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 Why Folders? Why Dahon?
Folding bikes fit the everyday bicycle riders lifestyle, by being the easy
• What other bike allows the user to rapidly fold and place in a
trunk or back of a car?
• How about stick under a dorm room bed or closet?
• Take a family on an outing and one size fits most!
• Stop for lunch or dinner and not worry about the weather or theft
with the bikes secure in the car.
• Folders are always allowed on Metro lines or buses, across the
• Folders ride like a full size bike, they just happen to fold and often
are lighter
• Parking a car is always a hassle in a city. Park and save with your
folder at the ready
• Convenience and ease
• Folders take less space in any home
• Nimble and fun to ride
• Great for the camp ground, in an RV, on a boat to get in from port
• Folders are superb commuting bikes
The major obstacle is lack of public awareness and that is where
Dahon is focusing resources and will continue to be visible in the
publics eye. Our soon to be released bike share program will put our
bikes in the mainstream of public awareness.
Why Dahon? Is the holy grail of folders, leading innovation in design
and development over anyone in the world. A half million bikes are
sold globally, and no is even close to that number.
Dahon offers folders in the same manner as bike companies offer a full
line of bikes. We have a bike to fit the need and personality of just
about anyone. Other companies just have folders because they feel
the need to have one or two.
Dahon bikes ride better, and are machined and manufactured better.
Hinges are made in pairs to insure perfect alignment. Our headset/ and
stem arrangement is superior to any folder out on the market.
Dahon bikes geometry is comfortable because the bikes were
designed to be ridden as bikes.
Dahon has parts and service for its models
Dahon has been innovating for 30 years, longer than many bikes on
the market.
Dahon started the folder movement from the perspective that there
has got to be a better, greener way to get into work
Dahon pledges at least 10% innovation year over year
Dahon has supported the green movement for decades, and supports
cycling advocacy.
Dahon invests and supports its dealers by providing Co-op dollars for
consumer events, maintains MAP so the IBD can grow, has invested in
3point5 for dealer training, provides realistic margins for ROI, and now
has a rep group to provide one on one support
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