installation guide
When installing or using the lighting system, basic precautions should always be followed including the following
1) Read all instructions.
2) Do not install this lighting system in a damp or wet location.
3) Do not install any fixture assembly closer than 6 inches from any curtain or similar combustible material.
4) Turn off electrical power before modifying the light system in any way.
5) To reduce the risk of overheating and potential fire risk, make sure all connections are tight.
6) Before energizing, make sure that the light system is clear of all material which could cause a direct short and check all electrical connection to
make sure they are tight.
7) The system is to be used only with luminaire heads identified for use with the Kichler Linear system.
CAUTION: Kichler® components are for use only with UL2108 listed power units. Lamp holder’s are for use only with Kichler® Linear Lighting
The first lamp holder should be mounted no closer than 6 inches from the transformer.
Carefully measure and review the area where the track will be positioned and installed. Watch for any obstructions along straight runs, as
only the conductor cable will be able to be positioned around such obstacles. The mounting track can only be used in large gradual arcs
or in straight lines. The lamp holder can only be used mounted on the track.
For convenience the track is scored at 7 locations approximately midway between the track mounting holes. The track is printed with a
dimension number at the score locations, starting with 6 inches through to 42 inches. The overall length of the track is 48 inches. The
track can be made shorter by sharply bending the track at a score location or cut in an unscored area using a hacksaw. Also note that the
track is slightly wider than the lampholder. This allows the track to be mounted directly against other surfaces without causing interference
to the lamp holder installation. The track attaches to most surfaces using the captive screws. Track assembly, Kichler part number
10243WH for white or 10243BK for black (purchased separately). Additional track mounting screws, P/N 10299, are available.
Place the lampholder cable in the center of the track and push the lampholder cable flush to the surrounding track surface. Any splices that
need to be made in the lamp holder cable can be done using Kichler’s Splicing Box, 10244WH for white or 10244BK for black (purchased
For those places where the track will not be used secure the loose cable to the mounting surface using Kichler’s cable clamp, 10242WH for
white or 10242BK for black (purchased separately).
Do not connect the free end of the lamp holder cable to the transformer yet.
Mount the lampholders to the track anywhere track and lamp holder cable are available. Position the lamp holder directly over the track,
picture 6A. Push the lamp holders straight and firmly into the track by applying pressure to the rear portion of the lampholder directly over
the piercing pins, picture 6B.
Connect the free end of the lampholder cable to the transformer and plug the transformer power cord into the outlet.
Reposition lamp holders to suit by first turning off power to the transformer. To remove the lamp holder from the track grasp the lamp holder
anywhere and pull the lamp holder away from the track.
To cap the exposed end of the lamp holder cable or lamp holder cable and track. Use Kichler cable cap, part number 10240WH for white
or 10240BK for black or cable and track cap part number 10241WH for white or 10241BK for black, (purchase separately) for a finished
Date Issued: 6/17/05
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