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Before you can use your printer:

q Steps 1 to 5 - Setup your printer.

q Step 6 - Install the correct Interface cable for your system—USB or Parallel.

q Step 7 - Determine your computer’s Operating System—Windows ® 95, 98, 2000, NT ® 4.0 or

Macintosh ® (OS 8.1 or higher), then install the correct printer software for your computer’s

Operating System and Interface.

q See the on-line User’s Guide for more information about your printer.


Check Contents

Ê Printer

Ë Paper Feed Tray

Ì Toner

Í Power Cord


Ï Light-Shield Bag (to protect image drum from light when it is removed from printer)

➐ Quick Setup Instructions


Interface cable is not included. For information on cable requirements, see

“Supplies” in the on-line User’s Guide.


2000 Oki Data Americas, Inc.


Install the Paper Feed Tray

Swing tray up and align tabs and slots at top.

Align tabs on bottom of paper tray into slots on back of printer.


Remove the Protective Sheet

Press to lock tray in place.

Lift the cover.

Tilt up the image drum and lift it out. Do not touch image drum’s green surface.

Pull out sheet ➊, and remove tape ➋.

If transparent film is attached, remove film with sheet.

Replace the image drum, tilting it down to slide under the guides ➊.

Press down firmly until drum snaps into place.



Install Toner

Lift out toner well cover and discard.


Insert Paper

Unwrap toner cartridge. Shake side to side to distribute toner.

Pulling firmly, remove tape from bottom.

With label up, place left side under tab ➊, lower into the toner well.

Push lock lever down towards rear.

Close the cover.

Make sure power is off.

Adjust left guide for paper size.

Insert a stack of paper. (max. 100 sheets, 20 lb.)


Connect to Your Computer

Connecting to a USB Port

For Windows 98/2000 and Macintosh Computers with a USB port. Requires USB cable.

1 Connect the USB cable to the computer’s USB port.

2 Connect the other end of the USB cable to the printer’s USB port.

3 Go to Step 7, Install the Printer Software.

Adjust the right guide gently against the paper.

Connecting to a Parallel Port

Requires IEEE 1284-compliant bi-directional parallel cable.

1 Make sure the computer and printer are turned off.

2 Connect the parallel cable to the computer’s parallel port.

Secure the screws.

3 Connect the other end of the cable to the printer’s parallel port. Secure it with the wire clips.

4 Go to Step 7, Install the Printer Software.

Plug the power cord into the printer and into a grounded electrical outlet.


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