please follow these instructions:
a. Prepare cotton swabs and alcohol.
b. Moisten the cotton swab with alcohol.
c. Slightly clean the lens.
If the lens is still dirty, repeat 2 ~ 3 steps until it is cleaned. Change a clean cotton swab if the
old one is dirty or contains dirt that might scrape the lens. Never touch the lens hard.
4. Remote Control
「Play Mode」4.3
「Auto Pan」4.14
Switch the main setup page and preview mode.
In preview mode, up key and other arrow keys will move the camera head to direction accordingly.
On main setup page or in play mode, up and other arrow keys are for choosing items.
4.3「Play Mode」
Switch the play mode and preview mode. Press this button, you could play files in the SD card or
flash memory.
In preview mode, left key and other arrow keys will move the camera head to direction accordingly.
On main setup page or in play mode, left and other arrow keys are for choosing items.
Press “Enter” to play the selected video/audio or confirm the new setup while in play mode or main
setup page.
In preview mode, right key and other arrow keys will move the camera head to direction
accordingly. On main setup page or in play mode, right and other arrow keys are for choosing items.
4.7「Fast Rewind」
Press this key, it will play the fast rewind.
In preview mode, down key and other arrow keys will move the camera head to direction
accordingly. On main setup page or in play mode, down and other arrow keys are for choosing
4.9「Fast Forward」
Press this key, it will play the fast forward.
Press this button, the video playback will be pause, or keep for about three seconds to automatically
switch the TV system.
Press “Stop“, the video playback will be stopped and return to play mode. It could also stop the
Press “REC” to record the video/audio at real time. When memory is full, the recording
will be continuous and automatically delete the oldest files. Before recording, you
could enter the setup page and choose recording settings to do resolution setup.
In preview mode or recording status, you could press zoom to max. five times the picture. When in
playback or still picture, you could also press zoom and use arrow keys to move the pictures.
4.14「Auto Pan」
Press auto pan, the camera head will continuously move from left end to right end. The auto pan
will stop if press it again.
Press capture to take photos.
Press this button will enable the tracking function and start recording when object moving inside the
surveillance area.
Press detection, the record will start when object moving inside the surveillance area.
Once the camera has been moved by hand. Press reset in preview mode, the camera will self rotate
and turn to the original position.
5. Specifications
Key Features :
Smart surveillance camera for Home/Office security purpose
Record Audio/Video in SD card or built in flash memory
Motorized Pan/Tilt and 5x digital zoom
4 video recording modes : manual, schedule, motion detected and motion tracking
Easy OSD menu operating with IR remote controller
One key touch to start motion tracking or motion detection
Built - in microphone for audio monitoring
Quick recorded video search function and playback
Auto - Pan allowed
6 IR leds with auto light sensor for day and night monitoring
Video recording resolution 320*240 or 640*480 selectable at 30fps
Max. 4.2 hours recording time for 1GB SD card(support up to 8GB SD card)
USB 2.0 data storage center
Playback and monitoring function with composite A/V(NTSC/PAL) out
BNC output for DVR connection
Adjustable manual focus, auto white balance, auto exposure control
Pan : Range 355 degree, Tilt : Range 135 degree
Dimension : 105 x 105 x 100 (mm)
Accessory : Power adaptor, Remote control, A/V cable, Quick Guide, Mounting Stand,
Technical Specifications
- Video
NTSC/PAL video system
- Camera specification
CMOS sensor, 300K pixels
Fixed focal with fine tuning, 4.0mm, F2.0
30fps, 320*240/640*480
Recording quality : Standard/Good/Excellent
- Audio
Embedded CD quality audio codec.
44.1KHZ sampling, 80DB SNR
Include an ALC(Auto level control) feature
Composite A/V out
BNC video connector
USB 2.0 slot
- Pan/Tilt angle
- EMI & Safety
Pan : Range 355 degree, Tilt : Range 135 degree CE, FCC
- Operating Environment
Temperature : 0 - 40℃
- Dimension
105 x 105 x 100 (mm)
Humidity : 85% RH
- Power
DC 12V 1.5A
(Rechargeable Li battery)
- Weight
Net : 250 g(w/o battery)
-Storage for 1GB SD card ( Recording time may change for different video content )
30fps, 320*240
recording time
30fps, 640*480
250 minutes
70 minutes
210 minutes
60 minutes
170 minutes
50 minutes
-Storage for 8GB SD card ( Recording time may change for different video content )
30fps, 320*240
recording time
30fps, 640*480
2000 minutes
568 minutes
1664 minutes
472 minutes
1328 minutes
384 minutes
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